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Why Min Jia Tin Packaging is Your Trusty Selection

Min Jia is committed in supplying tin packaging for over 10 years. We obtain a rich experience in this industry and that experience enables us to supply the most reliable and excellent tin packaging in different places nationwide. Min Jia has a great capacity to support your tin packaging needs for your business. 

Min Jia Tin Packaging Boosters Your Business

Tins Cosmetic candle Packaging

At Min Jia, you can get reliable tins cosmetic candle packaging with your exact specifications. Min Jia can offer outstanding tins cosmetic packaging at an affordable price.

Tin Packaging for Drinks

Min Jia tin packaging for drinks is a recommended packaging that offers more protection against possible damage. It will be a long-lasting packaging for your drinking products.

Tin Case Packaging

Min Jia tin case packaging is strong and durable packaging. It can be customized with your own ideas. Min Jia tin case packaging is also an environmentally packaging type.

Tin Packaging for Cooking Oil

Min Jia tin packaging for cooking oil is the right choice for your sensitive items like cooking oil. You can get a trustworthy packaging for your cooking oil at Min Jia.

Tin Food Packaging

Tin food packaging is ideal for different kinds of food products. To ensure the safety of your food products, Min Jia tin food packaging is an excellent packaging for you.

Metal Tin Packaging

If you desire to have a strong and rigid packaging for your business, Min Jia metal tin packaging is one of the recommended one. We produce a high-quality metal tin packaging for you.

Cosmetic Tin Packaging

Min Jia cosmetic tin packaging is a flexible type of packaging that is perfect for cosmetic items. With cosmetic tin packaging, it enables you to avoid any accident damages.

White Round Tin Packaging

Min Jia white round tin packaging absolutely can withstand extreme temperatures even hot or cold. Min Jia can provide an awesome kind of white round tin packaging.

Aluminum Tin Packaging

Aluminum tin packaging is an eco-friendly kind of packaging that can be used for a wide range of applications like for food, drinking and other products fields.

Matte Black Tin Packaging

Min Jia matte back tin packaging will bring a great function in every packing operation. Min Jia offers a matte black tin packaging that is surely made by superior tin materials that attracts many customers.

Square Tin Packaging

Min Jia square tin packaging is a kind of packaging that is very easy to handle. This Min Jia square tin packaging is popular packaging for foods, jewelry, and much more.

Gift Tin Packaging

The Min Jia gift tin packaging comes in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. The gift tin packaging has a large capacity to protect the gifts inside this packaging.

Min Jia Tin Packaging

Choosing the best kind of tin packaging that will give you a great result for your business. At Min Jia, we use the finest kind of machines to supply high-end Tin Packaging.

Min Jia Tin packaging is perfect for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Min Jia will supply a trustworthy tin packaging for your business sake.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

If you want to import tin packaging, Min Jia is your trusted provider that can truly support your tin packaging needs.

You can send us your inquiries on us anytime, we will be your one-stop solution!

Min Jia — Your Premier Tin Packaging Supplier In China

Min Jia is a leading supplier of tin packaging in China. We have been engaged in supplying superior tin packaging for many years. We can be the expert supplier that will provide you with perfect tin packaging for your business. At Min Jia, the tin packaging is always available and we can supply it anytime.

Min Jia tin packaging is a popular packaging that is usually used in a broad range of applications. This kind of packaging can be used as food packaging and other solid and liquid products. With the Min Jia tin packaging, all items included in this type of packaging will be provided with the best kind of protection that allows you to avoid all possible damages.

If your business is all about transporting food or drinking products, Min Jia tin packaging is the right packaging to protect your products. This tin packaging is strong, durable, and strong resistant that truly makes your goods safe. The Min Jia tin packaging will help you to transport your goods easy and in a convenient way.

Due to its unique features, the Min Jia tin packaging is one of the most preferable packagings to secure the items. It enhances the safety for your products and avoids health consequences. The Min Jia tin packaging also makes your products life extended unlike other kinds of packaging that can easily make your products damaged. 

When you are looking for a trusted supplier and manufacturer for your tin packaging needs, Min Jia will make it for you. We can offer high-durable tin packaging that can absolutely protect your goods. We are experts in handling any packaging needs for our clients. And the tin packaging is one of our remarkable and recommended packaging products.

You can send us your inquiries, we will give you back the best response!

Tin Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All information you’re looking for about tin packaging is available in this guide.

So, if you have any question about tin packaging, you will find the answer right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Tin Packaging?

Tin packaging

Tin packaging

Tin packaging is a type of packaging container made from aluminum or steel and tin.

It’s used for packaging foodstuff, beauty products, or medicine, either for storage or transport.

What are the Benefits of Tin Packaging?

Tin packaging is an affordable, sustainable material that can be easily recycled several times with no loss in quality.

It is air-tight, moisture resistant, corrosion-resistant, and impervious to many chemicals. Natural resistance to corrosion and rusting means that the products remain in their original form without spoiling.

Tin packaging adds an element of luxury to your product, giving it a luxurious feel.

At the same time, it protects the integrity of what’s inside – the durable material ensures nothing gets damaged in transit. In addition, it provides a longer shelf life for your products.

Tin cans are an eco-friendly way to package your products. Tinplate can be recycled many times without losing its original quality.

It is also produced in a sustainable manner which means zero trouble to the environment.

It consists of metal containers that can be sealed air-tight by soldering, brazing, or welding. Tinplate is a good choice because it is easy to form and solder.

You can even get creative with your custom design for tin packaging.

What is Tin Packaging used for?

Tin packaging applications

 Tin packaging applications

Tin packaging is widely used for various goods, including food products.  It is used for packaging processed foods such as beans, meats, and dairy.

Fruit juices, blends, soft drinks, and beverages are also packaged in tin cans.

This packaging is also widely used for packaging herbs and spices. The packaging retains the herbs and spices flavor as its lid closes firmly.

Candle holders are also made from tin packaging. They have a lid that preserves the scented candles from losing their scents.

The cosmetics industry uses tin packaging for hair chemicals, creams, facial powders, and spray cans. The tin packaging closes tightly, so you don’t have to worry about content leakages.

It is also used for gift sets and souvenirs.

Tin cans are used to pack gifts such as candy and chocolates for special occasions. Tin foils are used as wrappers for food, gifts, and other packaging purposes.

You can use tin containers in the kitchen or living room as fine decorative pieces.

People collect rare and unique tin cans as a hobby, for DIY or to store personal items.

What is Tin Packaging Made of?

Tin packaging is made of tinplate material. Tinplate is primarily steel with a layer of tin. Various types of tinplate are used for these purposes.

They include Electrolytic tinplate, tin-free steel (which has a chromium oxide layer instead of tin), and galvanized tin sheet.

What is the Origin of Tin Packaging Material?

The origin of tin packaging material dates back to the 14th century in Germany.

The first tin products were made by craftsmen who melted copper and mixed it with tin.

During this time, tin was used on several items to prevent rusting because of its anti-corrosive properties.

Then they cast the alloy into a variety of shapes for use in daily life.

Later on, people started using tin containers for cooking, storing food and drinks, and other purposes.

How is Tin Packaging Made?

The tinplate sheet and the tinplate roll are built up from a multitude of thin steel sheets.

In this process, thin steel sheets are cut to size, pickled, dried, and coated with tin, and then joined together by cold rolling into tinplate sheets or coils.

Subsequently, the products are tin coated.

The coating thickness is about 2.5 to 3 g/m² for sheet products, i.e., 1–1.5 g/m² for coil products depending on the desired surface finish and form stability over time (DIN 53857).

Tins packaging are made of tinplate that are rolled into different shapes. The edges of the tin are then soldiered/welded together.

What are the Different Types of Tin Packaging?

The different types of tin packaging include steel plated with a later of tin and aluminum. From these materials, different shapes and sizes of tin packaging can be made.

Tin packaging is available as tin cans, tin cans for baking, soup cans, beverage cans, tea tin packaging, and tin coffee can, paint tin cans, and tinplate foil wrappers.

Is Tin Safe?


When pure, tin is non-toxic and free of BPA, making it an ideal choice for storing food and beverage products.

However, you have to make sure that tin packaging is not left open, especially if the contents are acidic.

Acidic foods mixed with oxygen can cause rusty sports on the packaging, compromising the consumer’s health.

Also, proper care should be taken so that the packaging does not get cracked. Cracks expose the steel, which rusts.

What are the Requirements for Tin Packaging for Food?

Tin packaging for food must meet the international standards on safety and hygiene for food packaging.

The tin packaging must fit the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1938) description. This requires all food contact containers to be safe to protect consumer health.

They should also be FDA-approved. This means that the containers are made using safe materials that do not contain heavy metals or BPA.

Inks and coatings used on these tins are also FDA approved for food contact.

Do Tin Containers for Food have BPA?

 Tin food cans

 Tin food cans

No, tin containers for food do NOT have BPA (Bisphenol A).

Unlike plastic packaging, tin packaging is made using ethically sourced and safe tinplate material.

This is clean from toxic materials such as BPA, lead, cadmium, and phthalates.

For this reason, you will hardly find tin packaging products with a ‘BPA’ listing on the label.

Be on the lookout, though, as some manufacturers used BPA-loaded materials as linings for tin packaging for food.

If you need additional lining for your tin food cans, ask your manufacturer to use food-grade, BPA-free materials.

This protects the health and wellbeing of your consumers.

What is the Difference Between Aluminum and Tin Packaging?

The first thing to look at is if the can or tin has a recycling symbol on it.

Aluminum cans have a triangular recycling symbol with the number 1 inside them, and tin cans have a circular recycling symbol with a number 3 in them.

Aluminum cans are lighter in color than tin cans.

They will also usually have smooth lines outside the can, while tin cans often have rougher edges.

Tin is a soft, silvery-white metal that has a dull luster. It is malleable, ductile, and non-magnetic.

Aluminum is a silvery-white metal with high reflectivity, so it also has a dull luster.

Tin does not tarnish as quickly as aluminum but can still develop some oxidation if left outside in wet environments.

The critical difference between these two metals is the atomic number of tin (50) vs. aluminum (13).

Is Tin Eco-friendly?


Tin is a naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust.

It is top of the most recycled materials representing 45% of all recycled packaging.

Tin can is recycled more than 30 times without losing its mechanical properties.

Packaging made of tinplate is 100% recyclable and does not pollute the environment.

They don’t need any further processing or pre-treatment before recycling (unlike PET bottles, for example). Recycled tin does not require any virgin metal.

The environmentally friendly nature of tin ensures that it is not only 100% recyclable but also infinitely reusable.

Tin cans are compact, non-toxic to humans and animals.

When the tin cans are recycled, they do not require any energy or cost.

What is the Benefit of Using Tin Packaging Over Plastic Packaging?

Tin packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging.

The difference between tin and plastic packaging is that tin can be used repeatedly, creating less pollution. Tin is also recyclable.

Unlike plastic, tin packaging does not contain BPA or BPS, which are chemicals that have been found in plastic packaging.

Tin also has a longer shelf life than plastic which leads to less waste. When tin packaging is recycled, it does not contaminate other materials, unlike plastics.

Tin cans are lightweight yet strong enough to withstand crushing forces, making them great for shipping when weight counts.

Another advantage of tin packaging is that it is food-safe and hygienic.

Tin is impervious to food-borne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms, making it suitable for food and beverage packaging.

Tin packaging is more than just a container for food. It also serves as a focal point – becoming a part of the kitchen decor.

It is also more durable than plastic packaging

How Can I Protect Products in Tin Packaging?


Tin packaging with inner tray

 Tin packaging with inner tray

When the products are stored in a tin package, they can be protected by two layers of packaging.

The first layer is the tin container itself, and the second is an inner tray.

Tin cushioning products have the advantage of safety, no smell, confidentiality, small volume, and lightweight.

Inner tray can be made of different materials, including;

PET Sheet

It’s one kind of high-grade, clear, and transparent plastic with good toughness.

In the tin can packaging process, it is used as the cushioning material of the inner tray and as a protection layer for the surface of food products.

EVA material is a kind of high elastic polymer. It can be produced by the reaction of condensation polyethylene terephthalate and ethylene glycol.

EVA Flocking Cushioning

This material is environment-friendly silicone foam that can be recycled by changing the shape of foam.

Compared with traditional PU foam, EVA flocking cushioning material has a better environmental performance.

PS Cushioning

The main components of PS packaging are styrene foam, glue, and paper. Its primary function is to provide cushioning and protection.

For tin packaging for food with acidic content, BPA-free linings can be used in the cans. Lacquers can also be applied to protect the food contents from coming into contact with the packaging material.

Other non-products can make use of epoxy linings. These help to prevent reactions between the products, i.e., chemical sprays with the packaging walls.

What is the Difference Between Stock Tin Packaging and Custom Tin Packaging?

One of the most significant differences between custom tin packaging and stock tin packaging is in the concept.

When a business uses custom tin packaging, they use their brand or design for the tins.

On the other hand, stock tin packaging is a pre-made product purchased from a manufacturer in bulk.

Custom tin packaging will allow businesses to create their package, which can be specific to their product and taste preference.

Stock tin packaging is cheap and simple, but it doesn’t excel in any way.

It can be used for general purpose applications or as a gift package, but it’s not suitable for high-end products.

The options for type, size, and design of stock tins are usually limited to a relatively small set.

When Should I Consider Stock Tin Packaging?

 Stock tin packaging

Stock tin packaging

It would be best if you considered stock tin packing when;

  • Your product has a unique shape since the cost of designing/customizing an existing stock container will be higher than creating one from scratch.

We recommend using stock tin packaging if your product has a unique shape.

  • You do not have time to reinvent the wheel each time you develop a new product that you want to package in tins.

Although it would be nice if everything could be unique and custom-made to fit your needs, it is not always a possibility.

  • If you do not have a sufficient budget for custom tin packaging, stock packaging is preferred.
  • You are trying out a new product in the market, and you are not sure how it will respond.
  • Also, if doing product giveaways either for promotional purposes or as samples, use stock packaging

When Should I Consider Custom Tin Packaging?

 Custom tin packaging

 Custom tin packaging

You should consider custom tin packaging when you;

  • Are dealing with high-end products in a high-end market
  • Want to launch a limited edition product
  • Have the budget to impress your customers
  • Want your customers to open the product and share it on social media
  • Intend to create a unique shape, size, or color for your product
  • Are packaging a product as a special gift, and you want the customer to keep the packaging as a souvenir
  • When packaging for a particular group for an occasion or special event

How is Custom Tin Packaging Design Good for my Brand?

Custom Tin Packaging can be a great way to advertise your product, service, or company.

Your Custom Tin Packaging will help you reach out to a targeted audience and encourage them to interact with your business.

It’s also an effective way of attracting customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

Custom tins are designed to suit your needs, and they are also sure to add value and excitement to your marketing campaign.

This tin packaging makes your products unique and easily distinguishable from others. It gives a touch of professionalism and sophistication to your product, which is good for the business and great for your brand image.

What Makes a Good Custom Tin Packaging?

A good custom tin packaging is the result of a meticulous and highly selective process.

Any company that is unable to pick the suitable material, design, color, and size for their product may not be able to deliver the best quality they can provide

Product packaging has an essential task in convincing and influencing a customer to make a purchase.

The key to an effective product package design is communicating why your product or service will benefit the end-user/consumer.

In this case, packaging plays a huge part in the marketing of any product.

Making custom tin packaging is a complex process.

First, the packaging must be designed to do its job and protect the product from damage during shipping and storage.

Then, a custom die has to be created for that packaging.

The packaging structure has to allow for easy opening and reclosing of the package.

While still allowing it to be secured to a shipping pallet without destroying what’s inside if dropped or mishandled.

Finally, once everything is ready, it can be manufactured with high-quality materials at a price that makes business sense.

Only then can you have yourself some good custom tin packaging!

Since people can’t see your product before purchase, they’ll judge your tin packaging based on looks alone. Be sure the design reflects how good and reliable your product is (even if it’s not).

In retrospect, a good custom tin packaging should have an attractive design that portrays the values of your business.

How Can I Design a Bespoke Tin Packaging?

When designing your tin packaging, every little detail that goes to it matters, from the size and style of the tin to the artwork and design printed on the surface or screen printed on the lid.

To design a bespoke tin packaging, there are several factors you consider;

  • The kind of packaging– How delicate is the product? Does it need extra cushioning and extra space?
  • Colors and fonts to print on your tin packaging– use vibrant colors for high market visibility.

Similarly, choose fonts that are legible and suitable for the targeted group. You can add your logo and any other graphics to the tin to match the packaging of your other products if any.

  • The target markets for your product- create a fun, unique experience for your customers. Consider bright colors or cartoon-themed options if your target group is kids.

Create a feminine look for ladies and a masculine look for gentlemen. Give your product a luxurious and high-end feel for your high-end clients. It will make the product feel ‘befitting’ for them.

  • The material for the packaging tin– Get good quality material that can open and close and is safe. If you are packing edible products, choose tin-coated material for the safety of the consumer. You may select aluminum packaging if your product is nonedible.

When looking to create bespoke custom tin packaging, it would be wise to get a designer with the ability to transform your ideas into a tangible product.

There is great competition out there. As such, excellent packaging can help make you stand out from the crowd.

What are Some Top Tin Packaging Design Trends to Look Out For?

Ombre tin packaging design

 Ombre tin packaging design

The design of your packaging can make or break your business. Therefore, it pays off big time to invest in quality designs and printing for any product you plan on selling.

If you feel it’s time to change your packaging or you newly starting, here is a list of 2021 and beyond design trends;

  • Artistic
  • Bold patterned and geometric
  • Classics
  • Symmetrical images and geometric figures
  • Character themed
  • Solid mono colors
  • Technical ink drawing packaging
  • Ombre
  • Vintage
  • Monochrome colors

How Much Does Tin Packaging Design Cost?

The cost of designing tin packaging can be charged in one of the following two ways:

Per Item Cost

This cost accounts for every single material each item will use, including labor. Any extra service like actual packaging, you will need to make arrangements for.

All Package

This generally accounts for what the whole design job will take, from paying for design work to printing plates.

These will be used in all subsequent printing unless you want to alter the design or change it altogether.

To plan and budget well, make sure you understand all the requirements before the production starts. Remember spending less could mean getting low-quality products.

How does Printing Tin Packaging benefit my Business?

There are several benefits of printing tin packaging.

  • Cost-effective: Printing tin packaging can be one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your products and services.
  • Increase brand recognition: printed tin packaging will create a unique look for your business and increase the professional image of your company.
  • An excellent way to advertise products: the addition of your company’s logo or design can also make a perfect marketing tool. Printing your tin packaging is customizable and a great way to promote your brand.

Which Printing Techniques do you Employ for Tin Packaging?

Common printing techniques for tin packaging are:

  • Laser printing: Laser can be used on your custom packaging. You can have your logos and trademarks well displayed and in an affordable manner.
  • Embossed printing: This printing is mainly for special packaging. You can have it in 3D.
  • Full-color printing: As the name says, you can have your packaging in one combination of colors. It’s mainly used for high-end products and quite costly.
  • Silk body printing: This is an affordable single or multi-color printing used when introducing new products.

Do You Offer any Add-ons for Custom Tin Packaging?


Your imagination is the limit. You can order extra features per your needs.

For example, we offer decorative ribbons for high-end packaging, handles for easier carrying, magnetic cards, etc.

What are the Lids and Closing Mechanisms Available for Tin Packaging?

Closing mechanisms and lids for tin packaging come in a variety of types and materials.

Some include screw caps, flip tops, sliding tops, or even caps with pressure to create an air-tight seal.

What are Paper Tin Packaging and What is it Used For?

Paper tin packaging

Paper tin packaging

Paper Tin Packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper pulp. It is commonly used for dry food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

This paper packaging is highly stable in terms of shelf life. It can retain the freshness of the content, protecting your products from any harmful environmental factors.

Packaging made of paper is widely used as containers for loose products like cookies, candies, snacks, pastries, and other bakery items.

It can also be used for gift packaging and other purposes.

What Types of Specialty Finishes Do You Offer for Tin Packaging?

Our custom tin packaging may come in any of the following specialty finishes: matte, embossed, gloss, and textured or satin printed packages.

Can Tin Packaging be Recycled?


Tin packaging can be recycled. They are easy to separate from other materials in a recycling process by the use of a magnet.

Recycling tin cans help save the environment, protect our air and water quality, create new jobs, save energy, and reduce global warming.

What Factors Influence Tin Packaging Price?

Several factors determine the tin packaging price. They include:

  • Type of product: different products require varying levels of quality and features. The more complex the product, the more expensive the packaging will be.
  • The end consumer: High-end products for the high-end market will require you to spend extra cash to make the packaging suit their class.
  • The amount of time needed to design, print, and produce the tin packaging will also affect the price. The more intricate the design is, the more time it takes to make and the more it will cost you overall.
  • Size and shape of the tin packaging– different sizes and shapes will be priced differently. When shipping, you have to consider the packaging so that you do not have large packaging for small items, costing you more for the space occupied.
  • Special handling and care– If your goods are delicate or breakable, you need packaging to handle them until they reach their destination in one piece. This may require extra cushioning, which will be a factor that influences the price of your tin packaging.

What is the MOQ for a Tin Packaging Order?

MOQ for a tin packaging order depends on the type of packaging bags. MOQ for customized orders is 5000-25,000unit and $1000 for factory stock.

Can I get Samples for Tin Packaging?


A tin packaging sample can be provided after giving us your needs and specifications for the tin packaging.

What is the Average Lead Time for a Tin Packaging Order?

The average lead time for customized tin packaging is six to eight weeks. If there are unique or extra tools to be used apart from what is in the factory, it might take longer.  The average lead time for standard factory tin packaging is two to three weeks.

For any questions or inquiry about tin packaging, contact us now.

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