No.1 Tinplate Cover Manufacturer in China

MinJia is an ISO-certified tinplate cover manufacturer in China. We specialized in producing and marketing various tinplate covers for different needs.

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Why Min Jia Tinplate Covers is Your First Choice

MinJia can manufacture any tinplate covers according to your drawings and samples. Aside from custom tinplate covers, we also provide standard tinplate covers for your applications. You can select our top tinplate covers range shown below.

Top-Rated Tinplate Covers to Skyrocket Your Business

Tinplate Can Cover

Tinplate Can Cover has good leakage resistance and sealing effect. We can customize this cover according to your specifications.

Easy Open Aluminum Tinplate Can Cover

Easy Open Aluminum Tinplate Can Cover is suitable for sealing Mason cans containing spices, candies, etc.

Customized Tinplate Bottom Lid

Customized Tinplate Bottom Lid is ideal for sealing biscuits, fruits, jams, soda, tea or coffee, nail pieces, etc.

99mm Tinplate Can Cover

99mm Tinplate Can Cover provides tight sealed to ensure that it is suitable for keeping food, grains, seasonings, etc.

Tinplate Easy Open Can Cover

Tinplate Easy Open Can Cover can be customized according to your specifications. Send your drawing now!

Round Can Cover

Round Can Cover has also good leakage resistance and sealing effect. We can also customize the round can cover you want.

Customized Tinplate Can Covers

Customized Tinplate Can Covers is accessible in MinJia at a lower price.

Tinplate Dome Food Container

Tinplate Dome Food Container provides tight sealed for seasonings, beverages fresh, etc. without worrying about water leakage.

Tinplate Beverage Cover

For your specific applications, MinJia manufactures tinplate beverage cover to meet your needs.

Min Jia Tinplate Cover

MinJia owns more than a thousand available custom and standard designs, fast-machined tinplate covers to meet your urgent needs. We can custom tinplate cover regarding your requirements. At MinJia, we can help you save time and money within the whole fabrication process.

We supply the best and high-quality tinplate covers that bring you success in your business. Let MinJia be your excellent business partner.

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MinJia carries a variety of tinplate covers with custom sizes, shapes, and designs. And we can speed up the delivery process of your tinplate cover within 15 days.

MinJia is really your one-stop supplier, offers great services that help you save time and money.

No.1 Tinplate Cover Manufacturer in China

MinJia supply a wide range of tinplate covers for packaging applications. Our in-house engineer team can manufacture suitable packaging for your needs. MinJia tinplate cover is available in many designs, sizes, and shapes. And also, budget-friendly customize designs for tinplate covers are found in MinJia. Just settle with us.

MinJia tinplate covers have a reliable sealing effect and leakage resistance. Our tinplate cover is designed to prevent leakage, seal food, and keep food clean and fresh for a long time. We offer a wide range of tinplate covers for you to choose from. All are easy to use.

MinJia tinplate covers are made up of reliable and quality tinplate materials. All of our tinplate covers are guaranteed airtight and leak-free. MinJia tinplate covers have really good sealing performance and tight seals, suitable for keeping grains, seasonings, beverages fresh, and food without worrying about water leakage.

Also, MinJia tinplate covers are resistant to low and high temperatures and can be used in dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwave ovens. In China, MinJia is a sole and exclusive distributor of high-quality tinplate covers.  We own hundreds of different moulds for tinplate covers. Available in different sizes, designs, and shapes.

MinJia offers one-stop tinplate cover fabrications. We have advanced machines and tools including 16 can lin production lines and up to 5.5 million pieces of output. MinJia has over 200 well-trained employees, expert to do the entire tinplate cover process.

More than a hundred designs and the vast options of tinplate covers in MinJia! All in durable and ergonomic features. We continue to manufacture well-organized tinplate covers for your business at a lower cost. Fully customizable and precisely manufactured for your projects` completion.

MinJia can assist your brand to boost up to the highest level. For more info, you are very welcome to contact us anytime!

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