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The Min Jia can provide you a wide selection of types of high-quality Steel Beverage Cans. You can trust the excellent quality of our products, especially of Steel Beverage Cans.

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Why Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans is Your Best Choice

Min Jia has more than 10 years of expertise in manufacturing and designing your steel beverage cans. We hold expertise in developing and distributing beverage cans worldwide. Due to its safe and high-quality features, steel strength, and in compliance with EU and FDA standards, our products are widely appreciated by customers domestic and international market. Our steel beverage cans are widely used in different kinds of beverage packaging.


Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans to Boom Your Business

250ml Steel beverage cans

250ml Steel beverage cans Min Jia manufactures are all eco-friendly and cost-effective.

330 ML Steel beverage cans

Min Jia makes sure to provide you with the best designs and high-quality 330 ML Steel beverage cans. 

355ml Steel beverage cans

355ml Steel beverage cans are made with corrosion-resistant and non-toxic characteristics.

Beer steel beverage cans

Min Jia Beer steel beverage can is lightweight and durable. You can tell us your desired Beer steel beverage cans designs.

Steel beverage cans for soda

Min Jia manufactures large quantities of steel beverage cans for continuous supply for your business. For any steel beverage cans, we can provide them for you.

Steel beverage cans for Juice

Our steel beverage cans for any kind of juice have unique barrier properties that protect drinks from water, light, and air. It protects the product integrity and meet the highest food safety authentications.

Easy- Open Steel beverage cans

Easy-Open Steel beverage cans is a perfect can for your beverage business. Min Jia can recommend the best selections for a good material match and can-line performance.

Steel beverage cans packaging

Min Jia assures you of the safe and lasting quality of Steel beverage cans packaging to boom your business.

Custom Steel beverage cans

Based on your specifications, Min Jia is always ready to handle it. Whether you need a standard can, stubby can, sleek can, or slim can it’s all available here in Min Jia.

Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans

Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans are manufactured lightweight and strong for your beverage packaging. It is tough and solid, even during harsh transport situations. The strength of Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans protects the quality and branding during filling, and storage, and maintains the brand image. Min Jia Steel Beverage can is the best can for every application you require.

When using Min Jia Steel Beverage Cans you can ensure less denting, less spoilage, and an overall better brand image. Through our quality products and reliable services, we assist our food and beverage cans customers to enhance packaging’s performance and sustainability, and can-making line efficiency. Save your time and reduce the cost here in Min Jia!


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Whether you need a beverage can for your brand, or skyrocket your business, Min Jia is your best steel beverage can manufacturer you can depend on.

Min Jia’s professional team is dedicated to producing the most promising quality steel beverage can. Feel free to contact and ask us for more information about steel beverage can.


Min Jia-Your Excellent Steel Beverage Cans Supplier in China

For your steel beverage cans requirements, Min Jia is the best manufacturer. We have more than 10 years of accumulated experience in this manufacturing industry. If you’re having a hard time looking for the best supplier, we are your best choice for steel beverage can sourcing.

As a professional provider in China, we have the widest range of steel beverage can products and offer them at a very affordable price. It is perfect for all types of beverage products such as for your soda, beer, juice, and other beverages products. It is made from high-quality and 100% steel materials.

Min Jia steel beverage cans are carefully-designed with lightweight and strong characteristics. It is also durable and unbreakable, perfect for any moving transactions.

The steel can’s distinctive barrier possessions safeguard drinks from water, air, and light. It also protects the product integrity and exceeds the highest food safety standards.

Based on your particular demand, Min Jia is always ready to manufacture it. Whether you need a standard steel beverage can, stubby steel beverage can, sleek steel beverage can or slim steel beverage can, it’s all available here in Min Jia.

Min Jia steel beverage cans guarantee consistent carbonation, providing the refreshing fizziness that consumers expect. Min Jia steel beverage cans are also tactile, being cold to the touch.

Min Jia is your one-stop metal packaging solution in China. Our company is supported by highly-trained workers to producing the best steel beverage cans.

Because of our excellent products and services, we can support our beverage can customers to attain 100% satisfaction. We can improve your packaging’s performance and sustainability, and skyrocket your brand.

We are a leading producer of high-quality steel beverage cans with fast production rates and cost-effective prices. We can recommend the best options products for you. Whether you`re a steel beverage cans supplier, businessman, distributor, or custom trading, Min Jia is the most perfect supplier of steel beverage cans.

Aside from steel beverage can, we also provide metal cans for canning, Aluminum Beverage Cans, metal containers for food packaging, tea tin packaging, and so on.

Contact Min Jia now, we have a very excellent sales and service team who wants to talk to you about steel beverage can inquiries and orders 24/7.

Steel Beverage Can

Steel Beverage Can

What is a Steel Beverage Can?

Steel beverage cans are containers that hold beverages.

What Purpose Do Steel Beverage Cans Serve?

A beverage can or drink can is a metal container that is designed to store a specific amount of liquid.

Carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, and energy drinks, to name a few.

What are the Advantages of Steel Beverage Cans?

Steel beverage cans offer the following advantages in general such as:

  • Heat Resistance

Steel has a greater melting point and is, therefore, less prone to deteriorate at increased temperatures.

  • Improved Strength

Steel grades are often stronger, more durable, and more resistant to corrosion than their plastic counterparts.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Steel is typically the most cost-effective material, especially for high-volume or long-term production runs.

  • Versatility

Steel fabrication techniques include casting, deep drawing, welding, forging, soldering, and chipping.

Due to the strength and rigidity of metal, it is feasible to fill cans more quickly and with less product loss.

Steel beverage cans’ durability also aids in maximizing storage and transit space.

It has lightweight, sturdy, and unbreakable, even in rough shipping conditions.

Their durability protects quality and branding during filling, transit, and storage.

Reduced degradation, less denting, and an improved brand image.

It secures beverages from light, water, and air while maintaining the quality of products and meeting food safety guidelines.

Cans maintain consistent carbonation, providing consumers with a delightful fizz.

Steel beverage cans are cool to the touch.

What is the Composition of Steel Beverage Cans?

Steel beverage cans are constructed of tinplate steel, which is manufactured in basic oxygen furnaces.

A thin layer of tin is placed on both the inside and exterior sides of the can to prevent corrosion and to maintain the flavors of the food and beverage.

As a result, steel cans are frequently referred to as tin cans.

Tin has a lower reactivity than zinc. It has a lower likelihood of dissolving in the liquid contained in the cans.

As a result of steel’s relatively high thermal conductivity.

Steel cans of beverages freeze substantially faster and more easily than glass or plastic bottles.

Are Steel Beverage Cans Less Expensive Than Aluminum Beverage Cans?

Steel beverage cans and aluminum beverage cans prices are constantly shifting due to global supply and demand.

Costs of transportation, as well as the price and availability of iron and bauxite ore.

On the other hand, steel is generally less expensive per pound than aluminum.

Why are Steel Beverage Cans Circular in Shape?

The design is comfortable to grasp, and the cans stack well.

Cylinders occupy around 90% of the available area in a box when packed.

The circular shape is capable of withstanding a significant amount of pressure.

Why are Certain Steel Beverage Cans Equipped with Ring Pulls?

Steel Beverage Can with Ring Pulls

Steel Beverage Can with Ring Pulls

The reason for this is that ring-pulls or easy-open ends cost significantly more.

As a result, they are typically reserved for higher-priced premium-quality products.

However, market research indicates that many consumers are willing to pay a slight premium.

For food packaged in a convenient, easy-to-open steel beverage can.

How are Steel Beverage Cans Recycled?

Steel beverage cans are recyclable to a certain extent.

Steel recycles at a rate of more than 88 percent, the greatest of any material.

While this is primarily due to scrap metal such as automobiles, steel cans can be recycled into virtually any steel product.

Steel cans are eternally recyclable without sacrificing their quality.

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