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MinJia is a leading twist-off cap manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a complete solution for your twist-off cap needs that can surely meet your application requirements.

  • More than 10 years of experience in the twist-off cap manufacturing
  • EU and FDA standards approved
  • Highly-trained workers and professional customer service team
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Why MinJia is a Professional Twist-off Cap Manufacturer

With more than 10+ years of expertise, Minjia ensures the highest quality products perfect for your business.  Min Jia is committed to supplying all types of twist-off caps in any quantity. The raw material we used in fabricating twist-off caps have passed to the JIS and ECHA standards and is authenticated with SVHC and RoHS by SGS. You can get a carefully designed twist-off cap, stylish, that are easy-to-use, and environment-friendly. Contact us now!

Min Jia Twist-off Cap to Skyrocket Your Business

38mm Light Gold Twist Off Cap 1

38mm Light Gold Twist-Off Cap is ideal for smoothies, drinks, glass juice bottles, milkshakes, and many other drinks.

63mm Twist-Off Cap

Our 63mm Twist-Off Cap is manufactured with rubber lining to guarantee tight seal and freshness longevity. It is accessible in a wide range of colors best for various product requirements.

100mm Metal Tinplate Twist Cap Lug Cap 7

100mm Metal Tinplate Twist Cap Lug Cap offers great sealing, perfect for food and non-carbonated beverages, ketchup, condiments, etc.

Black Aluminium 43mm Twist Off Cap 5

Black Aluminium 43mm Twist-Off Cap can be used for jar sealing. With a firm commitment to quality, MinJia is engaged in a wide range of Twist-Off Cap manufacturing.

Black Metal Twist Off Cap 6

Our Black Metal Twist-Off Cap provides the most superior oxygen barrier features with perfect finishing and long shelf life.

Gold Twist-Off Cap

MinJia Gold Twist-Off Caps are suitable for hot and cold filling and suitable with pasteurization or sterilization processes.

Twist Cap Surface Handling 8

Twist-Off Cap is made using high-quality raw materials to ensure durability. Its surface handling includes Spray painting, E frosting, Hot stamping, Electroplating, Silkscreen printing, Decal, Label, etc.

Twist-Off Cap Printing 3

We offer Twist-Off Cap Printing to promote the logo of your brand. MinJia has more than 10 years experience of in design, seal-capping, metal decorating, and one-stop service.

Custom Twist Off Cap 9

We offer customization of your orders to meet your Twist-Off Cap application needs. Improve your own packaging appearance with our Custom Twist-Off Cap with a wide-range of designs, colors, coatings, and features.

MinJia Twist-off Cap

If you`re looking for the best and reliable twist-off cap for your food packaging in China, you can depend on Min Jia, your #1 supplier of the highest quality twist-off cap. We are professional in this industry with strong R&D, skillful designer, advanced production line under a strict quality control system.

All twist-off caps are available in any quantity with a long-life service span, easy-to-use properties, and durability. These are manufactured according to ISO, EU, FDA, RoHS, and more international quality and safety standards. We have been trusted by top-global brands of twist-off caps for more than 10 years. Will you be the next? Enquire now!

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With the highest quality raw materials and using high technology in manufacturing, MinJia ensures the most promising quality twist-off cap at a very competitive price.

Besides, we can custom your orders based on your logo, design, colors, features, coatings, and sizes to boom your business. Inquire now!


MinJia – Your Leading Twist-off Cap Manufacturer in China

MinJia twist-off cap is one of the most famous closures providing the best sealing, suitable for the food and non-carbonated beverages, baby food, baby drinks, confectionery, cooking sauces, dairy products, condiments, preserves, ready meals & soups, etc.

Our series of twist-off caps are compatible with hot and cold filling and suitable with sterilization or pasteurization processes. It offers the most superior oxygen barrier features for your product and properties for long shelf life.

To meet your demands, MinJia provides a complete range of standard twist-off caps and full customization. Custom your twist-off cap according to your coatings, designs, colors, and features. Enhance your own packaging appeal with our MinJia twist-off cap.

Through our innovative production equipment and facilities, we are able to produce a huge range of twist-off caps. We make sure that all our twist-off caps will be suitable for your food packaging requirements.

You can find MinJia twist-off cap at any diameter. We can provide a 30mm – 100mm full range of products. For available colors, we have a gold twist-off cap, silver twist-off cap, black twist-off cap, red twist-off cap, and so on.

You can guarantee that we supply perfect quality and a highly functional twist-off cap to customers worldwide. It is manufactured according to FDA, RoHS, SGS, EU, and more international standards. Our company follows a strict quality control system with a skilled team to inspect your orders before the moving process.

We fabricated MinJia twist-off cap using optimum quality raw materials that comply with JIS, SVHC, RoHS, SGS, and ECHA standards. We carefully selected these materials to ensure the durability of our products, use for a long time.

As a professional manufacturer, MinJia has more than 10 years of history and development integrates unique R&D, design, manufacture, and sales of a twist-off cap.

Whether you`re a supplier, wholesaler, or distributor, Min Jia is the choice. Here at MinJia, you can save your time and reduce your cost in twist-off cap purchasing. We will deliver you the worth of your money as well as a high level of fulfillment on our product. Throughout the years, we consistently giving customers cost-effective products and unparalleled services.

Aside from twist-off caps, we also manufacture and provide a comprehensive solution for your lug cap needs, jug caps, beverage can, food can, all types of metal and aluminum caps, and many more. Your one-stop-shop solution for metal packaging in China – MinJia.

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Twist-Off Caps

Twist-Off Caps

What Exactly is a Twist-off Cap?

A twist-off cap is also known as a crown cap.

A twist-off cap is a closure of a bottle that is removed manually by twisting the cap.

What are the Common Applications of Twist-Off Cap?

Food and Beverage Twist-Off Cap

Food and Beverage Twist-Off Cap

It is the most often used twist-off cap in the food and beverage industry.

A twist-off cap is ideal for sealing glass bottles containing food such as fruit, jam, and ketchup.

It provides a secure closure for containers made of metal, plastic, or glass.

What Materials Used in Twist-off caps?

Twist-off caps are composed of high-quality materials such as aluminum, metal, steel, and tin.

Twist-off caps are commonly made of sheet steel and tin-plated materials.

What is the Purpose of the Twist-Off Cap?

The twist-off cap is intended for the closure of glass or plastic bottles and the packing of food.

It is used to prolong the life of the container’s contents until it is opened.

The twist-off cap features the most advanced oxygen barrier technology available, ensuring a long shelf life.

Also, operate as a shield against moisture, oxygen, and filth.

It is ideal for both hot and cold filling and is pasteurization and sterilization compatible.

What is Twist-Off Cap Interior Made Of?

Within the metal twist-off cap is an inner plastic liner that forms the bottle’s seal.

You can manufacture this seal in order to provide winemakers with a controlled level of ‘breathability.’

This control appears to be superior to the unknowns inherent in wild cork.

What is the Lining of Twist-Off Cap?

This type of cap has a single lip liner profile and an oxygen-absorbing cap liner that helps alcoholic drinks keep their pure taste longer.

What is the Composition of the Twist-Off Cap Liner?

A liner is a strip of material that is sandwiched between the cap and the bottle.

Its major role is to ensure that the product is properly sealed.

Often, it dictates the closure’s fit and function.

What is the Purpose of the Plastisol Coating on a Twist-Off Cap?

Plastisol coating on a twist-off cap has a purpose.

A plastisol coating dissolved substance that is typically a dispersion of PVC resins with plasticizers.

In the closures, it produces a robust and self-bonding sealing gasket.

What is the Purpose of the Plastisol Lining on the Twist-Off Cap?

In a metal twist-off cap, plastisol liners are used.

It is used on hot-pack food goods where vacuum preservation is critical.

What is a Twist-Off Cap Plastisol-Liner?

Plastisol is a popular liner material used in various applications, including food canning and vacuum packaging.

It creates a hermetic or airtight seal that is tampered apparent.

When you open a metal closure and hear the “POP” sound, you have opened a closure lined with plastisol.

Are Plastisol Liners Safe to Use in Twist-Off Cap?

Yes, plastisol liners are safe to use in twist-off caps.

The lowest temperature that is acceptable while using the High Heat Plastisol is 68°F/20°C.

To seal these liners, you must either pasteurize them or utilize the hot water bath method.

Pasteurization helps lower the danger of food poisoning and increases the shelf life of a product.

Are Twist-Off Caps Reusable?


The twist-off bottles are too fragile to be reused.

Twist-off caps are similar to the tops used on wine bottles.

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