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Min Jia has the best solution for your pain tin needs. If you are looking for the finest kind of paint tin, Min Jia will provide it for you immediately. 

  • Offer a reliable paint tin
  • Supply a paint tin with EU Certification
  • 10 years of experience in supplying paint tin
  • Providing O.E.M services
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Why Min Jia Paint Tin is Your Trusty Selection

Min Jia is a top supplier of a paint tin and other tin products in China.  Min Jia is your one-stop solution for your paint tin needs. We will give you a perfect solution for your business. We are providing O.E.M services and also we can customize your paint tin with your own idea.  You can rely on our services anytime.

Min Jia Paint Tin Boosters Your Business

Empty Paint Tin

Min Jia empty paint tin is good for storing paint products. It protects the paints from any dust and water. Min Jia can offer an empty paint tin with the best condition.

Round Paint Pot Style Tin

The Min Jia round paint pot style tin is suitable as a paint bottle. This kind of paint tin is great for packaging and storing paint to keep the quality of paint inside.

Lever Lid Paint Tin

With the Min Jia lever lid paint tin, it allows you to reclose tight the type of container or a paint bottle. These are suitable for different kinds of paints and also varnishes.

Paint Tin Bucket

Choosing the right containers for your paint products is very important to avoid quality consequences. The Min Jia paint tin bucket is one of the preferable ones.

WaterColor Paint Tins Box

Min Jia watercolor paint tins box is a recommended box to store for watercolor products. You will enjoy the great experience of using the watercolor paint tins box.

Galvanized Metal Paint Tin

The Min Jia galvanized metal paint tin featuring reliability and longevity. It provides a complete protection for your paints. This is the most reliable paint packaging.

Small Paint Tin

For small amounts of paints, Min Jia has a small paint tin. It is perfect paint storage for your business. Min Jia is happy to provide you a quality small paint tin.

Min Jia Paint Tin

Min Jia paint tin is a cost-effective paint container. This Min Jia paint tin offers instant advantages. With the Min Jia paint tin, your paints products will be protected and at the same time can maintain the quality of paints. It comes in different types, sizes, and features. Min Jia paint tints are truly manufactured by solid materials to ensure the best quality.

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If you are planning to import paint tins for your business, Min Jia will supply and provide satisfying paint tins for you.

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Min Jia — Your Professional Paint Tin Supplier In China

Min Jia is the number 1 supplier of paint tin in China. We have served as a supplier of paint tins for 10 years. So if you are one of those seeking a trusted paint tin for your business, you are in a right place. Min Jia can carry your paint tin needs and we can supply it on time. We own great experience in supplying paint tins. 

Min Jia paints tin featuring durability and longevity, which means that it can withstand a long life span. Min Jia paint tin can’t be dented during storage of the paints. The tin storage for your paints is the most attractive material. That’s why the Min Jia paint tin maintains as the most popular choice as a paints storage.

Min Jia paint tin is the most in-demand in different markets due to its unique features. And it is available in different sizes and styles. Also, paint tin has a reliable and excellent performance which is proven by different clients. Tin is not only a good choice for food packaging, it is also the perfect packaging solution for storing paint products.

Min Jia paint tin has the best capacity to prevent paints from any kind of waste. It has a superior barrier for paints against other hazardous like waters and many more. The paint tins from Min Jia are always constructed with the finest and high-grade materials to make sure the quality of paints inside these tins.

Min Jia can manufacture and supply a perfect kind of paint tins for your business. We use the latest machines to use in producing and manufacturing paint tins. We can be your reliable partner and provider for your paint tin needs and other kinds of tin packaging. Min Jia is committed in supplying paint tin.

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Paint Tin: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Finding a professional paint tint manufacturer can be difficult.

This article will cover all the questions that you need to know about paint tint.

Let’s get right to it.

What is a Paint Tin?

Paints are generally stored in tins, either permanently sealed or with removable tops.

Paint Tin

Paint Tin

What are the Different Applications Paint Tin?

  • It is ideal for holding solvents, other adhesives, varnishes, and oil-based substances.
  • Conserve unused paints and pre-colored mixtures.
  • It can be used to store and measure blended products.
  • They are often used for packaging a variety of liquids, pastes, and powder items.
  • It could be a do-it-yourself container.

What are the Different Advantages of the Paint Tin?

The paint can have a variety of distinct structures, each of which serves the advantages listed below.

  • It features a thin-layered tin plate that aids in corrosion resistance.
  • It contributes to the prevention of paint waste of any form.
  • It is capable of preventing hazardous paint from occurring.
  • Utilizing a paint tin extends the life of the paint and other materials.
  • A paint tin can shield your paint from dust.
  • For daily storage, the painted cans are covered.
  • Additionally, it might be waterproof.
  • It is capable of performing a leak-proof operation.

Does Paint Tin have Different Sizes?

Yes, there are numerous sizes available on paint tins. Paint tins range in size from 1/4 to 5 qt.

SizesFluid OuncesInches TallDiameter Inches
1-quart32 fl oz.4 ⅞ inches4 ¼ inches
4-quart (1-gallon)128 fl oz.7.5 inches6.5 inches
20-quart (5-gallons)640 fl oz.14 ½ inches12 inches

Different Sizes of Paint Tin

Different Sizes of Paint Tin

What Is Material Used to Make Paint Tins?

Tin-plated steel is the material used in manufacturing paint tins.

It has steel imparts strength, and the thin layer of tin plating imparts corrosion resistance.

What is the Advantage of Using Steel in Manufacturing Paint Tins?

Steel can be recycled frequently due to the fact that it does not degrade during the melting process.

It is one of the most recycled materials.

How are Paint Cans Manufactured? 

It examined well the possibility of BPA leaching into the paint tin contents.

Why are Paint Tins has Coat?

It has a coating to prevents acid and other things from corroding the tin or aluminum of the can.

Coated Empty Paint Tin

Coated Empty Paint Tin

What is the Purpose of the Paint Tin?

There are different purposes of paint tins listed below.

  • It is to covered construction.

    Ensures superior sealing, making it perfect for everyday usage or artists.

  • Dissolve solvent if it’s a liquid.

    To keep the solvent from dissolving, store it in the paint tin because paint tin is better at sealing.

  • Oil-based paints are an artist’s paint.

    You can use it to store oil paint, preserve it, and keep it from drying out.

  • Coatings include Polyurethane, Epoxy, Alkyd, Zinc-Rich, and Acrylic.

    To keep it in its original state, store it in a paint tin.

  • Adhesives and latexes, Epoxy glues. 
    • Epoxy is a structural glue.
    • Polyurethanes are polymer-based adhesives used for permanent bonding and flexibility.
  • To prevent dissolution, store in a paint tin.

  • Very suitable for adhesives, any substance that can hold items together by surface adhesion and resist separation.

  • It can hold mortars and other viscous liquids.

  • Great for DIY projects and gift wrapping.

Paint Tins

Paint Tins

How Would this Method Preserve Paint in a Paint Tin?

To begin, fill the tin with paint and store it in a dry location away from the ground or concrete floors.

Why Use Paint Tin?

  • This paint is made of high-quality tinplate and is long-lasting and safe.
  • Perfect for storing leftover paint for later touch-ups.
  • Keep a tiny bit of touch-up paint handy.
  • It saves unused paint and glazes combinations.
  • The cans allow airtight storage.
  • Empty paint cans are easy to store and transport.
  • You can use it to create gift candles for men, party props, DIY candle lanterns, and creative projects.
  • It might be organizing containers for tacks, paper clips, screws, and bolts, for example.
  • It may also be used as a candle holder.
  • It can be used as a party decoration, brighten up the room, and bring some life to the area.

Is Paint Tin Recyclable?

Yes, it is completely recyclable. 

Steel cans are the most recyclable material on the market.

We can then reuse the reclaimed steel material.

Additionally, removing the steel will not degrade them.

There are numerous ways to repurpose these paint tins. It may be a lovely household piece.

  • It may be a sophisticated pencil holder for your desk.

Pencil Holder using Paint Tin

Pencil Holder using Paint Tin

  • It may be a potted plant; to create one, you’ll need to drill a drainage hole.

Paint Tin for Potted Plant

Paint Tin for Potted Plant

  • Cans of Garbage; old paint cans make excellent garbage cans, either as wastebaskets or standard trash cans.

Recycled Paint Tin for Garbage

Recycled Paint Tin for Garbage

  • Tin of Jewellery; empty paint cans embellished with silk flowers, pearls, and ribbons make an unusual jewelry tin.

Jewelry Holder using Paint Tin

Jewelry Holder using Paint Tin

  • Feeders for Ladybugs and Bumblebees.

Using Paint Tin for Feeding Ladybugs

Using Paint Tin for Feeding Ladybugs

You can repurpose old paint cans to create whimsical bumblebee and ladybug bird feeders.

You can paint a pencil and use it as a perch, paint washers as eyes, and create fashion wings out of metal clothes nets and hangers.

Recycle Paint Tin for Feeding Bird

Recycle Paint Tin for Feeding Bird

  • Sorters for mail in the home office using paint tin.

    Utilizing paint cans as storage solutions in the home office is an incredible method to repurpose them.

    Simply attach a label to the can to indicate the recipient or genre of mail.

    This will assist you in organizing your work area.

Email Storage Using Paint Tin

Email Storage Using Paint Tin

  • Tissue holder; these paint tins are ideal for holding tissue in different bathrooms, offices, or kitchens tissue applications.

Tissue Holder Using Paint Tin

Tissue Holder Using Paint Tin

  • A paint tin can be used as a bouquet of flowers. You only need to create artwork on the exterior and then add some lovely flowers.

Paint Tin is Perfect to Recycle in Bouquet of Flowers

Paint Tin is Perfect to Recycle in Bouquet

  • Coat Hangers; can be placed in your mudroom, front entry, or other strategic locations where you occasionally hang your outerwear.

Coat Hangers Using Paint Tin

Coat Hangers Using Paint Tin

  • Hanging Planters; these hanging planters are ideal for storing herbs and flowers.

    Hang empty paint cans on hooks using a can handle, or screw the old paint cans into a fence.

Use Paint Tin for Hanging Planters

Use Paint Tin for Hanging Planters

  • Lanterns made from punched cans, you may recycle your old paint cans to create charming outdoor lanterns.

Lanterns Using Paint Tin

Lanterns Using Paint Tin

  • Construct a bag dispenser; all required is a circular hole cut in the lid of a large paint container.

Bag Dispenser Recycled By Paint Tin

Bag Dispenser Recycled By Paint Tin

  • Torch Stabilization fills a large paint can halfway with sand or gravel and insert a garden torch.

Torch Using Paint Tin

Torch Using Paint Tin

And numerous other do-it-yourself projects with these paint tins.

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