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Your Trusted Galvanized Tin Sheets Supplier in China
Min Jia galvanized tin sheets are perfect supporting expandable business. It helps financial gain and save money.

Full Certifications Galvanized Tin Sheets Supplier

  • ISO22000-2005
    MinJia tinplates conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • ISO9001-2015
    MinJia tinplates conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • FDA Certification
    FDA Certificate
    MinJia tinplates complies with FDA standard.
  • sgs
    SGS Certification
    MinJia tinplates is certified with SVHC and RoHS by SGS.

Min Jia Galvanized Tin Sheetsto Boom Your Business

Min Jia is a leading galvanized tin sheet supplier from China. We focus on providing effective solutions and a wide range of products you need. Min Jia galvanized tin sheets have passed standards such as SGS, SVHC, and ECHA that will give you the best financial gain.

0.3mm Galvanized Tin Sheets
Our 0.3mm size of galvanized tin sheets is accessible at different types of coating and more selections. It has suitable finishes for your needs.
0.25mm Galvanized Tin Sheets
Get 0.25mm size of galvanized tin sheets. It is perfect for making tin can, branding products, and more products made of galvanized tin sheets.
Cold Rolled Galvanized Tin Sheets
Min Jia cold rolled galvanized tin sheets perfect for factory support and production support. It is made of certified materials.
Electrolytic Galvanized Tin Sheets
Get one of the popular and salable tin sheets, the electrolytic galvanized tin sheets. We will guarantee galvanized tin sheets lowest cost.
Electroplated Galvanized Tin Sheets
Silvery whitel tin sheets are accessible at electroplated galvanized tin sheets. We can follow your sent electroplated galvanized tin sheets.
Galvanized Tin Sheets Coils
Find the perfect galvanized tin sheets whether you need it for branding and more purposes. We will give your galvanized tin sheet coils you desired.
Lacquered Galvanized Tin Sheets
Min Jia galvanized tin sheets with lacquer has suitable applications and uses. Send us your business details and we will suggest galvanized tin sheets.
Matt Surface Galvanized Tin Sheets
We perfectly offered our lowest cost matt surface galvanized tin sheets. It has unique and durable material and surface.
Pre-Painted Galvanized Tin Sheets
Pre-painted galvanized tin sheets are suitable for décor applications. It is also applicable for interior designs and making appliances.
Prime Galvanized Tin Sheets
Get prime galvanized tin sheets here in Min Jia and expect our offered services and product advantages.
Printing Galvanized Tin Sheets
Printing galvanized tin sheets here in Min Jia are popular and widely used for interior and exterior decors. It is perfect for branding business.
Scroll Cut Galvanized Tin Sheets
Scroll cut galvanized tin sheets are attainable in many sizes and types of packaging. Our galvanized tin sheets coils accessible in any coatings.

Min Jia Tinplate Manufacturing

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Min Jia is your great choice whatever your purpose on having galvanized tin sheets. We will surely provide your special request and ensure all services from sales to packaging and deliveries.

Min Jia ensures to process your scheduled factory visit to fully satisfy your eyes.

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Min Jia Your Reliable Galvanized Tin Sheets Supplier in China

Choose the right galvanized tin sheets supplier that able to support your expandable business and supply the best galvanized tin sheets durability.

We, Min Jia, ensure to satisfy your galvanized tin sheet needs through providing complete and quality production. We do a lot of research and ensure highly trained production team.

tinplate for food can
Tinplate Used In Food Can
Tinplate are widely used for canned foods like ready to eat foods. It preserve foods well and safe to eat.
Tinplate Used In Beverage Can
Tinplate Used In Beverage Can
Tinplate is widely used in beverage can, like fruit juice can, coffee can or tea.
Tinplate Used In Chemical
Tinplate Used In Chemical
Tinplate is widely used in chemical industry, for example, chemical can, battery cases.
tinplate for car
Tinplate Used In Consumable
Tinplate is widely used in consumable, like electric rice cooker, car... etc.

Min Jia- Your Premier Galvanized Tin Sheet Supplier in China

Get protective layer of zinc tin sheets, the galvanized tin sheets. It has different finishes of tin sheets and accessible at printable types.

Min Jia galvanized tin sheets has strong and high quality support and functions for food packaging like cans, general and beverage cans, and more. It is capable to provide safest and durable production for kitchen appliances like heaters, refrigerators, and more.

Galvanized tin sheet has perfect features like corrosion resistance which support canned foods preserve for a long time. We always ensure the quality for everyone’s health. Min Jia galvanized tin sheet are EU and FDA approved which surely safe to your health.

Min Jia has great capabilities in metal food packaging production. We can do lacquer coating, printing, metal lid, tin can processes, and also metal pack. All of this has skilled team taking care of.

Whatever your business handled a project supporting, We, Min Jia will always support to make it easier and fast. Our galvanized tin sheet will help expand and skyrocket your brand. Whether you are supporting wholesale business, supplying factory needs, and other personal business, Min Jia can provide solutions.

Min Jia prioritizes and specializes in supplying food packaging and galvanized tin sheets. We provide free samples like 3D photos and also a video of our factory details. This way, we can give satisfaction to all customers like you.

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