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MinJia produces a wide range of beverage ends to meet your requirements. We also offer customization according to your specifications.

  • Certified and approved by SGS, RoHS, other international standards
  • More than 10 years of experience in the beverage end production
  • Professional quality control management
  • Competitive price. Quality services. Superior quality products.
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Why MinJia is a Professional Beverage End Manufacturer

MinJia is a reliable manufacturer of beverage end in China for more than 10 years. Our rich experience in this field makes us one of the most trusted manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer beverage ends that are customizable according to your specification so we can meet your requirements. MinJia is committed to boost and skyrocket your business. Thus, we are offering the best prices without compromising the quality of our products. We also serve customers from around the world with our excellent and unmatched customer care services. Message us for inquiries!

Min Jia Beverage End to Skyrocket Your Business

Beverage Cans Bottom End

Beverage cans bottom ends are manufactured with non-spill features. We used 100% aluminum for raw materials.

Full Aperture Beverage Ends

Our full aperture beverage ends are made from tinplate materials with non-refillable features.

Soda Beverage Ends

MinJia offers customization services for your soda beverage end orders. We can provide you one-stop solution for your

Standard Aluminum Beverage End

At MinJia, you can find a wide range of Standard Aluminum Beverage End with customizable sizes, shapes, and styles.

Pull Tab Beverage Ends

We manufacture Pull Tab Beverage Ends with different colors available. Manufactured using superior grade aluminum.

Stainless Steel Sanitary End Cap

Our stainless steel sanitary end cap features corrosion-resistance, alkali-resistance, and smooth surface.

Sanitary Beverage End

These are manufactured using stainless steel materials and designed with smooth surface.

Aluminum Lids for Carbonated Drink

These are widely used for beverages such as soda, coffee, juice, beer, and so on.

Cap Cover End

All our cap cover ends are customizable according to your specifications and details.

Custom Beer Can Ends

Our custom beer can ends are available in 12oz, 16oz, and more sizes. Send us your details for customization.

Peel Off Beverage Lids

At MinJia, we manufacture a broad collection of Peel Off Beverage Lids that will surely meet your requirements.

Aluminium Easy Open Can End

These are manufactured with child-proof features. Suitable for juice, beer, soda, and other beverages.

MinJia Beverage Ends

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of beverage ends, always choose MinJia. We have a high-quality beverage end that comes with a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, and designs. At MinJia, we are committed to delivering the best quality products to our customers.

Also, MinJia offers the highest quality beverage ends at a competitive price. We also provide valuable services to all our customers from around the world. We aim to be your business partner and become your trusted manufacturer and supplier for your beverage end needs!

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Here in MinJia, we are offering a one-stop solution to all your beverage end needs. We have a wide variety of beverage ends to suit your requirements. We can also customize your beverage end orders to support and promote your brands.

All our beverage ends are manufactured using carefully selected materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and more. These are non-toxic and safe to use. Moreover, we ensure that our products are certified by FDA, CE, and more international standards for quality and safety.

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MinJia – Your Premier Manufacturer of Beverage End in China

MinJia is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality beverage ends. We are trusted by thousands of international customers from around the world. We are looking forward to working with you! MinJia can be your leading supplier of beverage ends.

As a professional beverage end manufacturer, we have rich experience in this field. We are driven by commitment and quality. Aside from that, we are also committed to making a continuous improvement so we can provide you innovative beverage ends.

From raw materials selection, development, energy efficiency, design, to production, MinJia always keeps track of latest trend and technology for innovation. With our strong R&D team, MinJia is recognized as the leading manufacturer of beverage end in China.

Why Choose MinJia Beverage End?

  • Recyclable

Beverage ends are fully recyclable and reusable without compromising quality. Rest assured that all our beverage ends are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • Unbreakable

All our beverage ends are made from superior grade aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. You can ensure unbreakable, durable, and high-quality beverage ends with anti-corrosion resistance.

  • Material Thickness

We manufacture high-quality beverage ends with different thickness of materials. It can be customizable according to your specification to meet your application needs.

  • Light-Proof

Beverage ends from MinJia are manufactured with excellent light-proof properties. Thus, protecting the quality of the beverage like soft drinks, beers, etc.

  • Lightweight

Our beverage ends are lightweight. You can assure that these are convenient to use. Perfect to be used for beverage cans.

  • Customizable and Competitive Pricing

We manufacture beverage ends according to your details. All customization services are offered at an affordable price.

At MinJia, we always make sure that all our products are safe to use. Thus, we guarantee that all our products are certified by FDA, CE, ISO, and more international standards. Through our latest technology and modern facilities, we can give you a one-stop solution to all your beverage end needs!

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Beverage Ends

Beverage Ends

What is Beverage Ends?

Beverage ends are essential parts of a beverage can. It is a top cover of beverage cans. It is meant to offer a great seal, ease of opening, and a pleasant drinking quality.

What are the Different Applications of Beverage End?

There are different commodities of beverage end such as: 

  • Fruit and vegetable juice cans
  • Soft drink cans
  • Beer cans
  • Sports drink can
  • Coffee and tea can
  • Dietary supplement can
  • And other beverage products.

What makes Beverage End Important?

It protects beverage cans from bacteria, chemicals, and environmental pollution. 

Beverage ends also keep flies and wasps out of your can.

What are the Different Types of Beverage Ends?

Beverage ends have different types listed below, such as:

  • Standard Ends

Standard EndsStandard Ends

Standard ends offer a variety of standard beverage can end sizes in silver or gold finishes.

We now provide stay-on tab ends with larger openings for easy drinking and pouring.

  • Ring-Pull Ends

Ring-Pull EndsRing-Pull Ends

Beverage ring-pull ends are designed to improve promotional messages and instant win promotions on beverages cans.

  • SuperEnds

Beverage SuperEndsBeverage SuperEnds

Beverage SuperEnd uses a unique countersink wall angle and supporting bead to save metal usage.

It boosts end-user performance, brand recognition, and consumer efficiency.

SuperEnd low weight decreases material costs and makes beverage cans more eco-friendly.

  • 360 End

360 Beverage End360 Beverage End

360 end allows users to remove the entire cover, converting the can into a cup and removing the need for separate glassware.

  • Global Vent End

Global Vent EndGlobal Vent End

Global vent end is an unusual beverage end technology with dual aperture openings for a smoother pour and improved customer experience.

  • Cut-Out Tabs

Cut-Out TabsCut-Out Tabs

To improve shelf appeal, unique shapes are cut into the tab during production.

Cut-out tabs can also be used to show that reliability and attention to detail are important brand characteristics.

  • Colored Tabs

Beverage Colored TabsBeverage Colored Tabs

Colored tabs are extremely noticeable and can be used to attract consumers.

We have a wide range of colors to match any brand palettes and can design.

The tabs give color to the beverage and enhance the luxury appearance of items.

  • Embossed Tabs

Embossed Beverage TabsEmbossed Beverage Tabs

Tab embossing signifies quality and attention to detail.

Custom tooling embosses a fine and sharp form or branding on the tab.

It distinguishes packaging and assures consumers of the quality of products.

  • Laser-Etched Tabs

Laser-Etched TabsLaser-Etched Tabs

Laser-etched tabs are used to improve the design or message of plain or colorful filled-in tabs.

Manufacturers can also put promo codes inside the tab, which can be disclosed when buyers open the package.

  • Reclosable End

Beverage Reclosable End

Beverage Reclosable End

The unique recloseable beverage can end gives additional ease to customers.

Easy to open and close with one hand, it enhances consumer satisfaction.

Reclosing the tab carefully contains and preserves the beverage and its freshness for future drinking quality.

  • Full Aperture End

Full Aperture End

Full Aperture End

This unique can end allows you to unscrew the complete lid.

You can easily tear out the entire can by pulling the ring tab, eliminating the need for additional glasses.

This allows you to enjoy the beverage’s full scent from start to finish.

What are the Advantages of Colored Beverage Ends and Printed Beverage Ends?

Colored beverage ends and printed beverage ends have different advantages listed below:

Colored Beverage Ends

Colored Beverage Ends

Colored Beverage Ends

  • Design possibilities for the end of the can that are diverse and customizable.
  • It simply enhances but effectively allows the product to stand out from competitors.
  • It serves as an eye-catcher and provides the can its finished look.
  • Colored beverage ends are available in 200 and 202 diameters.

Printed Beverage Ends

Printed Beverage Ends

Printed Beverage Ends

  • Brand communication will have more space as a result of the expansion.
  • Ideal for simple-to-implement promotional campaigns with short lead times.
  • Distinguishing late-stage differences because the end can be modified fast while the can on the shelf remains in place.
  • Catches the attention of the customer from a new perspective.
  • Consumers can safely use ink.

What are Beverage Ends Coated with?

Epoxy resin is a flexible plastic-based material used in beverage end coatings.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is commonly found in epoxy coatings.

Why is Beverage Ends Sustainable?

Beverage ends are sustainable due to Less aluminum is being used which helps reduce energy consumption.

Aluminum is a permanent resource utilized in the beverage end without losing quality or physical attributes.

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