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Min Jia is a professional Oval Tins manufacturer and supplier from China for more than 10 years in the service. If you are looking for the original Oval Tins? Min Jia is your best partner for your business.

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Why Min Jia Oval Tins is Your Reliable Selection

At Min Jia, you can assure the best quality of Oval Tins. Min Jia is known for being a professional and excellent manufacturer and supplier from China for more than years. As an experienced Oval Tins supplier, Min Jia focuses on Oval Tins solution offer for all customers worldwide.

Min Jia Oval Tins Boosters Your Business

Oval Aluminium Mess Tin Cooking

Oval Aluminium Mess Tin Cooking can be used over portable cooking apparatus. Thought of as a portable version of a saucepan, intended primarily for boiling but also useful for frying.

Oval Tin Can

Min Jia is a professional Oval Tin Can manufacturer in China. We offer wide range of products varying in sizes and designs to meet your requirements.

Oval Cake Tins

Oval Cake Tins are tested and proven quality. Min Jia can custom-make oval cake tins according to your idea.  W are 24/7 immediate response to your inquiry.

Oval Pie Tin

As a professional manufacturer, Min Jia is committed to giving customers reliable quality Oval Pie Tin. You can trust us with over 10 years of experience in making the best quality and durable Oval Pie Tin.

3 Tier Oval Cake Tins

Min Jia will help you find the right 3 Tier Oval Cake Tins product for your needs. Besides, we supply different sizes of 3 Tier Oval Cake Tins. Min Jia can supply the best 3 Tier Oval Cake Tins at affordable prices.

Oval Tin Cans Metal

We manufacture Oval Tin Cans Metal with high-quality. We will customize your Oval Tin Cans Metal according to your requirements. Thus, we can provide the best solution for you!

Oval Large Size Tin Ice Bucket

Our Oval Large Size Tin Ice Bucket is made from superior materials. It comes with different size variations, so you can choose for your applications. Like small, medium, and large.

Round and Oval Tins

Min Jia manufactures Round and Oval Tins with customizable sizes. These are made using high-quality oval tins materials. Get the best Round and Oval Tins at Min Jia.

Oval Stackable Tea Tin

If you need a manufacturer for your Oval Stackable Tea Tin business or projects, you can trust Min Jia as your professional provider. It is nice to use since This is made of high-quality materials.

Oval Tea Tins Coffee Metal Cans

Oval Tea Tins Coffee Metal Cans are made from high-quality metal cans. These are perfect for your Oval Tea Tins Coffee Metal Cans applications.

Shallow Oval Tin Cans

In Min Jia we have a large selection of Shallow Oval Tin Cans with affordable prices. With the best quality of the products.

Oval Gold Candle Tin

You can use Oval Gold Candle Tin for different uses. Choose Min Jia for your reliable manufacturer and supplier from China.

Min Jia Oval Tins

Min Jia Oval Tins conforms to the JIS and ECHA standards and is certified with SVHC and ROHS by SGS. Min Jia has a good choice when it comes to Oval Tins products. For more than 10 years, Min Jia Oval Tins has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier by many clients and customers nationwide.

Besides, We can provide the best quality of Oval Tins, and assure you 100% quality tested before packaging and delivery. We have a large manufacturing capacity at all types of Oval Tins up to 5,000 to 10,000 Oval Tins every day. Send an inquiry to Us Now!

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Min Jia can be your best partner for your oval tins business. Then Min Jia will be your best choice for your oval tins orders.

Warmly welcome to visit our factory for oval tins manufacturing in China. Be the best partner for all types of oval tins. Min Jia can support for you all time.


Min JiaYour No.1 Oval Tins Manufacturer and Supplier from China

As a professional manufacturer, Min Jia offers you all types of Oval Tins that are suitable for your applications. Whether for your business or projects, you can trust Min Jia as your Oval Tins manufacturer since we are in 10 years of experience.

Our Oval Tins are tough and sturdy because these are made from world-class quality 100% solid materials. These are durable enough and can last for a longer period of use. You can get a competitive price for Oval Tins. And also we offer conforms to EU and FDA standards.

Aside from our oval tins, also we manufactured different types of oval tins like Oval Aluminium Mess Tin Cooking, Oval Tin Can, Oval Cake Tins, Oval Pie Tin, 3 Tier Oval Cake Tins, Oval Tin Cans Metal, Oval Large Size Tin Ice Bucket, Round and Oval Tins, Oval Tea Tins Coffee Metal Cans, Shallow Oval Tin Cans, Oval Gold Candle Tin and many more. You can send the oval tins that you want to make it depend on your ovals’ tins requirements.

Here in Min Jia, we produce Oval Tins varying in size. Min Jia Oval Tins are fit for a wide range of applications. We have a skilled research and development team to design and manufacture your orders on time.

When manufacturing Oval Tins, we ensure to follow all international standards and strict guidelines for quality.

If you are an engineer or retailer looking for reliable quality Oval Tins, don’t hesitate to choose Min Jia as your oval tins manufacturer.

We are 27/4 to accommodate your inquiry. Contact Us Now!

Oval Tin: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You’re obviously curious about how Oval Tin functions, its capabilities and characteristics, or its industrial potential.

Thus, this article will address all of your concerns regarding Oval Tin.

Therefore, continue reading to learn more.

What Exactly Are Oval Tins?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Containers made of shallow oval-shaped “tin” steel with slip-on coverings

Tins have no sharp edges; all corners are rounded.

They are made of 24mm metal with one seam running up the side of the can.

On tin cans, oval tin is the same.

What Is The Function Of Oval Tins?

While oval ornamental tins are similar in design to round cans, they provide a bigger visible area for product marketing.

Especially well-suited to high-end products.

It enhances the final packaging’s elegance.

It creates packaging for cosmetics and other high-end goods.

What Is The Common Shape Of A Tin?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

The majority of cans are round cylinders with identical and parallel round tops and vertically-sided bottoms.

Cans with small capacities or unusually shaped contents may have rounded-corner rectangles or ovals at the top and bottom.

Other contents may be more suited to a can with a somewhat conical form.

What Purpose Does A Tin Can Serve?

Tin cans were originally, and continue to be, primarily used to preserve food.

Ordinary metals would rust in response to the acids normally produced by meals.

It was releasing chemicals that harmed the can while also contaminating the food.

What Is The Purpose Of Tin Can Packaging?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Its bottle, a stiff or semi-rigid container with a narrow neck that is mostly used to carry liquids and semisolids.

It is typically equipped with a tight-fitting stopper or cap to safeguard the contents against spills, evaporation, or contact with foreign chemicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Tin Cans?

Tin cans are an excellent substitute and contribute to cost savings associated with shipping.

When it comes to tin cans, their strength and inflexibility make them ideal for packaging.

Even when subjected to significant impact, these cans retain their distinctive shape.

How Is A Tin Different From A Can?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

A can is cylindrical in shape.

Tin is typically rectangular in shape, somewhat narrower than it is wide, and almost solely used to house preserved fish.

How Do You Determine The Identity Of A Tin?

Repeat the magnet test if you suspect your metal is aluminum.

While aluminum and tin are interchangeable, tin is magnetic, whereas aluminum is not.

Tin is similar to aluminum in color but has a somewhat duller surface.

What Is The Manufacturing Process For Tin Cans?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Two or three pieces can be used to create food cans.

Rectangles are cut out of steel to form a cylinder, and the edges are welded together in the three-piece can-making process.

After that, the bottom end is seamed on.

When two-piece cans are manufactured, a metal disc is reformed into a cylinder with an integral end.

Why Are Food Cans Coated In Tin?

Tin has a lower reactivity than zinc.

It has a lower likelihood of dissolving in the liquid contained in food cans.

Because tin reacts only with strong acids, whereas zinc can easily react with even tomatoes, food should not be stored in zinc-plated cans.

How Is Tin Utilized In Daily Life?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Tin has a wide variety of applications.

It polishes beautifully and is used to protect other metals against corrosion, such as tin cans, which are composed of tin-coated steel.

Tin alloys such as soft solder, pewter, bronze, and phosphor bronze are essential.

Superconducting magnets are made of a niobium-tin alloy.

What Materials May Tin Be Transformed Into?

When refined, it becomes a silvery-white metal that is renowned for its corrosion resistance and ability to coat other metals.

It is most frequently utilized as a coating on steel sheets used to fabricate food cans.

Tin is also mixed with copper and lead to produce bronze and solder.

What Is Tin Used For Nowadays?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Tin is mostly used to make cans for food and other products.

Tin is ideal for lining steel cans since it is non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Additionally, it is quite sparkly, which adds to the appeal of the cans.

Tin and lead are mixed to create solder.

How Much Steel Is Contained Within A Tin Can?

Tin-coated steel containers, composed of 98.5 percent sheet steel and covered with a thin layer of tin, quickly became popular.

Is it True that Tin Is A Pure Metal?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Tin is a delicate silvery-white metal that is exceedingly flexible and lightweight.

Due to its brittle nature, tin is rarely utilized as a pure metal.

Rather than that, it is combined with other metals to create alloys with tin’s multiple advantageous qualities.

How Is Tin Manufactured?

Tin is extracted by burning the mineral cassiterite with carbon to around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace.

The next step is to leach the solution with acid or water to eliminate contaminants.

Electrostatic or magnetic separation is used to eliminate contaminants containing heavy metals.

Why Is It Referred To As A Tin Can?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

The primary reason that these empty cans are referred to as “Tins” dates all the way back to the late twentieth century.

Tin-plated steel cans were developed to combine steel’s strength and affordability with tin’s 

corrosion resistance.

Is Tin Packing Environmentally Friendly?

Tin is regarded as a sustainable packaging material.

It is 100% recyclable, which means that it may be treated and reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle without compromising its quality.

Numerous countries now recycle more than 90% of tin, demonstrating the metal’s reusability1.

Is Tin Recyclable?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Because the metal used to make these cans is infinitely recyclable, it is critical that it is saved rather than discarded.

This can metal tin is infinitely recyclable.

How Should Tin Cans Be Recycled?

All local recycling programs accept empty, clean, and dry tin cans and lids.

If the lid is dislodged, insert it flat within the tin can and pinch the lip of the can to secure the lid inside.

Why Are Tin Cans Recycled?

Oval Tin

Oval Tin

Recycling aluminum and tin has numerous environmental, economic, and community benefits.

It enables the conservation of energy, time, money, and natural resources.

And it frequently produces jobs and contributes to the funding of community programs that improve the lives of millions of people.

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