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Why Min Jia Tea Tin Packaging is Your Trusted Option

At Min Jia, we offer custom-made tea tin packaging that will match your business applications. Choose Min Jia to get superior quality, Tea Tin Packaging. We are a fully certified manufacturer from China for more than 1o years. So if you decide to avail of our tea tin packaging, contact us today and expect exact answers within 8-working hours.

Min Jia Tea Tin Packaging Boosters Your Business

80ml Tea Tin Packaging

Min Jia 80ml tea tin packaging is ideal to preserve the original quality of tea. Available in different sizes.

Custom Round Tea Tins Packaging

If you are looking for custom round tea tins packaging, Min Jia is your number 1 source.

Customize Printing Tea Tins Packaging

We designed customize printing tea tins packaging with a unique and attractive package for teas.

Eco-friendly Tea Tins Packaging

This eco-friendly tea tins packaging can be customized based on your ideal sizes and designs. All are very affordable.

Food-grade Tea Tins Packaging

Min Jia focuses on producing fo0d-grade tea tin packaging with high reliability and safety.

Frosted Aluminum Tea Tins Packaging

Min Jia produces complete selections for frosted aluminum tea tins packaging. We can even customize your orders.

Metal Tea Tins Packaging

We are offering metal tea tins packaging with outstanding designs to meet your requirements.

OEM Round Tea Tin Packaging

Since founded, Min Jia commits to provide good-quality products and OEM service for your satisfaction.

Multi-purpose Tea Tin Packaging

All our multi-purpose tea tin packaging is made high-quality and cost-effective.

Portable Tea Tins Packaging

Min Jia has the capability to design and create custom portable tea tins packaging at reasonable costs.

Tea Tins with Screw Top for Tea Packaging

Since tea is needed to be protected from environmental exposure, Min Jia produces tea tins packaging that is highly secured.

Recyclable Tea Tins Packaging

In order to protect the aroma and flavor of the tea, you need to have recyclable tea tins packaging. Min Jia has all your needs!

Min Jia Tea Tin Packaging

To get the best quality of Tea Tin Packaging, Min Jia is your great choice! We supply and manufactured Tea Tin Packaging for all customers in the world. Our lines of tea tin packaging are certified and 100% tested. Choosing the best manufacturer for your tea tin packaging orders will surely level up your business!

We can guarantee a real-promising quality of tea tin packaging and excellent services. We are always to support your business through our high-quality tea tin packaging. Be one of our satisfied clients, contact us!

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

Allow Min Jia to be your unique manufacturer for your tea tin packaging orders from China. If your foods need to be imported from China, then Min Jia will be your excellent option for your tea tin packaging orders.

Min Jia can support your business by providing quality tea tin packaging. Visit our factory to get superior quality tea tin packaging products in China. You are always welcome here at Min Jia!

Min Jia – Your Leading Tea Tins Packaging Supplier In China

Min Jia is a professional tea tin packaging manufacturer from China with over 10-years of cultural experience. So if you`re looking for unique and attractive tea tin packaging for your upcoming projects, Min Jia has a lot to offer for you.

We offered complete lines of tins tea tin packaging with superior quality and eye-catching designs. Min Jia only offers standard quality packaging products and also has the capability to manufacture custom-made tea tin packaging.

However, the use of our tea tin packaging is to preserve the original quality, flavor, and aroma of the tea. Not only for tea, but it`s also good for any spices and coffee. For every application that required safety from environmental exposure, our range of tea tin packaging is the best choice for you.

All our tea tin packaging is common at restaurants, hotels, and retailers. Since packaging is ideal for marketing and branding, we make it extra special and quality for your business.

For a one-stop tea tin packaging solution, allow Min Jia to provide for you! This will be offered based on your detailed requirements. No worries about our products since they conform to the FDA and EU standards. Plus, we provide free samples for you to check the quality.

Therefore, if you want a trusted manufacturer for your tea tin packaging orders, always choose Min Jia! Contact us and expect answers within 8- working hours.


Tea Tin Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need to know about tea tin packaging.

So, if you want to learn more about these packaging solutions, read this guide.

What is Tea Tin Packaging?

 Tea Tin Packaging

ea tin packaging

Tea tin packaging is packaging for tea. It is used to store and transport tea while protecting it from tampering and contamination.

The tin packaging comes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit different tea packaging needs.

What are the Advantages of Tea Tin Packaging?

The advantages of tea tin packaging are as follows:

  • Excellent protection: tea tin packaging has excellent light transmission, which helps to protect tea contents from deterioration due to exposure to sunlight. The tin also comes with excellent moisture resistance, which helps keep out moisture that can damage the packaged tea.
  • Preserve the original taste and smell of tea: unlike other types of tea packaging, tins offer unwavering protection against oxidation. In addition, tea tin packaging can keep out oxygen which can evaporate the original smell and taste of tea.
  • Hygienic: Tin packaging generally ensures food hygiene. The material used in this tea packaging helps to minimize contamination, thus protecting consumer health.
  • Excellent printability: You can print any type of artwork on your tea tin packaging. Artwork can include brand logo, usage instructions, product details, and other marketing detail. Custom printed packaging is a good way of gaining customer attention. It also gives your brand a competitive edge in the market.
  • Environmental friendly: Tea tin packaging material is quite friendly for environmental protection. The tins are also produced in a sustainable way that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

What is more is that is the tea tins are easily recyclable after use. They can be reclaimed for reprocessing or used for other purposes, i.e., interior design.

What is Tea Tin Packaging Made Of?

Tea tin packaging is made of tinplate material. It comprises a steel sheet electroplated with a layer of tin.

Tinplate is widely used to make metal tin packaging due to its good machinability. The material is easy to weld and form into different shapes and sizes of packaging.

Also, tinplate offers good chemical and physical protection for packaged contents. It prevents contamination and entry of moisture, sunlight, oxygen, and other elements that may deteriorate the packaged tea.

What is the Production Process of Tea Tin Packaging?

As mentioned in the previous question, tea tin packaging is made using tinplate material.

The tinplate comes either in sheet or coil form. Tinplate coil is first cut into sheets before it can be manufactured into desired tea tin packaging.

For the cut sheets, they undergo printing using conventional ink printing.

Different printing techniques are used for this depending on the customer’s preferences and desired outcome.

Note that special transparent oil is applied on the surface before printing the tinplate sheets. Oiling helps to prevent the printing plate of the text from scratching etc.

Once oiled, the tinplate is then printed with the desired artwork.

Tea tin packaging design can include the brand logo, product information, ingredients, and other marketing information.

Different types of ink are used to print tinplate. But regardless, each printed plate passes through a heated oven for baking.

This ensures proper ink adhesion and curing.

Once done, the printed sheets are lacquered.

Usually, the lacquered side of the tinplate is what comes into contact with the tea.

In other cases, varnishing using food-grade gold oil is applied on the inner surface of the tinplate.

The oil ensures zero contact between the packaged content and the tinplate material.

Following lacquering, varnishing is slitting. Here, the printed sheets are cut into individual blanks used to form the tea tins.

Body flanks are cut first, followed by the end blanks. They are then joined by seaming to form complete tins.

After the tins are made, a final spray coating is applied to protect them from rusting and corrosion.

The final tins undergo several cleaning processes. Finally, they are packed and shipped to the customer for filling and sealing.

How do I Choose the Best Tinplate for Tea Tin Packaging?

Various tinplate materials are available for your choosing. There is Electrolytic tinplate (ETP), tin plated steel (TPS), tin free steel (TFS), and Galvanized tin sheet (GTS).

These come in a variety of finishes that include bright, stone, matte, and silver.

You ought to choose tinplate material based on your end product and application.

For instance, matte-finished tinplate material tends to be stronger and ideal for printing effects. Therefore, they are most preferred for tea tins, and their MOQ is usually higher than other tinplate.

The bright finish tinplate is quite appealing to the eye.

However, the surface tinning amount for this material is relatively high, increasing its price in the market.

Therefore, choose bright tinplate if you’re opting for special tea tin packaging.

Galvanized tinplate material options come with an extra layer of zinc.

These have excellent rust resistance.

So if you have stringent requirements for rust-proof tea packaging, then galvanized tinplate is an ideal choice.

When choosing a tinplate material for your tea tin packaging, make sure to consult with your manufacturer first.

They will advise you on the best tinplate material to suit your requirements and budget.

What Types of Tea can I Package in Tea Tins?



Tea tins can be made into various shapes and sizes. In addition, they feature high-quality tinplate material that is both food grade and environmentally friendly.

You can package loose leaf tea, bagged tea, and tea bags in these tin packaging.

Infusions and herbal teas can also be packaged in these without the worry of losing the original flavor.

Note that different types of tea have different properties.

For instance, loose tea tends to have more weight. As such, tin packaging for loose tea should be able to accommodate the extra weight and volume.

Is Tea Tin Packaging any Different from Tin Food Cans?


Tea tin packaging and tin food cans are made using the same material, tinplate.

The production process is usually the same only that with food cans, special coatings are applied on the interior surface of the cans.

These coatings vary and are aimed at protecting the food contents from contamination and deterioration.

Since some foods are high in acidic content, the coatings are also sometimes applied to prevent corrosion due to acid combinations.

For food cans used in high moisture and humid applications, rust-proof coatings are also applied.

Despite the subtle differences, both packaging as said feature the same raw materials. They are also both recyclable.

Why is Tea Tin Packaging Better than Plastic Tea Packaging?

Tin packaging for tea is now widely used over plastic packaging for various reasons, which include:

  • Re-usable: the fact that tea tin packaging can be used many times makes it more enticing to customers than plastic packaging.

With tea tins, customers have more than one reason to buy your products.

Of course, apart from the tea, they know that they can still use the empty tin for other purposes. This is good for brand exposure.

  • Durable: Plastic has a shorter lifespan when compared to tin which tends to leave unnecessary plastic waste in the environment.

Although recyclable, most plastic packaging ends up unwanted in landfills.

  • Sustainable: the tinplate material used in tea tin packaging makes it uniquely sustainable.

Unlike plastic, this material can be used time and time again. Tinplate can be recycled many times without losing its initial quality.

Meaning, the initial investment is never lost for tea tin packaging.

  • Non-toxic: Tin is a generally safe material for food contact. In contrast, plastic is full of toxins that are either carcinogenic or harmful to reproductive health.

Additionally, most plastic is not biodegradable, which makes them detrimental to human and marine life.

How much Tea can Tea Tin Packaging Hold?

As mentioned severally, tea tin packaging comes in various shapes and sizes.

Equally, tea comes in multiple forms with different weights and volumes.

But no matter the type of tea you intend to package, tea tins can always be customized to suit your intended application.

Tins for dry tea are commonly available from 25grams to 2.5kgs. For liquid tea, tins are available in ml capacities. You can request 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml etc.

Again, no matter the size or capacity of tea tins you’re looking for, talk to your supplier.

Many are always ready to customize the shape and size of the tins to your specific requirements.

When Should I Consider Square Tea Tins vs. Rectangular Tea Tins?

It is basically a matter of preference.

There is no difference between square tea tins and rectangular tea tins other than the shape. Material properties and general advantages remain the same in both tins.

So there is not much to consider.

You can only choose either shape based on your brand preference.

Or, you can provide both options to customers and let them do their choosing.

What are the Available Lid and Closing Options for Tea Tin Packaging?


Different tea tins with lids

 Different tea tins with lid

Several lids and closing mechanisms are available for tea tin packaging.

Following are some of the options available for different purposes:

  • Screwcap lid: this style of closure provides a tight seal for tea tins. They are easy to open and close with a gentle twist of the wrist.

You can also add a seal inside the lid to ensure better preservation of your product.

The disadvantage of this type of closure is that it can only be used with round tea tins.

  • Slipcover: this type of lid slides easily on top of the tea tin. It can be secured on any tea tin, no matter the shape or size.
  • Hinged lid: this one is the easiest to open and close. It is preferred for square and rectangular tea tins.
  • See-through lid: when you need to display your product while on the shelf, see-through lids are the best.

They allow the customer to see what’s inside the tin, thus quickening their purchase decision.

This type of lid is also stylish and unique. Therefore, it is an excellent option when you need to enhance your brand image.

  • Special closures: These are above the standard styles and mechanisms available. They provide a unique and personal outlook for your product.

Talk to your supplier regarding the design and MOQ for this type of closure.

How does the Barrier Property of Tea Tin Packaging work?

Tea tins ensure the quality of the product keeping it perfectly preserved.

The tinplate material used in these tins has better barrier properties than any other material.

With good gas barrier properties, tea tin packaging can keep out oxygen which can deteriorate dry tea due to oxidation.

Oxidized tea leaves tend to lose their original taste and flavor.

This can be detrimental for herbal teas and infusions.

The tea tin packaging can isolate most of the oxygen that comes into contact with the packaging.

This helps retain the original flavor of the tea for longer.

Moisture resistance properties of tea tin packaging ensure water and any type of moisture are kept out of the packaging.

This ensures longer preservation of the tea, especially in humid applications.

Tinplate used to make tea tin packaging has sound light transmission.

Therefore, it helps isolate tea from direct contact with sunlight which can cause deterioration.

In addition to these barrier properties, the tea tin packaging seal is usually reliable.

This assures you of the package’s reliability to protect your product.

What Specialty Finishes do you offer for Tea Tin Packaging?

Various specialty finish options are available for tea tin packaging.

These finishes are suitable for different purposes that you must identify before including them in your order requirement.

We offer the following specialty finish options for tea tin packaging:

  • Varnishing: we apply a protective coating on the inside and outside of the tea tin packaging.

This coating protects the outside surface from corrosion while preventing the inner surface from interacting with the metal.

Transparent varnishing is also applied over the tin printing to protect the artwork from abrasions.

  • Matte oil: edible oils such as palm oil are used to lubricate the surface of the tinplate during the tea tin making process.

The oil helps to protect the tins from corrosion as well as reduce abrasion during handling and rubbing.

Oiling also helps to enhance the external presentation of the tea tins.

  • Matte printing: this involves printing the tea tins with desired artwork and in a matt finish.

It is an innovative way of improving the appearance of the tea tins and gives them a competitive edge.

Why do you Lacquer Tea Tin Packaging Interior?

Tea tins are made of tinplate, which comprises a steel base and tin coating. The steel is quite susceptible to corrosion.

Lacquer which is applied on the outside and inside the container acts as a protective barrier for the tea tin.

It minimizes the interaction between the packaging and tea products, thereby preserving the natural flavor of tinned tea.

What is Vacuum-Sealed Tea Tin Packaging?

Vacuum sealed tea packaging is packaging that is filled and sealed via the vacuum process.

This method of packaging and sealing removes air and moisture from packaged content before the package is sealed.

For tea tin packaging, vacuum sealing removes most oxygen, thus preventing chemical reactions and bacteria buildup, which can spoil the tea.

Unfortunately, oxygen can also cause oxidation which makes packaged tea deteriorate and lose its flavor.

Vacuum sealing also extends the shelf life of tinned tea. It preserves the tea up to 5 times longer than tea stored in other types of packaging.

How do Embossing and Debossing work for Tea Tin Packaging?

Embossed Tea Tin

Embossed tea tin

Embossing and debossing are two techniques used to print the artwork onto tin packaging.

They are ideal for giving your custom printed tea tins a fresh and innovative look.

When combined with other finishing techniques such as foil stamping, embossed/debossed designs can transform an ordinary tin packaging into a unique and stylish one.

Embossing tea tin packaging uses two main things: a personalized metal plate known as a die and a stock printing plate.

The die presses into the stock plate like a stamp and raises artwork off the surface of your print piece.

Debossing works similarly to embossing, but in this case, the artwork is imprinted into the tinplate creating a depressed effect.

For both processes, you can choose to have the artwork filled with ink or left as is.

Note that the die used in these processes can be single or multi-level.

Single-level dies the artwork to a consistent depth/height, while multi-level dies create more complex embosses or debosses.

Also, unlike embossing, debossing doesn’t interfere with the back of your material. It gives you both sides to work with.

The process can be used on its own or in conjunction with embossing.

Embossing and debossing create a 3D effect on tea tins emphasizing a particular area of your design.

You can choose to emboss/deboss your brand logo, a custom illustration, brand/product initials, or any creative pattern for a fresh feel.

Why Does Most Tea Tin Packaging come in Opaque Colors?

As you already know, the flavor of tea can be significantly affected by external sunlight.

Exposing tea bags or loose tea to direct sunlight can cause the original flavor of the tea to deteriorate over time.

This is why most tea tin packaging comes in opaque colors. It is to prevent direct contact of sunlight with the tea.

Why is Tea Tin Packaging Eco-friendly?

Tinplate, which is used to make tea tin packaging, is ethically sourced. No trees are cut to get tinplate material, so the balance of nature is retained.

The material is also safe, clean, and non-toxic, making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials on the planet.

The tinplate also recycles forever without loss of quality.

In addition, tinplate’s magnetic property makes it easy to separate tea tins from other waste. This effectively reduces the amount of waste and makes recycling easier.

In recycling tea tins, a shredding machine that can effectively remove impurities from the tins has been invented.

Removing impurities from tinplate products leaves good quality scrap iron or steel.

In addition, this recycling process reduces the impact on the environment.

It saves energy, which is in line with future sustainability trends.

What is more is that tinplate oxidizes to return to its original form when left in the natural environment, which is iron oxide.

Therefore, the stacking of waste tea tins can decompose over time and not remain to cause environmental pollution like plastics, and other materials do.

What is the Shelf Life of Tea Tin Packaging?

Tea tin packaging has an extended shelf life unless when perforated or scratched.

Perforations, scratches, and other forms of abrasion can cause rusting, corrosion, and leakage, which greatly reduces the shelf life of these tins.

To increase and enhance the lifespan of these tin packaging by storing them in favorable conditions, i.e., away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Furthermore, proper handling should also be executed for tea tin packaging. This reduces the chances of abrasions, scratching, and perforation, etc.

What is the Difference Between Custom and Stock Tea Tin Packaging?

Stock tea tin packaging is basically ready-made, off-the-shelf tea tins.

These come in standard sizes and shapes. You can attach a simple label to it for personalization, and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, custom tea tin packaging refers to packaging specially tailored for your brand and product.

These tea tins are meant to fit your product requirements and provide better protection for the product.

Comparing the two, custom tea tin packaging is more expensive due to the additional tooling, i.e., dies and printing plates required.

There is also a generous amount of planning and designing required for custom tea tins.

Due to the tooling requirement, manufacturers tend to have MOQ (minimum order requirements) for custom tea tin packaging.

Stock tea tins make the job done, while custom tea tins go beyond just making the job done. They offer more benefits to your brand and product.

In choosing between these two tea packaging options, consider the financial aspect of it. Only choose custom tea tin packaging if it makes financial sense for your business. Otherwise, stock tea tins are just as good.

What are the Common Printing Techniques for Tea Tin Packaging?

The following printing methods are commonly used for tea tin packaging:

  • Silk-screening: this printing technique is excellent for small tea tins and large ones alike. It is an affordable and innovative technique for introducing a new product or brand promotion. Silk-screen prints can be done in both single and multi-color layouts.
  • Full-color printing: this printing technique produces very high-quality designs. It is available for all applications and can be in single, multi, and duplex color layouts.
  • Embossing and debossing: these are an excellent option for adding a 3D effect to tea tins. They can be combined with full-color printing to create a high-quality and contemporary impact on your tea tins.
  • Laser printing: this is a custom printing option that you can explore when incorporating your company logo onto the tea tins.

It is relatively costlier than the other printing options. Still, it will ensure that your product stands out from the rest when put on display shelves.

What Add-on Features do you Provide for Tea Tin Packaging?

There are unlimited possibilities with custom tea tin packaging.

For this, you can request any of the following features to improve the appearance and functionality of the packaging.

  • Handles
  • Latches
  • See-through lids
  • Ribbon
  • Shiny powder
  • Double-deck
  • Ring pulls
  • Lever lids

Why is FDA Approval for Tea Tin Packaging Important?

FDA (the food and drugs administration) approval means that the tea tin packaging is safe to contain tea in any form.

So you won’t have to worry about the safety of the packaging.

Neither will customers question the impact of the packaging on their health and well-being.

What other Quality Standards and Regulations should Tea Tin Packaging adhere to?

Quality standards and regulations ensure that packaging is made using quality materials and processes.

These rules also guarantee the performance quality of the material as well their safety for packaging food products.

That said, several standards apply to tea tin packaging. They include:

  • FDA: shows that packaging is approved for food contact
  • RoHS: indicates that the packaging material is free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium
  • SQF: shows that tea tin production was done under continuous monitoring procedures
  • GMP: Ensures that the packaging is manufactured and controlled according to relevant standards
  • ASTM: Specifies the dimension of the tea tin material, i.e., thickness, width, inner diameter, temper grade, etc.
  • ISO 11951: verifies that tea tins are wear-resistant and with corrosion resistance.

Other applicable standards are JIS, SGS, and country-specific standards that you should confirm before ordering this packaging.

What makes the Cost of Tea Tin Packaging Different?

The cost of tea tin packaging varies based on three main factors:

  • Quantity: Tea tin manufacturers have minimum order requirements (MOQ) that clients must meet when making an order. In this case, the price is set per MOQ.

If you fail to meet the MOQ, you will be charged the same cost, which will be costly.

So generally, the more you order, the less you pay, while the less you order, the more you pay for tea tin packaging.

  • Thickness: This refers to the thickness of the raw material. Thicker tinplate is more expensive.

Hence, the thicker the raw material used for tea tin packaging, the higher the cost you’ll pay for tea tin packaging and vice versa.

  • Production process: these vary depending on the client’s requirements. Some will want specialty finishes; others will want embossing and debossing, etc.

The more complex your design, the higher the cost of the tea tin packaging. Less complex designs are cheaper to make; hence the purchasing price is lower.

How do you Ensure the Quality of Tea Tin Packaging During Manufacturing?

 Tea Tin Manufacturing Facility

Tea tin manufacturing facility

First of all, we are an ISO-certified manufacturing company that strives to produce tin packaging that meets your highest level of quality.

We use high-quality tinplate material to make tea tin packaging. Our materials are ethically sourced and from reputable suppliers.

As a result, our tins provide the best protection for your products. They are also highly customizable into any shapes and sizes that you want.

For your custom printed tea tin packaging, we use quality inks with state-of-the-art printing technologies.

This ensures the reproduction of your design in the highest quality color and detail while preserving its integrity.

Besides, we employ skilled and experienced fabricators that ensure only the best quality tea tins are available for your needs.

All our finished products are performance tested and thoroughly inspected for defects before they are delivered to you.

Approved finished products are cleaned and packed in dust-free workshops.

In addition, we use high-quality medical-grade alcohol to clean the finished tea tins.

This ensures high hygiene and suitability for packaging your tea products.

What’s more, our staff assembles all tin components together and packs them in multi-layer protection.

This ensures that the products get to you in mint condition and ready for use right away.

Depending on your unique needs and requirements, we offer perfect solution for all your tea tin packaging needs.

Contact us today for all your tea tin packaging.

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