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Why Min Jia Oval Cans is Your Trusty Selection

As a professional manufacturer, Min Jia concentrates on giving customers outstanding oval cans solutions for more than 10 years. We offer full types of oval cans that will fit your preferences for your industry projects and businesses. Min Jia oval cans are certified with the ROHS and SVHC and are conforms to the ECHA and JIS quality standards. Inquire us now and we will provide exact oval cans solution according to your demands.

Min Jia Oval Cans Boosters Your Business

13 inch Oval Galvanized Cans

You can select oval cans with your required sizes. At Min Jia, there`s a lot of can selections at an affordable cost.

80ml Oval Tin Cans

At Min Jia, you can select 80ml oval tin cans which are good to store foods, chemicals, beverages, oil, etc.

Custom Oval Cans

If your factory requires customizable oval cans, Min Jia is a good choice for you.

Empty Fish Oval Tin Can

You can choose an empty fish oval tin can based on your specifications. Ideal for storing foods.

Food Grade Oval Cans

Min Jia offers food-grade oval cans which you can print your own logo here. Adding this can boom your business!

Oval Aluminum Cans

Our range of oval aluminum cans is available in different styles and sizes based on your preferences.

Oval Canned Container

Min Jia manufactured oval canned containers using tin-coated steel (tinplate). It has an easy-open lid.

Oval Canned Fish Tin Cans

For different food storage needs, Min Jia can provide the best oval cans for you.

Oval Sardine Tin Cans with Lid

Min Jia is a well-known manufacturer of different oval sardine tin cans with a lid. We supply the best solution!

Oval Tin Cans with Lid

For storing food safely, oval tin cans with a lid are perfect for you. It is good for storing fish.

Recyclable Oval Cans

Min Jia provides excellent services for any storage solutions. This is available in many types.

Shallow Oval Tin Can

If you need shallow oval tin, Min Jia can be your partner! This helps any food to be kept for a long time.

Min Jia Oval Cans

Choosing the right oval cans manufacturer and supplier will help your business boom! Min Jia is glad to help you by providing high-quality oval cans, available in different sizes and styles.

Here at Min Jia, we have our own printing & lacquering production line to satisfy your needs and complete your projects on-time.

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If you require oval cans to complete your projects, then Min Jia will be your excellent choice for your oval cans orders. We have more than 10 years of knowledge in making the exact oval cans based on your detailed requests.

We welcome customers from different countries to visit our factory in China!

Min JiaYour Leading Oval Cans Supplier In China

If you are looking for a well-knowledgeable manufacturer for your oval cans requirements, you can rely on Min Jia! We can be your ideal partner in terms of oval cans and other food packaging products. We produce oval cans with different designs and sizes that will match your desired applications.

Our range of oval cans is great for the storage and distribution of goods. It is manufactured using a thin metal and can be opened by its removable covers or by cutting the end open. Another use of oval cans is to store a wide variety of chemicals, oil, foods, and beverages. This helps the contents preserve and safe from any environmental exposure.

With similar characteristics to round cans, our oval cans are offering a larger area for product marketing. It lends elegance to the final packaging design for goods contents. Visual decorative and extremely specialized tins are made for oval cans to satisfy customers and demanding markets. There are a lot of benefits while using our oval cans that can surely help skyrocket your business.

As one of the premier oval cans manufacturer in China, Min Jia only offers products that comply with ECHA and JIS standards. So if you require customized oval cans, just send your detailed instruction to us. Min Jia assured to satisfy your requirements well.

All our oval cans are offered at a competitive price. For your orders, send your inquiry today and we`ll give you the exact response you needed.

Oval Cans: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will cover everything you need to know about oval cans.

Continue reading to find out more.

Oval Cans

Oval Cans

What is Oval Can?

An oval can is an oval-shaped container used for the transportation or storing of products.

How is an Oval Can Manufactured?

Oval cans are manufactured by reshaping a metal disc into a cylinder with an integrated end.

A loose end is sewn into this to shut the can finally.

The term “drawing” refers to the process of reshaping sheet metal without altering its thickness.

Re-drawing is the process of reducing the diameter of an oval container without reducing its height.

Ironing is the process of thinning Oval can wall by passing them through circular dies.

DWI or D&I cans are drawn and ironed cans.

The DWI technique is used to make cans with a higher height than diameter.

It is ideal for producing vast quantities of the same basic standard.

What was the Point of Having an Oval Can?

The goal of oval cans is to keep food fresh for a long time.

When metals are exposed to the acids produced by meals, they corrode.

It was releasing substances that would deteriorate the can and contaminate the food.

How Did Oval Cans Get Their Grooves?

Oval cans with ribs are more durable.

Filled cans are frequently heated during the canning process to cook and sterilize the contents.

This can generate a significant amount of pressure, which the ridges allow them to withstand without separating.

Are Aluminum Oval Cans Preferable to Plastic Cans?

Aluminum Oval Can

Aluminum Oval Can

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, oval aluminum cans contain around 68 percent recycled material, compared to only 3% plastic bottles.

As a result, aluminum is often regarded as the more environmentally friendly material.

Why are Oval Cans Made of Tin-Coated Steel?

Oval cans are mostly used to preserve food.

The following are some of the reasons why tin is frequently used as a coating material.

Ordinary metals would rust in response to the acids normally produced by meals.

Release of chemicals that would contaminate not only the food but also the can.

What is the Purpose of Using Tin to Cover Oval Cans?

Tin is the preferred material for coating food oval cans because of its anti-corrosion qualities.

Unlike zinc and other reactive metals, tin does not react with the naturally occurring acids in food.

Additionally, it is bendable, light, and recyclable.

What is the Purpose of the Ring Pulled in an Oval Can?

Oval Can with Ring Pull

Oval Can with Ring Pull

This innovation significantly increased the appeal of cans as containers.

It provided consumers with a new level of convenience.

The ring-pull dispensed with the requirement for a separate opening tool.

The pre-scored wedge-shaped tab section of the can top riveted to an aluminum pull-ring lever.

How to Utilize Oval Cans Pull-Tab?

To utilize a pull tab in oval cans.

Insert your index finger between the ring and the top of the lid with your thumb.

While pushing on the ring, use your thumb to press down on the top of the lid, generating a rolling motion as the lid separates from the can.

Gently move the lid from side to side until the final section of the seal breaks free.

How can you Determine Whether an Oval Can is Made of Tin or Aluminum?

Feel the weight and durability of the oval can in your hand.

Aluminum oval cans weigh less and crush more easily than steel and other metal cans.

An empty oval can weigh around a half-ounce.

If the can crushes readily without exerting much force, it is most likely made of aluminum.

Is Canned Food in the Oval Can Safe to Consume?

Yes, when fresh foods are unavailable, canned foods can be a nutritional alternative.

They are a good source of critical nutrients and are extremely convenient.

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