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About Minjia Packaging

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Factory in China
Years Manufacturing Experience
3.5 billion
Yearly Output
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Advanced Tin Packaging Manufacturing

The manufacturing technique has been in a leading place in the world since the introduction of an easy-open-end production line, assembled by an American Minster four-lane high-speed conversion press with installed high-precision easy-open-end tooling and a high-accuracy optics testing for measurement of score residues.

Minjia Milestone

Fujian Xianhe Package Co., Ltd. Was Set Up. And Build-up A Strategic Partnership With Top Tinplate Manufacturers.
Introduce The New Production Line in Jiangsu Province
Zhangzhou Minjia Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zongheng Material Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hongfujia Metal Package Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Qiyang Metal Product Co., Ltd. were set up. Minjia obtained a strategic partnership with CPMC (Xiamen) CO., Ltd. Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Land Acquisition was success.
Keep growing up with all clients in the world, Jiangsu Hongfujia Metal Package Co., Ltd. & Jiangsu Qiyang Metal Product Co., Ltd. were Merged into one company named “Jiangsu Xianhe Metal Package Technology Co., Ltd.”. Shuyang National Economic Development Zone Land Acquisition was a success.
New factory zone (Phase One) was built up in Shuyang National Economic Development Zone.
New factory zone (Phase Two) will built up in Shuyang National Economic Development Zone.
Headquarter factory zone will be in construction process in Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone. ...

Certified Tinplate Material from Top Steel Factory

As strategic partnership with top tinplate manufacturers, the raw material — tinplate we used is all from top manufacturers in China, like: BaoSteel, Wisco-Nippon, TonYi,…etc.

The raw material — tinplate we offer complies to the JIS and ECHA standards and is certified with SVHC and RoHS by SGS.


Why Minjia is Trusted By Top Global Brands

Over 10 Years Tin Packaging Manufacturing
Minjia has over 10 years tin packaging manufacture experience with our 3 factories in China
Competitive price
We can get Competitive price for tinplate material, with distributor contract offer from China top manufacturers, like Baosteel, Wisco-Nippon, TonYi, CMPC...etc.
Full Certification and Strict Quality Control
The metal packaging we offer conforms to EU and FDA standards under the well-established quality control system.

Custom Any Types of Tinplate Packaging

Minjia is a one of the leading tinplate packaging factories in China, we can help you custom any types of tinplate packaging and export to any place of the world. Just send us your requirement and get an instant quote.

Minjia Main Tinplate Packaging

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