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We, Min Jia manufactured printed lids with our advanced technology with the help of our skilled workers. We develop our designs and production capabilities and ensure to passed standards to supply worldwide.

  • RoHS and SVHC approved
  • Certified raw materials
  • Competitive rates
  • Full certification
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Why Min Jia Printed Lids is Your Right Choice

Experience hassle free purchasing Min Jia printed lids from China. We can warmly welcome those customers that rely on our services. We professionally offer our great performance making printed lids and related products and able to custom your request. As your trusted printed lids supplier and manufacturer, we offer our faster response.

Expand Your Business with Min Jia Printed Lids

Canning Printed Lids

We made EU and FDA-approved canning printed lids. It has great features with strong sealing capabilities.

Canning Jar Printed Lids

We manufactured canning jar printed lids to provide perfect sealing to keep foods and other applications.

Colored Printed Lids

We can also make your ideal colors of your printed lids orders. It can be made in different sizes according to your request.

Custom Printed Lids

We offered customized for your printed lids orders. We are able to follow your sent details and ideas as well.

Easy Open Printed Lids

We can help your branding business and print your brand on easy-open lids. It is easier to open cans and jars.

Metal Can Printed Lids

Metal can lids and suitable for printing. We manufactured metal can printed lids base on your business requirements.

Metal Canning Printed Lids

Metal canning printed lids accessible in plenty of sizes offered at affordable rates. It is durable for any application.

Metal Jar Printed Lids

Metal jars are durable and safe with printed lids. We made durable metal jar lids perfect for your growing business.

Personalized Printed Lids

We can able to help your branding business. We are capable to help you with your running business.

Printed Lids Sizes

Our printed lids have ideal sizes accessible at 5mm and above. It has different prints make with your ideal prints.

Resistant Printed Lids

We manufactured printed lids with perfect features durable resistant lids. It is safe for leakage the reason why foods damage.

Soup Can Printed Lids

FDA and EU-approved soup can print lids that are perfect and safe for any food application.

Min Jia Printed Lids

Min Jia has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of printed lids and related products. We have great years of experience that makes us more expert and familiar with many customers around the world. We offer our high-class production of printed lids that surely support your business. Our advanced technology machines and complete facilities support our quality products to provide the finest printed lids.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturingWe, Min Jia have rich of experience providing excellent services for 10 years in the industry. We acquired printed lids manufacturing techniques to develop by our skilled designers and many staff. We ensure to provide printed lids competitive rates and help you save your money all the time.

Min Jia manufactured printed lids with certified materials and ensure to handle quality control before the shipment. Our printed lids and related products received full certification with FDA and EU, etc.

Min Jia- Your Reliable Printed Lids Supplier in China

Are you looking for reliable and professional printed lids supplier in China? Will, Min Jia has been trusted for 10 years in the industry.

Min Jia printed lids are accessible at many selections made of the finest and certified raw materials. We manufactured printed lids with complete equipment and modern machines. It helps easier production and faster operations.

Min Jia printed lids are accessible at your ideal quantity. We can offer the lowest cost offers of printed lids yet great sealing capabilities. You can get durable sealing of printed lids for your branding purposes at Min Jia. You can send your details so we can support your printed lids special requirements.

Printed lids are widely used for durable can covers and provide safety sealing to preserve foods well. It is perfect for food can lids, beverages, chemicals, and more applications. We manufactured printed lids with perfect features and specifications.

We, Min Jia, ensure the satisfying services we provide. We manufactured printed lids with complete and high-tech machines and ensure to undergo our team in training. We have skilled engineering, designers, technicians, and customer service to provide full support.

Deal with us whatever your business handled. If you need your printed lids urgently, we can support and supply them ahead of time. We are able to build a relationship long-term for your next projects.

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What is a Printed Lid?

A printed lid is a closure or covering that has a print on its surface. It is a cover used for different types of containers.

Specifically, the printed lid has a printed label, logo, brand name, or decoration on its surface.

Printed Lids

What are the Features and Benefits of Printed Lids?

The printed lids have a lot of benefits and features such as:

  • Prevents leakage or spillage
  • Great sealing performance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • BPA-free
  • Excellent resistance to temperatures
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Reclosable
  • Waterproof
  • Recyclable
  • Food-grade coating
  • Attractive and beautiful design
  • Non-slip & easy to grip

What Can You Print on the Printed Lids?

The printed lids can be printed on its surface with:

  • Logo
  • Brand name
  • Beautiful designs
  • Codes
  • Images
  • Symbols
  • Messages
  • Artworks
  • Labels such as best before, expiry date, use by, and much more

We can also print the lids with custom labels, messages, logos, designs, and many more depending on the request.

What are the Different Types of Printed Lids?

The Printed lids have a wide variety of types such as:

  • Printed Easy Open Pop Can Lids
  • Printed Easy Open Ring Pull Tab Lids
  • Printed Easy Open Peel Off Lids
  • Printed Pet Food Can Lids
  • Printed Metal Can Lids
  • Deep Seamless Round Printed Can Lids
  • Printed Easy Open Jar Lids
  • Multiple Friction Printed Can Lids
  • Embossed Printed Lids
  • Twist Off Printed Metal Lids

Why Should You Use Printed Lids?

You should use a printed lid especially if you have a big or small business.

Using printed lids is a way of advertising or promoting your brand.

The printed lids that have printed images and attractive designs will catch the attention of many customers. This will push them to try and buy your products.

Your brand will also be remembered and known especially if the printed lids have your logo or brand name printed on it.

What are the Different Applications of Printed Lids?

The printed lids are used for many different applications. They are used as a cover or lid for different types of cans and containers of:

  • Food products such as tuna, tomato paste, beans, soups, sardines, pineapple chunks, etc.
  • Cosmetics products such as creams, lip balms, and many more
  • Chemical products such as paints, motor oil, and more
  • Beverage products like sports drinks, coffee, milk, beer, soft drinks, nutritional drinks, and more

In What Materials are the Printed Lids Made of?

The printed lids are made of high-quality metal materials.

Typically, the printed lids are made of 2 types of metal. These two metals are steel and aluminum.


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