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Min Jia is a manufacturer and a supplier that you can always rely on especially when it comes to producing you great quality of can ends for your business. We can provide your supplied can ends regularly according to your needs.

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Why Min Jia Can Ends is Your Trusty Selection

When you choose Min Jia as your trusted can ends manufacturer, your business and sales will surely improve because of its quality. Min Jia assures you that by supplying you our outstanding quality of can end, we can be your best partners in business. You can select your desires on our lists of top rated can ends shown below. We are willing to give you full customer services for the assistance on purchasing your orders.

Min Jia Can Ends to Develop More Your Business

Easy Open Can End

Easy open can ends are very common and the usual type of can ends. Min Jia produces a lot of designs and sizes for your business.

Peel Off Can End

Min Jia peel off can ends are composed of aluminum foil that warms the sealing layer. We can offer you different capacity and thickness according to your needs.

Penny Lever Can End

Our penny levers can ends are designed from leading quality tinplate. Min Jia is the perfect manufacturer that can provide you the best of it.

Sanitary Can End

Min Jia introduces your various types of sanitary can ends. It is usually made up of steel and aluminum.

Beverage Can End

Beverage can ends have small capacity provided. Min Jia can assure you high-quality beverages can end.

Ball Can End

Ball can ends usually have a larger opening that can experience you simple way of drinking and pouring. Min Jia makes sure of its effectiveness.

Super Can End

Min Jia standard can ends have 202 diameters which is good in every applicable packaging. Just let us know if you want to have large quantities and we will handle your orders quickly.

Large Open Can End

The large open can end has a standard design and size which is capable in gold and silver finishing. Min Jia can provide valuable large open can end for your business. 

Reclosable Can End

Reclosable can end is more useful and in demand type of can ends because of its easier and modernized performance.

Resealable Can End

Min Jia makes this resealable can end with practical and creative designs at the same time more useful for both customers and dealers.

Gold Can Bottom End

Min Jia delivers you gold can bottom end with secured and without defect packaging.

Steel Bottom Can Ends

Our steel bottom can end is designed with an expanded range of diameters. Min Jia can offer you the said product with competitive cost. 

Min Jia Can Ends

Min Jia is your trusted can ends manufacturer in China. We made this can ends with a great purpose. And every type, size and design of our can ends plays according to its functions. We made these with extended applications in every product you wanted to sell or business. We make sure you will never regret choosing Min Jia products. Min Jia made it with environmentally friendly qualities.

We avail a lot of types of can ends that perfectly fits for your rolling business. Trust on Min Jia especially when it comes to its results and effects for your spended business. We make sure of the undamaged packaging for your satisfaction. By the help of Min Jia supplies can end, your business will be known because of your high-quality products. Let us notice your requirements and we will immediately process it.

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If you are looking for the best can ends for yourself or for your business, no doubt Min Jia can provide the best one for you. We have a complete guide and understanding when manufacturing high-quality can end.

We have been supplying can ends for a decade, enough experience that makes us professional and reliable manufacturers. Keep on touching Min Jia for more updated and modernized can ends.

Min Jia-Your Top Can Ends Supplier in China

Min Jia is your primary manufacturer of the best quality of can ends in China. We are your loyal supplier that can offer you one-stop metal packaging solutions. Min Jia  can assure you limitless supplies of can ends for  your business, considering that we have large production capabilities of employees and production lines.

Min Jia also allows you to have a free sample for you to test the quality and fitness for your product business. We have been supplying our loyal customers of about 10 years and counting. We can be your source and provider of can ends anytime.

We offer our excellent quality of can ends with economical price that is based on prime distributor contracts provided from leading manufacturers in China. Your ordered customization of can ends products is where the metal package production is based.

Expect that Min Jia can give you satisfying services. We have well packaged products with accurate transportation. We trained our members and staff for the best service and assistance especially for your large quantity of orders. We can give you quick feedback for your inquiries.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details of your ordered can ends for your business!

Can Ends

Can Ends

What is Can End?

Can ends are referred to as the top of a can.

What are the Common Applications of Can Ends?

Can ends are commonly applied in food and beverage cans.

What are the Benefits of Can Ends?

Can ends help block oxygen, light, moisture, and other pollutants.

Can ends don’t rust, aren’t corroded, and have one of the longest shelf life.

What are the Different Types of Can End?

Listed below are the different types of can end.

  • Sanitary/Standard Ends

Sanitary/Standard Can EndsSanitary/Standard Can Ends

There are a wide choice of conventional or hygienic ends for all food can sizes.

Lever lids and ends for newborn milk powder and other food products are available.

Metals such as steel, tin, and aluminum are used to make sanitary cans.

These items are easily recyclable.

  • Easy Open Ends

Easy Open Can EndsEasy Open Can Ends

In the metalworking and canning industries, it is referred to as an easy-opening lid.

It can be opened without the use of an external tool, such as a can opener or something similar.

Consumers throughout the world appreciate the increased convenience of rigid easy-open ends that don’t require a can opener.

  • Penny Lever Ends

Penny Lever Can EndsPenny Lever Can Ends

Penny lever lids are most frequently used in powders, milk powders, infant food, coffees, and sauces.

  • Peel Off Ends

Peel Off Can EndsPeel Off Can Ends

Peel off ends or also known as quick peel ends, are the most recent advancement in metal end technology.

It begins with the same technique as making normal ends with a cut in the middle.

Using the aluminum foil, create a safety curl, seal, and emboss.

This product is appropriate for children, women, and the elderly.

Peel off end is linked to two piece cans and three-piece cans.

This product is suited for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated procedures.

  • Beverage Ends

Beverage Can Ends

Beverage Can Ends

Frequently used simple open end.

Metal easy open end lid is made of high-quality aluminum.

It is ideal for health, will not corrode, and is simple to open without the use of tools.

What is the Composition of a Can End?

Can ends are formed in a press from lacquered sheet tinplate, tin-free steel, or aluminum.

Then curled to create the seam hook.

In a conversion press that also forms and applies the pull tab.

It is an easy open end that is scored to approximately a third of the sheet thickness.

How is a Can End Manufactured?

Listed below are the process of manufacturing beverage and food can ends.

Beverage Can Ends

  • Beverage can ends are constructed completely from a pre-coated coil.

    Using a reciprocating press, beverage can end are formed.

    A tab is affixed to one end after stamping to make it easy to open.

    These actions are done after the coating has dried, damaging the coating.

    After these steps, repair coatings are applied to restore coating integrity.

  • To withstand pressure, flat can ends must be thicker than bodies.

    Beverage cans are generally necked down to save materials by lowering the diameter of the ends.

  • After stamping, scoring, and tab installation.

    The ends are fed into a curler, which produces a trough or curls around the can end.

    The end seal compound is put in the curl to form a tight seal when the double seamer attaches the end to a can.

    Water-based end seal compounds are dried in gas-fired ovens at 110°F or electric.

    The oven has an exhaust rate of around 300 scfm. Depending on the facilities, the ovens might be part of a coating line or stand-alone.

Food Can and Sheet-Coated Ends

  • Food can ends are usually coated on sheets instead of coils.

    In certain facilities, can ends and bodies are coated on the same coating line using direct-roll coaters similarly.

  • Every sheet is coated twice since the inner and external surfaces are normally coated.

    Then, UV-cured external coatings are applied first.

    After that, the sheets are dry under a bank of UV lamps.

  • The sheets are then collected and a wicket for the inside coating applications by a direct-roll coater.

    The sheets are dried in an oven to cure the internal coatings and finish the exterior UV cure.

    Can ends are then produced in similar ways to aluminum beverage can ends.

    Also, the application of end seal compound is likewise similar to aluminum beverage can end manufacture.

  • Lastly in sheet-coated easy-open can ends require additional manufacturing procedures including scoring and tab attachment.

    And this stage is done after the coating has dried, causing harm to the coating.

    Following these stages, repair coating is used to preserve coating integrity.

What Type of Coating is Used on Can Ends?

Epoxy resins are coating used for the can ends.

The inside of the can is covered with epoxy to keep food and drink from touching the metal.

For can ends our comprehensive offering includes interior and exterior coating technologies and electro-coating for the repair of can ends.

They were the most often utilized coating material because of their stability, protective function, and technical features.

What is the Purpose of a Can Ends?

Allows users to remove the lid and use the can as a drinking cup.

The can’s goal is to shorten wait times at bars during events.

Eliminating the need for glassware and draught installations while maintaining an enjoyable drinking experience.

Is Can End Recyclable?

Technically, the can end is recyclable.

Whether or not you can include it in your regular recycling is up to the firm that manages your recycling program.

The best course of action is to keep the lids attached to the cans.

After the can has been emptied and rinsed, reintroduce them.

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