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The Min Jia is your trustworthy easy open end manufacturer in China that can provide you a one-stop metal packaging solution. We offer high-quality and effective easy open end products especially for your improving or starting business.

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Why Min Jia Easy Open End is Your Trusty Selection

Preferring Min Jia as your reliable manufacturer of excellent features of easy open end can guarantee you productive business and sales. Min Jia manufactured beneficial easy open end products with high-standard elements that makes possible its lasting service. As your manufacturer, Min Jia provides trusty selections according to your desired easy open end products.

Min Jia Easy Open End to Rocket Your Business

Easy Open End for Canned Tuna

Easy open end type of can is very effective and common for canned tuna. Min Jia can offer you the best one for your business.

Easy Open End Tinplate for Chunks

Min Jia also manufactures perfect easy open end tinplate for fruits or tuna chunks. We can present you product selections. 

Aluminum Easy Open End

Aluminum easy open end is one of the best selling types of easy open end cans, tin plates or covers which is good for your business.

Easy Open End Tin Can Cover

Easy open end tin can cover may be round, oval, or pear. Min Jia can customize your aimed shape and size.

99mm Round Easy Open End

A Tinplate 99mm round easy open end is usually being used for dry foods. Min Jia can provide you large quantity orders for your business.

Easy Open End for Beverages

Easy open end is also applicable for storing beverages, for its simple way of opening the drinks and other beverages without using any tools.

Sealed EOE

Min Jia constructed sealed easy open end can and covers to secure foods and drinks. We can introduce to you the perfect one for your application to your business.

Peeled Easy Open End

Peeling easy open end cans and covers are easier to use than the other types of easy open end designs. Min Jia makes sure the best quality of easy open end products you want to order.

Thick Easy Open End

Thick easy open end is the preferred type of most of the business owners because of its more secure than the others especially when it is being used to store drinks.

Rectangular Easy Open End

The rectangular easy open end is more suitable for storing much capacity of dry goods. Min Jia created it with various sizes for any of your applications.

Oval Easy Open End

Oval easy open end cans are usually being used for canned fish, fruits, meat, nuts and many others. Min Jia can give your free sample for you to test the perfect one for you business.

Easy Open End Plain Lid

This easy open end plain lid is applicable for canned oils, chemicals, beverages, gas and many others. Min Jia manufactures capable types for your canned business.

Min Jia Easy Open End

Min Jia easy open end is modernization of basic end by creating a scoring and being attached into the metal tab for simple opening. Min Jia manufactured high-quality, easy open end for the best of the choice of our customers and partners in business. You can select your wanted designs and sizes of easy open end or send us your required type of easy open end for customization of the product.

We manufacture these types of easy open ends with wide applications. Min Jia is composed of skilled workers and professional sales under the well-established training system. Including our introduced easy open end for your business can support to improve its earnings and sales. Min Jia is always ready to handle your large capacity of orders worldwide.

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Whenever you want a high-conditioned easy open end for you and your running business, Min Jia can provide your desires. We have a free sample for you to check for yourself the quality and application for your project business.

Min Jia has expert workers who fully support and manufacture high-quality easy open ends for you. Feel free to communicate with us for your assistance.


Min Jia-Your Leading Easy Open End Supplier in China

Min Jia as your leading supplier in China are responsible for providing excellent features of products especially easy open ends for our customers. We are keeping our outstanding works when it comes to manufacturing best quality, packaging, pricing and even best of our customers’ service. 

Min Jia is professional enough to handle large or bulk orders with safe and secured delivery. Our easy open end products are approved by EU and FDA standards under a well-established quality control system. 

We make sure that the quality of our offered easy open end products meets your standards and requirements. Our easy open end is applicable in packaging the milk and coffee powders, motor oils, any kind of foods and many other applications. You can choose your needed type of easy open end cans, covers and lids.

Min Jia makes sure that before we deliver your purchased easy open ends, it has undergone some product inspection and analysis. A lot of customers benefit the advantages of our formed easy open end products.

You can also be one of those who made the right decision, by choosing Min Jia easy open end products for your successful business. We also offer an easy open can with your desired printed logos which is required for your business.

You can check out on these types of easy open end, including easy open end for canned tuna, easy open end tinplate for chunks, aluminum easy open end, easy open end tin can cover, 99mm round easy open end, easy open end for beverages, sealed easy open end, peeled easy open end, thick easy open end, rectangular easy open end, oval easy open end, easy open end plain lid and many others.

Send us your inquiries, and we will give you a quick and satisfying response!

Easy Open End

Easy Open End

What is an Easy Open End?

Easy open ends or EOE are a variation of conventional ends with a metal tab attached for easy opening.

What Materials are Used in Easy Open End?

An easy open end is available in different materials such as aluminum, tin-coated steel, tinplate, and electrolytic chromium-coated steel.

What are the Common Applications of Easy Open End?

Easy open ends are commonly applied in 2-piece and three piece cans. It can be a beverage or food can.

What are the Different Types of Easy Open End?

The following are the different types of an easy open end.

Steel Easy Open End

Steel Easy Open End

Steel Easy Open End

Steel easy open ends come in tinplate and tin-free steel.

Tuna fish cans, tomato paste cans, and practically all other food and non-food products in cans are ideal for this steel easy open can end.

Full aperture is possible as well as partial aperture in this steel easy open end.

Aluminum Easy Open End

Aluminum Easy Open End

Aluminum Easy Open End

The aluminum easy open end is suitable for milk powder can, coffee powder can, almonds can, seeds can, motor oils can, etc.

Specific sizes of aluminum easy open ends contain a safety feature that prevents cuts when removing the material from the can.

Aluminum easy open ends have complete aperture opening.

Beverage Easy Open End

Beverage Easy Open End

Beverage Easy Open End

Our offering comprises top-quality beverage easy open ends in all shapes and sizes.

These beverage easy open ends come in three styles: Stay on Tab, Ring Pull Tab, and Large Opening.

We have beverage ends for both carbonated beers and pasteurized/retort beverages like juices and milk.

What are the Frequent Shapes of an Easy Open End?

An easy open end is available in frequent shapes such as round, oval, quarter club, pear, and rectangle shape.

What are the Different Advantages of an Easy Open End?

Listed below are the different advantages of an easy open end, such as:

  • Provide consistent reliability in terms of pop, pull rip, and peel opening.
  • The easy open end is available in all main food can and beverage can sizes.
  • You can use decorations to enhance the appearance of food packaging and beverage packaging on a partial or whole basis.
  • It adds convenience due to the rigid easy-open ends eliminating the need for a can opener.

What are the Physical Properties of an Easy Open End?

The easy open end exteriors can be gold or clear lacquered.

We can also provide easy open cans with printed opening directions.

Customers can also have easy-open can ends with their brand printed on them.

Printed easy open can ends are often used to promote brands and raise brand awareness.

Easy open ends are commonly lacquered inside.

The inside lacquer can be epoxy phenolic, organosol, or aluminized, depending on a particular application.

Interior lacquer color could be gold or clear.

What Makes Easy Open End Ideal to Use?

The easy open end is ideal to use because this refers to a class of container ends that are offered.

It has a built-in mechanism that enables the customer to open the container at the end and gain access to the contents.

You can open the cans without the need for an external tool such as a can opener.

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