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Min Jia has a large range of metal jar lids available in shapes, sizes & caps to choose from. We can custom any kind of metal jar lids for your business.

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Why Min Jia Metal Jar Lid is Your Best Choice

Min Jia is your trustworthy metal jar lid supplier in China. From start to finish product, we provide complete service of your product. We have rich know-how in metal closure development. With more than 10 years of effort, we can supply the best quality metal jar lid to meet your requirements. We offer complete support according to your preference.

Min Jia Metal Jar Lid to Rocket your Revenue

Twist off metal jar lid

Our twist-off metal jar lid is available in all sizes ranging from 30mm to the largest size lid. We only use premium quality materials in producing this product.

Custom design metal jar lid

Min Jia produces custom design metal jar lid with the best designs and styles that will surely showcase your company in the market.

Gold metal jar lid

For gold metal jar lid, Min Jia has the widest range of this product available at affordable prices. We can guarantee you that each product is carefully tested in quality.

82mm metal jar lid

We produce an 82mm metal jar lid that is suitable for hot food filling and hot bathing products. It is available in different designs.

Black metal jar lid

Min Jia black metal jar lid offers a sleek and modern look. We develop this product with a longer lifespan and performance.

10oz metal lid

We manufacture and produce 10oz metal lid with elegant look yet inexpensive product. Min Jia has distributed this product internationally.

Metal jar split type lids

Min Jia produce metal jar split type lid that is capable of avoiding rust and fade. It is also designed safe and harmless to use.

82mm metal lid

Leakproof and air-tight are the needed specifications for an 82mm metal lid. Min Jia has equipped these two needed things in our product.

Continuous thread metal lid

Our continuous thread metal lid is made from high-quality materials that offer 100% performance. It also has sleek and attractive color.

Metal Jar Lid with handle

Min Jia metal jar lid with handle offers ergonomic designs, easy to clean, high quality, and versatile. It is also guaranteed durable.

Spice jar lid

We develop a spice jar lid with extra blank labels for your company name and brands. Min Jia has this product in different sizes and colors.

White metal jar lid

Min Jia white metal jar lid comes with designs that will showcase your company in the market. Our white metal jar lid is 100% tested and trusted.

Min Jia Metal Jar Lid

Min Jia metal jar lid complies with the Food and Drug Administrative standards, also passed the EU test. At Min Jia, you can find a wide variety of metal jar lid designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. Just choose the best type of metal jar lid to boom your business.

As one of the leading manufacturers, we provide a custom metal jar lid according to your preference. Delight your customers with a durable metal jar lid.

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Whether you are looking for a quality metal jar lid for your business or project, Min Jia is your best manufacturer in China.

Competitive price. EU and FDA-approved metal jar lid. We will 100% support your closure needs.

Min Jia – Your Professional Metal Jar Lid Manufacturer

As one of the leading jar lids manufacturers in China, Min Jia offers the best metal closure solution. If you are seeking for ideal metal jar lid for a business or project, we got you covered.

Min Jia metal jar lid is high-functioning, durable, and appealing.

We are offering metal jar lids in various colors, sizes, shapes, and capacities. There is a wide variety of metal jar lid options available to you.

Our selection of metal jar lid can meet various functional requirements for your products.

You can find metal jar lid in white, black, gold, pink, silver, orange, and more. It can be largely used for food canning, home canning, fruit and vegetable canning, … etc.

There is metal jar lid – unique and custom-made. We can always help you select the perfect metal jar lid for your application.

Min Jia lid is ideal for commercial food jars. Perfect storage solution of baby milk powder, food, fruits, sauces, beverages, and other food.

Because it’s made of quality raw materials, we’re able to produce top-quality metal closure. It is safe, rust-proof, and leak-proof making it a great choice for packing drinks and food to go.

Min Jia is a professional supplier of metal closure in China. We can assist you to satisfy your needs. We can customize the jar lid as per the client drawing.

Brand logo, graphics, design, and effects, all will be done according to your specifications. If you’re not sure what type of lid you need, you can rely on Min Jia experts.

We have a dedicated team to turn your prototype into reality. When you shop at Min Jia, you’ll expect a 100% high-quality metal jar lid. Build your brand. Protect your product integrity. Guarantee customer safety.

Min Jia range of metal jar lid fully complies with JIS and ECHA standards. It is certified by top-leading standards in the industry.

With over 10+ years of manufacturing experience, we are trusted by famous Brands around the world.

We offer competitive prices for metal jar lids. Under a well-established system, we could guarantee you the best product for your business or upcoming project.

Need a custom solution? Contact us now. We’ll give you the best service for your need!

What is a Metal Jar Lid?

It is a cover that is made of high-quality metal.

The metal jar lid serves as a seal or closure of a jar.

The metal jar lid is a part of a container that will be placed on top to make it close.

Metal Jar Lid

What are the Features of a Metal Jar Lid?

The metal jar lid offers a lot of amazing features such as:

  • Lightweight
  • Spill or leak proof
  • Highly durable
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Air-proof
  • Reusable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • BPA-free
  • Airtight seal
  • Rust-proof
  • 100% food-safe
  • Rot-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Refrigerator-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Excellent sealing performance

Do Magnets Stick to the Metal Jar Lid?

Yes, the magnets will stick to the metal jar lid. This is because the metal jar lid has iron properties.

However, not all magnets will stick to the metal jar lid. There are also metal jar lids that are not magnetic such as:

  • metal jar lid that is made of aluminum metal
  • some metal jar lid that is made of stainless steel

Which is Better: Metal Jar Lid or Plastic Ball Storage Lid?

We will compare the characteristics of the two materials so we will know which is better.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, the metal jar lid is far better.

The plastic storage lid is likely to break or crack, specifically when the jar is knocked over or dropped.

But, the metal jar lid is very durable. They will not break when they are knocked over or dropped.

  • Airtight sealing

In terms of airtight sealing, the metal jar lid is also much better.

The metal jar lid has a plastisol liner. The plastisol liner looks like a rubber ring. They are put on the inside of the metal jar lid.

And the plastisol liner will give the jar a tamper-evident, leakproof, watertight, and airtight seal.

However, the plastic storage lid can’t be airtight.

The plastic storage lids tend to break when they are closed too tightly.

Moreover, the metal jar lid also provides a beautiful sealing compared to the plastic storage lid.

The metal jar lid looks nicer and classy than the plastic storage lids.

So, to answer the question above, we can tell that the metal jar lid is better when it comes to sealing and durability.

How Do You Loosen a Metal Jar Lid?

If the metal jar lid is closed too tight, you can loosen it by directing the metal jar lid under a stream of hot water.

The metal jar lid will tend to loosen when they are heated.

The metal jar lid will absorb thermal energy from the hot water more easily. This is because they are good heat conductors.

So, you can do this method to open a jar easier.

Does the Metal Jar Lid Expands and Contracts?

Yes, the metal jar lid will expand and contract. They will expand when the temperature is high. And they will contract when the temperature is low.

However, the metal jar lids have a different rate of thermal expansion. The thermal expansion rate differs depending on what type of metal is the metal jar lid.

What Type of Metal Jar Lid Has the Highest Rating of Thermal Expansion?

The metal jar lid that has the highest rating of thermal expansion is the jar lid that is made of aluminum metal.

What are the Colors of Metal Jar Lid?

The metal jar lid comes in many different colors such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Amber

Metal Jar Lid

What are the Different Types of Metal Jar Lids?

The metal jar lids have a wide range of types such as:

  • Metal Lug Twist Off Jar Lids
  • Metal Jar Lids with Straw Hole
  • Split Type Metal Jar Lids
  • Metal Jar Lid with Many Holes
  • Aluminum Metal Screw Cap Jar Lid
  • Metal Mason Jar Lid with Pour Spout
  • Pop-up Metal Jar Lid

What Type of Metals are Used for the Metal Jar Lids?

The metal jar lids are made from high-quality steel and aluminum.

There are many kinds of steel used for metal jar lids such as:

  • 100% Rust-proof stainless steel
  • Tin-free steel
  • Tinplate steel

What are the Uses of Metal Jar Lid?

The metal jar lid has many uses. It can be used as a cover for various types of jars such as:

  • Mason glass jar
  • Spice square glass jar
  • Candle jar
  • Jars with a regular mouth
  • Wide mouth drinking storage mason jar mug
  • Any kind of jar

Aside from that, the metal jar lid is used for packaging foods such as fruit jams, vegetables, fruits, cookies, soup, spices, flour, sugar, tomato sauces, and many more.

Metal Jar Lid

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