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As your leading manufacturer of excellent quality products especially of 3 piece cans in China, Min Jia maintains our outstanding works and services for our clients. You can rely on our finished products for your business.

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Why Min Jia 3 Piece Can is Your Trusty Selection

Min Jia produces million pieces of outputs considering that our company is composed of 200 employees and 16 can lid production lines. The fact that it assures to supply you unlimited types of tinplate and cans products mainly 3 piece can for your growing business. The 3 piece can by Min Jia formed by high-standard materials which makes it reliable and beneficial in any applications. Our 3 piece can is made up of can body with edges on the top and bottom.

Min Jia 3 Piece Can to Improve More Your Business

3 Piece Cylinder Shaped Can

This type of 3 piece cylinder shape can is widely used for storing beans, nuts, and many others. Min Jia provides exact size that suits your applications.

3 Piece Stackable Food Grade Can

Min Jia produces 3 piece stackable food grade cans for it is beneficial to anybody. It is made up of safe elements for the health protection of our customers.

3 Piece Welded Can

Min Jia introduces 3 pieces welded cans with perfect combination in terms of its diameter, size and types that are capable for your business products.

Edible Oil 3 Piece Can

The edible oil 3 piece can is obviously applicable in packaging oils. Min Jia produces customized colors and sizes for you.

3 Piece Rectangular Can

This type of can is widely used for storing olive oils and other applicable liquid elements. Min Jia has a lot of sizes and colors.

3 Piece Can for Chemical

Min Jia offers high-quality 3 piece cans for chemicals. It is commonly used to store and secure chemicals that may be dangerous in every applicable situation.

Honey 3 Piece Can

Min Jia formed this 3 piece metal storage can to protect the contents you wanted to store in it. It helps save space at home and every other applicable area.

3 Piece Food Cans

Min Jia provides the best quality of 3 piece food cans. This is one of the in demand types of 3 piece cans because of its wide applications.

3 Piece Sardines Can

The 3 piece sardine cans are also capable of storing vegetables, meat and fish. In Min Jia you can have your required size and type of can for your business.

3 Piece Metal Canister Can

This 3 piece metal canister can is designed with a multipurpose can. It helps storing dry goods like sugar, coffee and many others easier.

3 Piece Aluminum Can

Min Jia offers different types of 3 piece aluminum can that may be useful in any kind of canned goods and others.

3 Piece Canned Crabmeat

We manufacture 3 piece crabmeat cans with various sizes and types for your selection. You can tell us the perfect size you wanted.

Min Jia 3 Piece Can

The Min Jia 3 piece cans are designed to enclose heat-sterilized foods including powders and cooking oils. Min Jia manufactures 3 piece cans in different processes considering slittering, a process of cutting  based on its applicable size. Second is the transfering system, welding specific parts. Seamed to resist chemical damage and lastly, the curing process for its safe and enduring quality.

We are making sure our 3 piece cans undergo such excellent processes. Min Jia is your solid supplier who can contribute to the success of your business with our 3 piece cans. Our employees are  professional enough to manage such supplying products worldwide.

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Looking for well manufactured 3 piece cans? Well, Min Jia is the perfect company you can trust on. We make sure the advantages of our customers from our offered 3 piece cans. You will never regret choosing Min Jia as your associates for your fulfilled business.

Our workers are skilled enough in terms of producing high-quality 3 piece cans. Let us know your needed customized products and we can provide you with the perfect packaging source.


Min Jia-Your Great 3 Piece Can Supplier in China

Min Jia is an incomparable manufacturer in China. We are a kind of manufacturer  that really wants to satisfy the needs of our customers. We organized every stage of manufacturing 3 piece cans for the best  results of our works and for the  benefit of our clients.

We are your great manufacturer considering that we can produce large pieces of cans each day and import large quantities of our products worldwide. Min Jia 3 piece cans are formed with wide applications. You can prove to yourself, you made a good decision when you chose Min Jia 3 piece can for your business.

Based on premium distributors of contract offer from China by specific top manufacturers, we are also providing you 3 piece cans with competitive prices. We formed staff in every level of processing your purchased 3 piece cans. Min Jia also presents annual after sale service and online technology support. 

Before we import our 3 piece cans worldwide, we operate product analysis to make sure that you will receive the best condition 3 piece cans. Actually we are offering free samples, for you to check the quality and applications especially to your business.

Min Jia called this 3 piece cans for the reason that it is usually made up of three thin tinplate or metals. All of its parts are properly the same referring to can lids. Because Min Jia made these 3 piece cans with great quality of features, it produces products with different sizes, shapes and others.

Please feel free to communicate with us, we are always ready to provide your aimed 3 piece cans!

3 Piece Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will address any of your questions regarding 3 Piece Can.

So, before you buy your next 3 Piece Can, be sure to read this guide.

Let’s get started.

What Is A 3 Piece Can?

Its essential composition remains three thin metal plates that comprise the can body, the can bottom, and the can lid, hence the term “three-piece can.”

They are often used for food storage but can also be used for non-carbonated drinks like fruit juice.

3 Piece Can

3 Piece Can

What are the Different Advantages of 3 Piece Can?

Tightly sealed containers are meant to maintain the freshness, color, and commercial sterility of the food contained therein.

It requires thermal processing prior to consumption.

To package food that does not require thermal processing before consumption.

Although it has been upgraded numerous times.

The bottom and lid of a three-piece can are identical in shape, size, and manufacturing process.

What are the 3 Piece Can Features?

The three-piece can feature high rigidity, cans in various shapes, high material usage, easy size modification, a mature manufacturing process, and a wide range of packaging items.

What are the Applications of a 3 Piece Can?

These 3 Piece Cans are very applicable for food, juices, spices, aspirin, and non-food products such as paints and glues.

3 Piece Can Applications

3 Piece Can Applications

How are 3 Piece Cans Manufactured?

Three-Piece Cans are made up of a can body, a top, and a bottom end.

The can body is formed by squeezing a flat rectangular blank into a cylinder then electrically mechanically welding the resulting blank’s two edges.

The welding area of cylindrical can bodies will be lacquered both internally and outside.

The tinplate steel body of three-piece cans facilitates welding. The bottom and top might be tinplate steel or tin-free steel. 

And it has aluminum that can be used for easy-open lids.

3 Piece Can Manufacturing

3 Piece Can Manufacturing

What Types Of Cans Are Available?

Three different materials are used to construct cans.

Aluminum, steel with a tin coating, and steel with an electrolytic chromium coating.

Can bodies are available in three configurations: three-piece welded, two-piece drawn and redrawn, or two-piece drawn and ironed.

Are Tin Cans Or Steel Cans Manufactured?

Today, the bulk of cans used for canned foods are constructed of steel.

Although a thin layer of tin is present on the surface, only 5 to 6 pounds of tin are utilized per ton of steel.

Some individuals continue to refer to this form of packaging as “tin can.”

Why Are They Referred To As Tin Cans?

The primary reason that these empty cans are referred to as “Tins” dates all the way back to the late twentieth century.

Cans were originally made of tin-plated steel to combine steel’s strength and affordability with tin’s corrosion resistance.

Why Are There Rings On The Ends Of Cans?

A pattern of rings, ridges, or parallel lines pressed into any portion of the metal of the can body or integral end.

These characteristics impart additional strength to the metal, allowing it to endure the rigors of retorting and handling.

What are the Different Kinds of Opening Cans?

  • It is a can that necessitates the use of a can opener.
  • Can of soup with a ring-pull tab.
  • Can with a ring-pull tab opened.
  • Side opening with a key.
  • Sardine cans that are simple to open.
  • Stay-on tab.

Can It Be Recycled?

Metal cans are recycled in their entirety.

It makes no difference whether they are aluminum beverage cans or food cans made of tin, steel, or bi-metal.

Recyclable 3 Piece Cans

Recyclable 3 Piece Cans

Which Is More Environmentally Friendly, Plastic Bottles Or Cans?

These cans contain an average of 68 percent recycled material, compared to only 3% for plastic.

Even when all metals are averaged, these cans still emit roughly twice the amount of greenhouse gases as plastic bottles.

Is Recycling Cans Worthwhile?

Recycling conserves 92 percent of the energy required to manufacture new aluminum cans.

Aluminum recycling contributes to increased sustainability, decreases production costs, and reduces energy consumption.

Participating in aluminum recycling benefits both the environment and environmentally conscious consumers.

Recycling cans gets you money while also doing a good act.

Are All Cans Made Of Metal?

A can is a metal container that contains a defined amount of liquid, such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, and energy drinks.

Aluminum cans account for 75% of global output, while tin-plated steel accounts for 25%.

Why Is It Referred To As A #10 Can?

The resulting standard can sizes were denoted by numerals ranging from one to 10.

The designation “#10” does not correspond to the weight of the contents; rather, it refers to the type of container used.

The contents’ actual weight and volume will vary according to the product.

The #10 can hold approximately 109 oz.

How Can You Determine Whether A Can Is Made Of Tin Or Aluminum?

Take hold of the can and feel its weight and durability.

Aluminum cans are more lightweight and crush easily than steel and other metal cans.

A half-ounce empty can weigh approximately half that amount.

If the can crushes readily without exerting much force, it is most likely made of aluminum.

What is the Purpose of the White Lining on Tin Cans?

Bisphenol A, or BPA for short, is a chemical compound that has been used since the 1960s in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin.

BPA is primarily utilized in plastic bottles and food storage containers.

And it is still used to line a number of canned items.

Is The Inside Of Tin Cans Lined With Plastic?

Almost all tin cans are lined with plastic and epoxy resin.

Metal food and beverage can contain a thin coating on the interior surface.

It helps prevent the can from corroding and contaminating food and beverages with dissolved metals.

Why Are Plastic-Lined Cans Used?

The linings of canned foods act as a barrier between the food and the can.

It is preventing corrosion and metal from seeping into the contents of the can.

And, while most cans are now lined with polyester or acrylic, the 10% of canned foods that contain BPA risk the chemical leaching into the food.

How Is A Tin Different From A Can?

Cans are cylindrical in shape.

Tin is typically rectangular in shape, slightly narrower than it is wide, and almost solely used to hold preserved fish, as in a tin of sardines and a tin of kippered herring.

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