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Min Jia introduces top-quality metal canning lids to several industries. We can customize canning lids based on your requirements.

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Why Min Jia Metal Canning Lids is Your Perfect Choice

Min Jia has been supplying metal canning lids for over 10 years. We have a broad product line of products suitable for large used such as vegetables, fruits, sauces, meat, and other specialties. Metal canning lids are a great choice for any kind of food product. You can build your brand through customizing canning lids.

Min Jia Metal Canning Lids to Boom your Business

Canning lids wide mouth

We produce canning lids with wide mouth that will surely keep your products freshly preserved. It is guaranteed BPA-free and perfect for all products.

Gold metal canning jar disc lids

In manufacturing gold metal canning disk lids, Min Jia makes sure that it is air-tight, leak-free, and disposable.

Metal canning split type lid

Min Jia metal canning split type lid is designed durable and made from safe materials. It has anti-rust materials.

70mm metal canning lids

In developing and producing 70mm canning lids, Min Jia assures that each product is economical, safe, hygienic, and sufficient.

Metal canning jar lids

Metal canning jar lids made from Min Jia offer 100% satisfaction. It is perfect to seal jams, canning foods, fruits and etc.

Mason jar lid

Min Jia mason jar lid offers a lot of advantages. It has good sealing performance, nice leak-proof, and perfect air tightness.

72mm metal canning lids

Our 72mm metal canning lids feature sealing linear. It is made from high-quality metal with outstanding durability and performance.

Airtight metal canning lids

We always make sure that our air-tight metal canning lid is BPA-free, made from food-grade silicone, and the silicone we use comply the food regulations.

Round metal lids

Min Jia only produces premium quality round metal lids that are made from premium materials. We produce this product in all varieties.

Canning jar lids (1)

Our company produces canning jar lids that are safe to use, non-toxic, rust-proof, durable, and durable. It is perfect for any product.

82mm metal canning lids

82mm metal canning lids from Min Jia are made for 82mm diameter standard canning. We develop these colors decorative styles.

Black metal lids

Min Jia produces black metal lids that offer the maximum sealing ability to preserve all the products inside. It has a great liner for a great combination.

Min Jia Metal Canning Lids

Min Jia metal canning lids fully comply with EU and FDA standards. There is a wide variety of canning lids styles, sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose the best type of metal canning lids to rocket your business. We can provide custom solutions according to your preference.

Being one of the top-rated manufacturers, we launch a new style of metal canning lids for you. Save Min Jia is your reliable source to support your product development.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

If you are looking for excellent metal canning lids for your business, Min Jia is your best supplier. You can get the packaging you need. We offer factory-direct price of metal canning lids.

We stock an extensive selection of metal canning lids in a variety of size, colors, shapes … to suit most needs. Min Jia will 100% support your metal canning lids needs.

Min Jia – Your #1 Metal Canning Lids Factory

Min Jia is a professional metal canning lids manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing this product for more than 10 years.

Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, we’re able to launch highly functional, attractive, and reliable metal closures.

Min Jia metal canning lids can be made from various metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and tin plate. Prevent the bacteria and moisture to damage and contaminate the content.

Whether you are storing pet food, soda, or canned goods, it can prevent elements from rusting.

Min Jia has the best metal canning lids you need for your next project. It is sufficient enough for everyday needs and replacements.

Our metal canning lids provide practical performance ensures anti-rust and rot resistance. It has good air-tightness, good-sealing performance, no leakage.

Durable and highly resistant to high and low temperatures. The freshness of content may preserve for a long time, might foods, grains, seasonings, beverages, fruits … etc, sealed effectively.

The metal canning lids come in a variety of sizes to fit every can. Whether used for storing spices, sweets, tea, or coffee, biscuits, jams, and other small objects, Min Jia metal canning lids is your perfect solution.

Our range of metal closure is your optimal choice for any kind of food product. It will suit a range of cans.

There is a range of colors, designs, and effects of can lids. You can customize the closure by enhancing the appeal of packaging as desired. This is an ideal way to get what you are looking for. Min Jia is your #1 source.

We can help you custom any types of canning lids based on your requirement. At Min Jia, we develop and manufacture metal canning lids to enable customers to build their brands and complete project.

We are providing service to customers around the world. Min Jia metal canning lids will protect the integrity of your products. Guarantee the safety of your customers.

All our metal closures conform to EU and FDA standards. Full certification and strict quality control for your product development are observed throughout the process.

Shop metal canning lids at Min Jia for all your storage needs. We are consistently rated as the top supplier for metal closure in China.

Our customers come from different countries and regions around the world. Min Jia endeavors to be the supplier of metal canning lids you can rely on.

We can support your start-up business to grow and boom. We can export metal canning lids to any place in the world.

Interested? Feel free to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best solution for your need.

Metal Canning Lids

Metal Canning Lids

What is a Metal Canning Lid?

Metal canning lid is a metal top cover that helps to keep the contents secure.

What is the Purposes of Metal Canning Lids?

Metal canning lids have purposes.

Metal canning lids help maintain the preserved food sanitary after processing by preventing contaminants from re-entering the jar.

A lid closure device must create an efficient and long-lasting vacuum seal.

So that you can guarantee it is secured after canning and remains sealed during preservation.

How to Seal the Jar Using Metal Canning Lids?

Listed below are a few tips to keep your jars sealed using metal canning lids.

  • Prepare lids according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Always wash or rinse the lids and bands thoroughly before using them to avoid contamination. 
  • Keep the appropriate amount of headspace. 
  • Clean the jar rim or sealing surfaces before putting the lid on because food or dirt stuck to the jar rim might cause seal failure. 
  • Then, apply the metal screw band to the flat lid using your fingertip.

    Avoid applying screw bands too loosely or too firmly might cause jars to leak. 
  • After processing, take jars from the canner and cool completely. Screw bands should not be tightened more than once. 
  • Once the jars have been allowed to cool fully, check for a seal.

    Taking screw bands off before storing them somewhere safe is an excellent idea. 
  • Screw bands can be reused after removal, washing, drying, and storing in a dry place.

    They become hard to remove, corrode, and may not function properly if left on unopened jars.

Is it Okay to Reuse Metal Canning Lids?

The screw band section of the lid can be reused, however the flat lid part cannot.

Interior rim of the flat lid includes a sealing substance that will get indented after using it.

Then, you can clearly see the indentation.

This dent may cause problems with a new seal on any subsequent batches.

It can lead it not to seal properly or generate a weaker seal that can come free in preservation.

Is Reusing Metal Canning Lids Acceptable?

Yes, as long as the metal canning lids are not rusty, they are safe to reuse.

How Long Do Unused Metal Canning Lids Last?

Unused metal canning lids can last up to a five years shelf life.

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