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Since 2009, MinJia became a trusted tin food cans manufacturer and supplier to any brands worldwide. We offer a one-stop tin food cans solution for your business.

  • EU and FDA-approved
  • More than 10 years of expertise in tin food cans production
  • On-site technology support
  • Well package, suitable for sea transportation
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Why Min Jia Tin Food Cans is Your Reliable Selection

MinJia has built up a rich experience in manufacturing hundreds of tin food can, can do deep research for the best use of premium material to come up with high-level state-of-the-art solutions. MinJia manufacture tin food cans to satisfy every type of your requirements. Check out our top-rated tin food cans below.

Min Jia Tin Food Cans To Boost Your Business

Food Can Tin Box

MinJia offers food can tin boxes for your applications. Send us your inquiries now!

Empty Tin Food Cans

We have a wide range of empty tin food cans to supply your business needs. Let MinJia boom your business.

Screw Top Tin Food Cans

MinJia Screw Top Tin Food Cans are corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Metal Tin Food Cans

Provide your requirements for custom metal tin food cans. We always accommodate your needs.

Customize Printing Tin Food Cans

We offer a wide range of customizing printing tin food cans for your business.

Tuna Tin Cans

MinJia has a lot to offer for the tuna tin cans you needed. Please send us your inquiry for orders.

Custom Tin Food Cans

We have a professional R&D team to custom tin food cans. Please submit your requirements now!

Resealable Tin Food Cans

Resealable tin food cans from MinJia are guaranteed high-quality. Available in many sizes and designs.

500 ML Tin food Cans

Actually, not just 500 ml tin food cans are available in MinJia but we produce a lot of sizes for tin food cans to match your different needs.

Min Jia Tin Can

Every tin food can is custom-designed to suit your needs and meets even the most demanding requirements. MinJia has been a leading manufacturer of tin food cans since 2009. And now, we become the most trusted Tin Food Cans provider for worldwide brands.

MinJia has over 200 professional employees and 16 can-lid production lines to produce a wide range of high-quality tin food cans. You can select a variation of sizes, designs, and shapes you want to meet your various needs for your custom Tin Food Cans products.

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MinJia can provide a one-stop-shop Tin Food Cans fabrication solution to all our valued clients. Here in MinJia, no work is too small or too big; we are able to meet all your requirements.

Let MinJia help your business boom and gain customer satisfaction.

Min Jia — The First Choice for Tin Food Cans in China

MinJia has over 10 years of industry experience regarding manufacturing and supplying tin food cans. MinJia tin food cans provide exceptional characteristics and amazing benefits to complete your packaging projects. Upon your request, MinJia will surely provide custom tin food cans.

MinJia tin food cans are commonly popular in the marketplace. We choose the best materials for this product, which provides corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Our tin food cans are recyclable. MinJia tin food cans are heavier than made up of aluminum materials but much more durable.

Furthermore, the MinJia tin food cans are trusted by many companies worldwide for their high resistance to corrosive characteristics of acidic foods. You can avail of our innovative tin food cans in many different shapes, designs, and sizes. However, we produce custom tin food cans to your specifications to match your different application needs.

As a reliable supplier and manufacturer, MinJia provides tin food cans in various thicknesses and sizes. MinJia has a wide selection of tin food cans, can be delivered safer, faster, and on-time to your specific locations. Whether you need tin food cans, empty food cans, 2-piece can, open-top cans, and many more, MinJia can always provide your needs.

We export tin food cans to different countries like East Euro, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, etc. And MinJia tin food cans earned a good reputation in both Foreign & Domestic markets.

Ask MinJia now for an instant quote. Our friendly staff will serve the best services you deserve!

Tin Food Cans

Tin Food Cans

What is Tin Food Can?

A tin food can is a container made of tinplate or aluminum that is used for keeping food.

Food is generally stored in tinplated steel cans, both securely sealed with removable tops.

What are the Common Shapes of Tin Food Can?

Most cans have identical spherical tops and bottoms with vertical edges. 

The top and bottom can be rectangular or ovals with rounded corners for small volumes or unusual shapes. 

And other products may suit a conical-shaped container.

Is Tin Food Can Safe for Food Storage?

It is safe to store goods in tin cans if not coated with BPA or other possibly dangerous substances.

Tin food can leach if it reacts with particular foods and components, so it’s crucial to evaluate the meal.

Tin food can keep the food from contaminating by water, air, and light while retaining the freshness and quality of food.

What are the Different Applications of Tin Food Can?

Different Applications of Tin Food Can

Different Applications of Tin Food Can

Tin food cans have different applications listed below, such as:

  • Fruits
  • Seafood
  • Biscuits
  • Butter 
  • Sardines, and more.

What Are Tin Food Cans Lined With?

Tin food cans are epoxy resin-lined.

It has a unique mix of hardness, adhesion, ductility. These coatings help preserve food quality and taste while prolonging shelf life.

How are Tin Food Can Constructed?

First, the body was made of tinplated iron, with the top and bottom hand soldered on.

The advanced sanitary or open-top is made from interlocking folds that are crimped firmly.

Its end seams are covered with polymer sealants. The body seams are also soldered.

Nowadays, tin or steel cans are preferred over glass, cartons, and plastic for preserving and carrying food.

What Materials Used in Tin Food Can?

Tin cans are usually constructed of tin or steel but can alternatively be made of aluminum.

What are the Different Types of Tin Food Can?

Listed below are the different types of tin food can like:

Round Tin Food Can

Round Tin Food Can

  • Round Tin Food Can

Round tin food can is ideal for storing and preserving food. Both regular and easy-to-open ends are offered.

Two-Piece Tin Food Can

Two-Piece Tin Food Can

  • Two-Piece Tin Food Can

A two-piece tin food can is excellent for fish and other product applications. 

3-Piece Food Tin Can

3-Piece Food Tin Can

  • 3-Piece Food Tin Can

Prior to delivering food to end-consumers, we verify our 3-piece food tin cans are light and can keep food fresh and secure.

Rectangle Tin Food Can

Rectangle Tin Food Can

  • Rectangle Tin Food Can

Rectangle tin food can is a food-safe can that is perfect for food or caddy usage. 

What are the Differences Between Aluminum Food Cans and Tin Food Cans?

Both cans are utilized in the food packaging industry.

If you can’t decide between the two, here are some key factors to consider for your applications.

  • Tin food cans exceed aluminum food cans in terms of durability.
  • Aluminum food cans recycle more efficiently than tin food cans.
  • Food cans made of aluminum are lightweight, whereas food cans made of tin are heavy.
  • Compared to aluminum food cans, tin food cans offer better corrosion-resistance characteristics.

What are the Different Types of Tin Food Can Ends?

Listed below are the different types of tin food can ends.

  • Easy-Open Ends

Consumers all across the world appreciate the increased convenience of rigid easy-open ends. It doesn’t require a can opener.

Easy-Open Ends have other key benefits such as:

  1. Consistent pop, tear and peel opening.
  2. Offered in all major tin food can sizes.
  3. Decorations can be partial or total to improve food packaging designs.
  • Standard Ends

We provide standardized and sanitary ends for all food can dimensions. Lever lids and ends for foods are available.

What are the Different Advantages of Tin Food Cans?

The following are some advantages of using tin food cans.

  • Tin food can is more durable.
  • Convenient for storing foods.
  • Tin food cans give a long life-span shelf.
  • Tin food can is eco-friendly and can be recycled.
  • It has heat-resistant.
  • Offer higher corrosion.
  • It has rust resistance.
  • Preserve nutrients of the food.
  • Breakable tin food cans.
  • You can customize it.

Are Tin Food Cans Recyclable?

Yes, tin food cans can be recycled.

Tin food cans are easily separated from other substances during the recycling process with the help of a magnet.

What are the Different Creative Ways to Use Tin Food Cans?

Creative Ways to Use Tin Food Cans

Creative Ways to Use Tin Food Cans

Listed below are the different creative ways to use tin food cans.

  • Wine Rack

Make a wine rack out of a tin can to keep your wines organized!

This project is simple, useful, and enjoyable.

Simply remove the tin food can ends, coat them any color you like, and organize and arrange them before gluing.

  • Organizing Caddy

Tin food cans are frequently used to tidy drawers, desktops, and other locations.

To tidy your desk drawers, utilize tin food cans.

Clear up your desk drawer of erasers, paper fasteners, elastic bands, beads, tapes, binders rings, etc.

You can also use tin food cans to store and arrange your arts and crafts materials.

Organize pens, brushes, markers, pencils, and other items in tin food cans on your desk so you recognize where they are.

You can repaint or decorate the tin food cans with a cloth to make them more appealing.

  • Decor

Tin food cans are one of the most flexible commodities to utilize in DIY art projects.

Tin food cans can be used as parts of bridal décor could save expense and offer a distinctive and rustic touch to the occasion.

You could use tin food cans in a variety of ways, including hanging lanterns, decorations, swinging vases, and more.

Aside from that, you may use tin food cans as décor in a variety of ways.

You may also utilize tin food cans to construct customized lampshades, aromatic candles, and seasonal decors.

  • Baking

Tin food cans make great cookie cutters and small cake pans.

You can also use tin food cans to showcase little cakes and cupcakes.

Simply attach a decorated tin food can to the base of a matching plate.

  • Mini Survival Kit

Small tin food cans are ideal for keeping essential survival goods in an emergency circumstance.

A tin food can accommodate cash, coins, band-aids, batteries, Aspirin, small box cutters, and other small goods used in survival kits.

  • Closet Organizer

You can use tin food cans to arrange your wines, markers, pens, and workstation, as well as your scarf collections in your closet.

Make this craft by gluing two tin food cans together to make mini compartments for your scarves.

  • Hanging Bird Feeder

Simple bird feeder made from a tin food can: cut out on both sides, decorate, and tie to a tree with ropes.

Make your tree a favorite hangout for hungry birds by adding bird feed.

  • Piggy Bank

Craft a tin piggy bank using tin food cans can keep all your cents, coins, and a money bill.

Plant markers made from tin food can strips will enable you to manage your garden.

  • Mini Grill

Cut pieces into a can, bend them back, then cover the opening with tin foil and add charcoal.

Make a tiny barbecue by placing a cooling rack over the charcoal.

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