Tinplate Packaging
with Over 25 Years Experience
Tinplate Packaging
with Over 25 Years Experience
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Quality Tinplate Packaging Manufacturing

High-speed and High-accuracy Production Line

Custom Tinplate Packaging Manufacturer In China

  • With more than 25 year of experience
  • One-stop tinplate packaging solution
  • High-speed and high-accuracy production line
  • Annual on-site after-sale technical support

Minjia Tinplate Packaging

Custom Any Kinds of Tinplate Packaging For Your Business
Tinplate sheet is the sheet cut from tinplate coil based on customer detail requirement. Cut length is 450 - 1150mm with tolerance 0-3mm.
Can lid normally includes can end, easy open end, and lug cap. Can end mostly is used in the bottom of can. Easy open end is used in the top of can. Lug cap is used in the top of glass jar.
Can ends also called bottom ends or bottom lid. Its diameter is D52mm, D65mm, D73mm, D83mm, D99mm, D126mm, D153mm and D174mm.
Tinplate Can is divided into food can, beverage can based on the filled-in goods. The can’s diameter is D52mm, D65mm, D73mm, D83mm, D99mm, and D153mm.

Certified Manufacturer for Your Business

SGS 2019 - REACH - EN
SGS 2019 - ROHS - EN

Why Global Clients Trust Minjia

Minjia has provided tons of tin can packaging solution for different clients in Global Market

The tinplate MinJia used or offered is all from the top manufacturers in China, e.g. BaoSteel, Wisco-Nippon, TonYi. And is qualified by SGS test.
The lacquer MinJia used is from PPG Coating or 3N Coating. The lacquer complies to the FDA and EU standard by SGS testing.
MinJia tinplate packaging passed TUV test and gets ISO9001:2015 Certification and ISO22000:2005 FSSC.
Custom Your Tinplate Packaging with Minjia

MinJia-Your Premier Tinplate Package Manufacturer

As one of the best tinplate packaging manufacturers in China, MinJia has over 25-year professional experience.

MinJia supports a one-stop tinplate packaging solution from raw material tinplate to finished product tinplate can. MinJia also offers annual on-site after-sales technical support, not only in tinplate packaging but also in canned foods.

Meet You at Trade Show

MinJia attends the most famous trade shows in the world every year. For example,

  1. Anuga Cologne
  2. SIAL Paris
  3. Alimentaria Barcelona
  4. Thaifex – Anuga Asia
  5. Metpack Essen
  6. Gulfood Dubai
  7. Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai
  8. FISPAL Tecnologia Sao Paulo

MinJia will give you a suitable tinplate packaging solution according to your detailed requirement. Warmly welcome to appoint the meeting at the trade show.

More Question You Need to Know about Minjia

MinJia Production Lines

MinJia has Fuji Coated & Printed Production Line and 20 Longwen or Minster Lid-making Production Lines.

MinJia Annual Capacity

MinJia annual capacity is 50,000MTS of coated & printed tinplate and 3.5 billion piece of can lid. And will keep growing.

MinJia Quality Control In The Production

MinJia introduces a high-accuracy optics testing in the production line for measurement of detective tinplate packaging. And plus per two hours physical & chemical testing by QC person.

MinJia Free Samples

Minjia offers free tinplate packaging samples to customers, but the express fee is under customers’ account.

MinJia Qualified Lab

MinJia strategic partner CMPC (Xiamen) – Gulong has a qualified lab which not only could test tinplate packaging but also could test canned foods. That priority services to Minjia customers.

MinJia Technology Support Team

MinJia has a knowledgeable technician team with more than 20-year industry experience to offer clients on-site technology support.

Contact Our Support Team
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sales director of Minjia Packaging, Minjia will definitely provide you one stop solution to custom your perfect tinplate packaging. Feel free to contact me at any time.
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