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Tall Round Closed Top Metal Oil Tin can store a broad variety of contents like food, beverages, oil, chemicals, etc. At Min Jia you can get the best Tall Round Closed Top Metal Oil Tin product.

5 Ltr Integrated Round Tin Container

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Min Jia Round Tin Containers

To receive the best quality of Round Tin Containers, Min Jia is your best choice. We manufactured and supply Round Tin Containers for all clients all over the world. Our Round Tin Containers have tested and certified product Round Tin Containers. Choosing the best Round Tin Containers manufacturer will level up your business.

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Min Jia – Your Professional Round Tin Containers Supplier In China

To receive the best quality of Round Tin Containers, Min Jia is your best choice. Our Round Tin Containers have tested and certified product Round Tin Containers for over 10 years. Min Jia manufactured and supply Round Tin Containers for all clients all over the world. Besides, we can customize Round Tin Containers of what our clients desire.

We can manufacture in all types of round tin containers including Gallon Round Metal Tin Can Container, Metal Tin Paint Can Container, Motor Oil Tin Containers, Oil Tin Container Drums, 60ml Tin Can Packaging Natural Color, 5 Ltr Integrated Round Tin Container, 100 Ml Round Tin Container and many more. You can send us, your ideal round tin containers we can customize them.

When we say round tin containers it is also a right circular cylinder with identical and parallel rounds tops and bottoms with vertical sides. Min Jia is one of the known round tin container manufacturers in China. We are a professional Round Tin Containers manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 10-year experience in the service.

Besides, We Min Jia offer conforms to the JIS and ECHA standards and is qualified with SVHC and ROHS by SGS. Min Jia round tin containers have hinging lids, making them ideal for reuse. Small mint containers, for instance, can serve as receptacles for organizing items such as washers, screws, drill bits, or nails. And also a larger container, can use such as coffee cans, soup cans, can hold pens, etc.

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Round Tin Container: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose the best round tin container for your packaging needs.

So, before importing any round tin container from China, read this guide.

What is Round Tin Container?

 Round Tin Containers

Round tin containers

A round tin container is a can that has a cylindrical shape with a round base and top opening. It is made of aluminum or steel metal coated with a pure tin layer.

The product is also known as a round tin can, round metal can, and round can. The tins store and transport food and beverage items, beauty products, paint, etc.

How does Round Tin Container Design Look Like?

A round tin container is cylindrical with a round base and a top opening with a lid. It may have a matte, bright, or printed surface finish.

What is the Significance of Ridges or Indents on some Round Tin Container Walls?

The most common function of these ridges is to strengthen the wall of the container by adding a second layer or ridge. Some ridges are filled with lubricant; others are solid to make the container more robust.

What are the Advantages of Round Tin Container?

Advantages of the round tin container include;

  • Round tin containers have excellent wear resistance and can be used under extreme temperatures.
  • The smooth surface and durable material make it easy to clean, which is in line with FDA sanitary requirements.
  • It does not rust and has a high strength to keep the shape well.
  • Round tin containers are recyclable.
  • They have a high barrier to oxygen and water vapor
  • There are no toxins in the cans
  • They are lightweight, making them easy to ship and handle.
  • Round tin containers are great for any food or drink packaging. They’re guaranteed to keep out moisture and other contaminants that can damage or contaminate your products during transport.
  • These containers are stackable and more space-efficient than square and rectangular cans making them easy to store and transport.
  • They have a beautiful and elegant appearance.

What is Round Tin Container made of?

The round tin containers can be made with tinplate (steel with a layer of tin) or aluminum with a coating of tin.

Other containers are made using a galvanized tin sheet. This is iron with a layer of chromium oxide and zinc for added rust and corrosion resistance.

What are the Best Uses of Round Tin Container?

Round Tin cans

 Round tin cans

Round tin containers are best for packaging food products such as soups, baked goods, beverages, spices, and herbs. They can keep these food products fresher for longer.

The tins are also great for storing products with loose lids such as cereals, coffee, tea, pasta sauce, and canned goods like fruit and vegetables.

You can use them as gift holders, as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

The tins are great for packaging cosmetics like lipsticks and eyeliner pencils because they make it easier to dispense the product without getting dirty or damaged.

They can be also be used to package pharmaceuticals, paint, pesticides, and other products.

How do you make Round Tin Container?

The production process for round tin containers is relatively simple, whether for 2-piece or 3-piece round tin containers.

A tinplate sheet is cut into two blanks, one for the body and another for the tin ends.

The body blank is then formed into a cylinder, while the end blank is formed into desired ends. The cylinder edges are welded, soldered, or adhered together.

Once complete, a sealing machine is used to seal the top and bottom ends to the cylinder to make a complete, non-leaking round tin container.

Is Round Tin Container for Cake safe?


Tin cans for baking are used to mold, shape, and store baked goods.

They are made from aluminum (aluminum is the most common metal used in baking tins) or tin-coated steel.

Either material is a good conductor of heat, meaning that the containers are safe for use in the oven.

They won’t char, shrink, melt, crack or burn when used for baking.

Tinplate foil is also often used to line tin baking containers.

The foil and round tin container for baking material are food-safe and non-reactive. It is FDA approved for food contact and is non-toxic.

What do you use to line Round Tin Container for Food Packaging?

Most tin containers for food packaging are lined with epoxy resin in a process called lacquering.

The material provides good chemical resistance, toughness, formability, and adhesion for round tin containers for food.

It offers good barrier protection between raw metal material and packaged food.

Food-grade gold oil is also used to line round tin containers for food packaging.

Apart from lubrication, the oil prevents reactions between the food content and the container material. This ensures that food stays fresher for longer. It also increases the lifespan of the tin container.

What are the Quality Requirements for Round Tin Container?

ASTM A623 is the principal standard for round tin containers. It stipulates the width, diameter, thickness, temper, etc., of the tin.

According to this standard, round tin containers should have a thickness of 0.02mm measured in Rockwell HR30T.

The tin plate for making the round tin container should be 0.13 mm-0.50 mm thick. The tin layer should be 0.0001mm in thickness, and the tin layer’s purity not less than 99.9% mm as stipulated in ISO11949.

Tinplate sheet quality is specified in ISO 11949 -1995 Edition. Visual inspection is used to check for quality.

Other applicable standards include JIS, SGS, RoHS, AISI, ASME, DIN EN, and GB/T2428. All of these standards specify the quality requirements for round tin containers for different applications.

What are the Sealing Options for Round Tin Container?

Several sealing options are available for round tin containers. This helps prevent pilferage, contamination, and tampering that may cause the food to go bad or lose its original flavor.

Sealing mechanisms you can consider for this product are:

  • Screw on lids – this type of lid offers the most traditional seal for tin containers. They screw onto the top of the container and give you an airtight seal. They are also the easiest to open and close.
  • Double seaming– This structure offers excellent sealing for food and beverage cans. For longer preservation of food, double seaming is the best solution.
  • Vacuum sealing –is one of the commonly used sealing methods for round tin containers. This method removes air from the package and seals it using a vacuum sealing machine. Tin cans sealed using this method tends to have a longer shelf life.

Some lids can be resealed many times after opening good features for daily used products, e.g., lip balms, lipsticks, cream containers, etc. Other lids are cut open and not reusable after opening.

How does the Double Seaming Structure for Round Tin Container Work?

The double seaming structure is also called the “double seam edge.” This structure replaces the traditional single seam edge with two seams, one along the top and one on the bottom. The result is a smoother shape that is easier to open.

Double seaming, note, involves joining the round tin container body with the cover.

For this, the containers are filled with contents, i.e., food, beverages, etc. A machine then places the cover on the container. It then rolls the curl on the cover and the flange on the container body into position and flattens them together.

A thin layer of sealing compound initially present in the rim of the cover is dispersed between the metal layers to create an airtight seal.

Do you Provide Round Tin Containers with Lids?


We provide various round tin containers with lids for our clients, depending on their specifications.

What are the Available Lid Options for Round Tin Containers?

Our round tin containers are available in various lid options. We have a domed plastic lid, a flip-top metal lid, and a lidded metal lid. We also have lids without fillet, fillet lids, see-through lids, tapered lids, and slipcover lids.

The domed plastic lid is ideal for dry storage or use as a gift box. The clear dome has a small circular opening, making it easy to add or remove the contents but still keep the dust off of them.

A flip-top metal lid is an economical choice that is great for most dry storage needs. It has an airtight seal to keep out moisture and dust and features large finger holes for convenient handling.

Our filleted lids have a rolled rim that ensures a tight and stable seal. The lids without fillets are plain with a relatively sharp edge.

The see-through lids have a glass at the center top. Other custom lid options may be available upon request.

Which Applications are suited for Round Tin Container with Clear Top Design?

 Round tin containers with clear top design

 Round tin container with clear top design

A round tin container with a clear top design is the best choice for displaying your products. It is an excellent choice for packing cosmetic products like lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, and face powder.

Other products that don’t mind a little contact with external sunlight are also suited for this kind of container. Such products include cookies, biscuits,

The clear top design, note, is used as a display packaging for promotional purposes.

When should I consider Tall Round Tin Container vs. Round Tin Container Box?

To choose between tall round tin containers vs. round tin container box, consider;

  • The size and shape of your product
  • Weight and texture of the product
  • Container storage condition

A tall round tin container is preferred to a round tin container box. These containers have a rigid base, which means they can stack on top of each other. They will still stack if the bottom one has some weight in it, but not with a rigid base.

Also, tall containers are suitable for certain types of products such as sprays, spaghetti, cereal, etc. Round tin container boxes are suited for cosmetics, confectionery, and baked goods such as cookies and biscuits.

What is the Capacity of Round Tin Containers?

Round tin containers can be classified as:

  • large-capacity containers, which range between 1000 to 2000 ml
  • Medium-sized containers which have a capacity between 250ml and 900 ml
  • Small-sized containers with a capacity range of 15 ml to 200 ml

Custom sizes round tin containers are also available on request.

How do Aluminum Containers compare to Round Tin Containers?

Round tin containers are a great alternative to aluminum containers. They last longer, don’t rust, dent or leak. Their price point is lower, and they are much more environmentally friendly than their aluminum counterpart.

Aluminum containers are lighter in weight than round tin containers, so they’re easier to carry.

How do Round Tin Containers prevent leakage of Contents?

Round tin containers prevent leakage of contents by creating a vacuum seal.

The round shape of the tin allows air to circulate freely inside while protecting its contents from outside air pressure.

This prevents outside air from entering the container and displacing the contents.

In addition, the round tin container lid is airtight. It provides extra protection against outside contaminants and additional security to help keep contents fresh longer.

The shape of the tin container itself is circular, meaning it is more difficult for pressure to build up inside. Therefore, there is less likelihood of contents exploding out or leaking through a small crack.

Also, round tin containers are sealed with a lid (usually with a gasket) and have added protection from leakage.

Some of the lids for these containers use a sealing ring, creating an airtight seal between the lid and main body. Others come with a lining on the lid for added protection.

Round tin containers are also manufactured with a flat lid on top and a groove in the bottom. The groove is designed to fit tightly over the flat lid so that when you put your Round tin containers on their side or upside down, liquids don’t leak.

Round tin containers are made of premium quality primary material tinplate material and ultra-modern technology. The production processes and techniques are all done in adherence to international quality standards.

What is the Coating on the Inside of Round Tin Containers?

 Round tin container coating

Round tin container coatings

Tin containers can be coated with several layers of anti-corrosive materials on the inside. The first layer is tin-lead alloy.

It is applied to prevent the food in the can from coming into contact with the base metal of the container.

It protects the food from reacting with the metal of the container, thus preventing it from rusting.

The second layer is a lacquer or polymer coating which aims to improve shelf life and appearance.

The lacquer is also designed to prevent corrosion that might be caused by moisture and oxygen.

It is inherently resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, and solvents.

How is the Durability of Round Tin Containers?

Round tin containers are made of tinplate, high-quality steel that is durable and does not break. They are designed for long-term use, with sturdy construction.

Apart from the high-quality tinplate material, a tin and lacquer layer gives protection from external rusting and corrosion.

The round tins also have a good sealing capability to keep their content fresh and clean.

Round tin containers will have a long service life if you take good care of them. Please don’t put them in damp or dusty places for storage.

They can easily rust in these conditions, making them wear faster.

What are the Benefits of Branding Round Tin Containers?

The benefits of branding your round tin containers include;

  • Making your business stand out from the rest and provide a professional image for your products. Branding is a very effective way to get your brand noticed.
  • Once your logo is printed on the tin containers, your customers will never forget you. It will remind customers exactly whose product it is, which enhances customer loyalty.
  • Branding will help advertise your brand -use a company logo or slogan to give your products a competitive edge over other similar products in the market.
  • It helps speed up new product acceptance.
  • Products with branded easily resist price erosion.

What are the Branding Options for Round Tin Containers?

There are many ways to brand round tin containers, including printing and stamping. You can print several elements to your round tin containers, such as logos, product details, company slogan, and other marketing detail.

Embossing and debossing is also an innovative way of incorporating your brand logo and slogan into round tin containers.

When Should I Consider Round Tin Container Printing?

Printed round tin container

Printed round tin containers

Consider round tin container printing when you;

  • Need to add a personal touch to your products. Choosing one of the many designs we have on offer is a great option.
  • Have a brand name, and you want to improve it.
  • Want to advertise your company using your logo or slogan printed on the containers.
  • Have a high-end product and targeting a high-end client, consider printing the tin cans.
  • Are launching a new product and want increased visibility on the shelves.
  • Want to package promotional products

Which Techniques Do you use to Print Round Tin Container?

Several printing techniques are available for round tin containers. Their usage depends on budget, durability needs, and the design being printed onto the containers.

Options include screen printing, pad printing, and digital printing.

In screen printing, a stencil is made by attaching the mesh to a wooden frame.

The image is then transferred or “registered” onto the tin by pressing the tin onto the screen with a squeegee. Ink is then forced through the mesh openings in the stencil onto the tin.

Pad printing utilizes a rubber pad that carries both glue and ink to transfer an image onto a product.

Digital printing is a revolutionary method of printing on metal containers.

Unlike traditional screen printing, digital printing does not use mesh or screens to block ink.

Instead, digital printing uses a thermal print head and is cured using a UV/EB exposure system.

Which Surface Finish Options do you provide for Round Tin Container?

There are different surface finish options for various end-use applications.

  • Mirror Polishing  (Bright, Dull, Etching)
  • Brush Polishing
  • Matt Finish (Also called Machine Lacquer or Dull Polish)
  • Hot Stamping/Embossing/Laser Engraving
  • Sandblasting

How is the Sustainability and Recycling of Round Tin Can Containers?

Round tin containers are crucial to environmental sustainability by using less energy than other packaging methods. These containers are also recyclable.

They can be used over and over again without losing their original quality.

Used round tin containers can be shredded to remove impurities.

This leaves bare scrap steel or iron that can be reprocessed for other purposes.

Since tin containers are biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about them affecting human or marine existence.

After some time of dumping, the containers will begin to oxidize to return to their original form.

How do I Choose Good Quality Round Tin Containers?

To ensure you choose good quality round tin containers, consider the following;

  • The containers should be made using high-quality tinplate material.
  • Seaming should be leak-proof.
  • Check to ensure that the containers meet the applicable quality and safety standards.
  • Round tin containers for food packaging should also meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.
  • The container should have a body without rust.
  • There should be no visible scratches or damage on both the inner and outer surfaces of the containers.
  • Avoid containers with chipping on the inside as these could leak harmful chemicals and contaminants into package content
  • The Interior and exterior surface of the cans should be smooth and without any bumps
  • Choose tin containers with strong, tight-fitting lids. These should be easy to open and close. The hinge should be sturdy and not flimsy or loose.
  • A tin container with a rubber lid liner is also an excellent choice as the rubber helps to protect the food from air and bacteria.
  • For tin containers lined with plastic, ensure that the plastic liner does not contain BPA, which can leak out into the food.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Round Tin Container?

The following factors determine the cost of a round tin:

  • Material: Tinplate is an ideal packaging material because it does not react with air or water. It comes in various thicknesses, temper grades, and surface finish options. All of these determine the end price of the round tin container.

For instance, containers made using higher temper grade tinplate will cost more. Thicker tins also cost more.

  • Size: the larger the tin, the more material is used to make it; hence it will cost more than smaller tin containers.
  • Printing and coating cost: Different colors or patterns will have different prices. Besides, if you want to print some logos or photos on your tin can, they will also have different costs. Simple designs cost cheaper to print than complex, intricate designs.
  • Quantity: It is possible to negotiate the rice with the dealer when you are ordering the round tins in bulk than a few pieces.

With this information, you can definitely choose a perfect round tin container for your packaging solutions.

For any questions or inquiries about round tin containers, contact us now.

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