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MinJia Tin Lids are manufactured through our advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities. These are also developed and designed by our expert R&D team and professional employees. We ship tin lids to different countries worldwide.

  • Certified with SVHC and RoHS by SGS
  • Professional and trusted manufacturer
  • Full certification and stick quality control
  • Affordable prices
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Why Min Jia Tin Lids is Your Trusted Selection

Choose MinJia as your supplier of tin lids for your business. We will give you a hassle-free buying experience, unmatched services, and high-performance products. You can always rely on us. We can be your trusted business partner for your tin lid needs!
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Min Jia Tin Lids Boosters Your Business

Tin Lid for Milk Powder

All of our tin lid for milk powder is certified by many industry standards.

Round Tin Lid

Our high-quality round tin lid is usually black but is available in many colors for your choices.

Tin Lid Box Packaging

You can avail of our tin lid box packaging in many colors and sizes at affordable prices.

Metal Tin Lids for Candy

We can customize the tin lids for candy according to your specifications.

70mm Tin Lids

Actually, we manufacture tin lids in many sizes to fit your applications.

two-piece metal tin lid

Our high-quality two-piece metal tin lid is ideal for candles.

Cosmetic Packaging Tin Lids

Available in 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g, 70g, 100g, 120g, 150g, and so on.

Rectangular Tin Lid

Our high-grade rectangle tin lid is perfect for tea packaging.

Printable Tin Lids

We choose the best materials for manufacturing satisfying quality printable tin lids.

20 Oz Tin Lid Cans

We offer a wide range of 20 oz tin lid cans ideal for candle box packaging.

Cosmetic Tin Lids

Our Cosmetic Tin Lids are available in 20g, 40g, 50g, etc.

Screw Top Tin Lids

MinJia screw-top tin lids are available in many sizes, designs, colors, etc. We can custom screw-top tin lids to your specifications.

Min Jia Tin Lids

MinJia aims to provide customers with technology innovation, excellent services, and reliable quality products. Thus, we are committed to improving our concept, sustainable development, and research innovation, and keeping updated with the latest technology and trends. Here in MinJia, we are dedicated to growing with sincerity together with you!

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing



Here in MinJia, we are rich experience and acquired vast knowledge in tin lid manufacturing techniques. We are operating in the industry for more than 10 years. We offer competitive prices for all your tin lid orders.
All the materials for the production of your tin lids are sourced from top companies in the world like Nippon, Baosteel, CMPC, and more. MinJia is also equipped with a strict quality control team and gained full certification from FDA, EU, etc.

MinJia – Your Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Tin Lids in China

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality tin lids? MinJia is surely reliable! We have the best quality products, excellent services, and competitive prices. We also offer a one-stop solution to all your tin lid needs.

For more than 10 years, MinJia is recognized globally for its full technological capabilities. We are also famous because of our services, delivery, and state-of-the-art facilities. When manufacturing tin lids, we always adhere to constant innovation, research, improvement, and development.

Aside from that, MinJia has been the trusted supplier of tin lids for thousands of customers around the world. Due to our efficiency and excellency, all our products have gained a high level of customer satisfaction. You can guarantee that all your tin lids are high-quality.

MinJia tin lids are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and styles. We allow customization of your orders based on your requirements. You can send us the details. Our expert designers will work with you to create your final design and start the production. You can request a free quote from us!

Here in MinJia, we are committed to manufacturing a wide range of tin lids. Our wide range of tin lids includes easy open tin lids, round tin lids, tin caps, rectangular tin lids, tin canister lids, tin bottom cap lids, tinplate caps for packaging, and more.

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or importer of tin lids, choose MinJia as your manufacturer and supplier! We are the leading tin lid manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We are equipped with high accuracy and high-speed production time. With that, we can reduce the production time so we can deliver your orders on time.

All the materials for the production of your tin lids are sourced from top companies in the world like Nippon, Baosteel, CMPC, and more. MinJia is also equipped with a strict quality control team and gained full certification from FDA, EU, etc.

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Tin Lids

Tin Lids

What is Tin Lid?

A lid is the thin metal top of a container that you can easily lift to open it.

What are the Types of Tin Lid?

Listed below are the different types of tin lids.

  • Easy Open Tin Lid

The lid opens considerably more effortlessly with the easy-open feature. You’ll just have to pull the simple open ring to get to the meal.

Easy Open Tin Lids

Easy Open Tin Lid

  • Flat Tin Can Lids

Flat tin can lids for a wide range of products.
Its superior seamless structure prevents product leakage. The curled safe edge forms an airtight seal with the lid.

Flat Tin Can Lids

Flat Tin Can Lids

  • Transparent Tin Lids

Transparent tin lids are ideal for eye-catching products. Using a transparent tin lid for craft items saves time and effort.

If you want your product to be easily recognizable and appealing, use a transparent tin lid.

Transparent Tin Lids

Transparent Tin Lids

  • Screw Twist Tin Lids

Screw twist tin lids to keep your items fresh and prevent leakage. 

It has a smooth surface and rounded edges to protect your hands from the metal tip.

Screw Twist Tin Lids

Screw Twist Tin Lids

Does a Can have a Tin Lid?

Yes, can have a tin lid.

Some cans have screw-on lids that can be used for both pouring liquids and resealing.

Some include hinged lids or slip-on coverings to make it easier to get at them.

Paint cans frequently include a removable plug on the top that allows for easy access and resealing.

What are the Tin Lid Physical Properties?

The tin lid is a silvery-white metal that is malleable and pliable.

Tin is resistant to oxidation and corrosion due to an oxide covering protecting it.

Tin is resistant to purified seawater and gentle tap water corrosion but vulnerable to strong acids, alkalis, and acid salts.

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