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Why MinJia is an Expert in Manufacturing Tin Coffee Can

Minjia is a premier manufacturer of tin coffee cans in China. When producing the tin coffee cans, we keep updated on the trends so we can assure that our products will meet your demands. Plus, we can offer outstanding customization and personalization for your tin coffee cans orders at very friendly prices. With the help of our complete production lines, we can create aesthetic and functional tin coffee cans. Contact now!

Min Jia Tin Coffee Can to Skyrocket Your Business

Tin Coffee Can Supplier

If you`re looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier, Min Jia is your best choice. We have complete product lines of tin coffee cans.

Premium Tin Coffee Can

Our premium tin coffee can is good to preserve coffee or teas for distribution.

3D Model Coffee Tin Can

This unique 3D model coffee tin can is used to store and distribute goods, especially coffee and teas.

Coffee Bean Tin Can

Min Jia is your outstanding manufacturer of coffee bean tin cans. Available in different sizes according to your requests.

Custom Coffee Tin Can

This custom coffee tin can is the best container for the safe storage of foods and other goods.

Coffee Metal Tin Box

In Min Jia, you will find a wide variety of coffee metal tin boxes which used to preserve the aroma of the coffee.

Cylindrical Coffee Packaging Tin Can

Min Jia is a professional coffee tin can solution provider from China. This is accessible in cylindrical and rectangular shapes.

Matte Coffee Tin Can

Min Jia specializes in the production of matte coffee tin cans from China. It is customizable to match your requirements.


Metallic Coffee Tin Can

You will discover only high-quality metallic coffee tin cans in Minjia. It has superior quality removable covers.

Round Coffee Tin Can

Our range of round coffee tin cans is ideal to preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee. It is offered at affordable rates.

Silver Tin Coffee Can

There is a broad range of silver tin coffee can you will discover at Min Jia. These are custom-made according to your requirements.

Wholesale Coffee Tin Can

At Min Jia, you will get the real-promising quality of coffee tin cans. Wholesale or small orders, we will provide your orders on-time.

MinJia Tin Coffee Can

In order to skyrocket your business, choose MinJia as your trusted manufacturer of tin coffee cans. We are a well-known solution supplier in China with 10+ field experience. Throughout the years, we are dedicated to providing customers the right yet affordable solution.

All the types of our tin coffee cans are carefully-designed and custom-made with an attractive look. Therefore, we can assure you that your tin coffee can orders are safe to use and profitable.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing


MinJia is fully experienced to meet and provide your certain tin coffee can demands. For that reason, we create tin coffee cans that are reusable and environmentally-friendly. 

 As one of the large-scale tin coffee can suppliers in China, we provide a complete range at very affordable rates. This is suitable for wholesalers, distributors, or retailers from all over the world. 

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MinJia – Your Trusted Manufacturer of Tin Coffee Can in China

MinJia is one of the world-class tin coffee can manufacturers. We are experts in the entire development, design, and marketing of tin coffee cans. Our tin coffee can is a container for the storage of good quality coffee. It is manufactured using thin metal, making it reliable as great storage for coffee, keeping its flavor lasts longer.

For over the 10 years of industry operation, Minjia has gained high reputation as leading manufacturer in China. We also have attained each of our clients` trust as we only give highest quality tin coffee can for your needs.

However, with our creative technology and state-of-the-art production lines, we can manufacture tin coffee can according on your specific requirements. Just send us your requirements, and we`ll make it come true.

Our range of tin coffee cans featured removable covers, helping it tightly sealed and for its quality to be preserve in a long period of time. It offers stability and durability that will keep the coffee safe to your individual customers.

We offer not only tin cans for coffee but also for beverages, foods, chemicals, oils, and more. All are available at competitive cost and has superior quality to meet your high expectations.

Minjia offers unlimited options for custom-made tin coffee cans. With our professional ability in the whole process, we can make new designs to fit your brand. We are confident that we can supply the best tin coffee can for your business!

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Tin Coffee Can

Tin Coffee Can

What is Tin Coffee Can?

A tin coffee can is a tinplated steel container used for the distribution or storing of coffee.

What is a Tin Coffee Can Made Of?

The tin coffee can is made of steel.

Steel is produced from tin-coated steel makes the most usually used for coffee.

Are Tin Coffee Cans Coated Inside?

Yes, they are tin coffee cans that have been plasticized and filled with epoxy resin inside.

Tin coffee cans feature a thin covering on the interior to avoid corrosion and metallic contaminating the coffee.

What is the Common Shape of a Tin Coffee Can?

Round Tin Coffee Can

Round Tin Coffee Can

Most tin coffee cans are round. It has a parallel spherical bottom and top.

Others are oval or rectangular with rounded corners.

Tin coffee can also be shaped irregularly.

What are the Benefits of Tin Coffee Cans?

Tin coffee cans have different benefits and advantages listed below, such as:

  • It helps to maintain the freshness of your coffee in tin cans.
  • Ensures durability and steadiness when delivering coffee to customers.
  • Coffee stored in tin cans has a substantially longer shelf life than other techniques.
  • It maintains its high quality for an extended period of time.
  • Tin coffee cans are infinitely recyclable.

What are the Available Tin Coffee Can Ends?

There are many different ends and closures available for tin coffee cans.

We have an easy-open, valve ends, safe seal, sanitary, and plug foil closures for tin coffee cans.

To finish a collection container, we provide attractive metal snap covers that can be printed or embossed.

What Makes Tin Coffee Cans the Best in Coffee Packaging?

Tin coffee can packaging is ideal for maintaining coffee’s freshness.

Tin coffee cans, constructed of tin-coated steel or aluminum, give the best protection against oxygen exposure.

With oxygen intrusion resulting in stale coffee and flavor loss, this additional protection keeps your beans as fresh as possible.

Ground beans in an unopened can should stay fresher than those in a bag when stored carefully.

Cans can also be recycled and reused, which is another advantage to packing coffee in cans.

Is Tin Coffee Can Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, tin coffee can is environmentally friendly.

Tin coffee cans are unique in that they can be recycled without losing any quality.

It symbolizes a recycling sector from steel production to consumer recycling.

After recycling, the tin coffee cans can become a bridge, a support beam, a bike, a travel mug, a playground, etc.

Metals are recovered from landfill debris using magnets and recycled efficiently.

For these reasons, the global steel recycling rate has remained stable at 70-90 percent.

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