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Why Min Jia is Expert in Manufacturing Metal Screw Caps

Min Jia is one of the leading suppliers of metal screw caps in China with great 10 years of expertise in the field of production. Our 10 years in the industry makes us more expert and familiar which passed a lot of difficulties. We aim a lot of support from our big-time clients for many years since we build great relationships for the long term. Send us a quote and be one of them!

Expand Your Business with Min Jia Metal Screw Caps

5mm Metal Screw Caps

5mm metal screw caps have suitable applications that support pouring easier. It is easy to install and replace.

16mm Metal Screw Caps

16mm metal screw caps have different applications accessible at different options.  We will guarantee strict inspections.

25mm Metal Screw Caps

If you are looking for 25mm metal screw caps, we can guarantee perfect prices at great durability and lots of selections.

Aluminum Metal Screw Caps

We made aluminum metal screw caps with the finest and certified raw materials. It is supplied around the world.

Custom Metal Screw Caps

Our metal screw caps are customizable. We can custom metal screw caps according to your ideas.

Decorative Metal Screw Caps

Decorative metal screw caps have great features perfect for supporting business. Your customers will love to buy your quality products.

Double End Metal Screw Caps

Double-end metal screw caps are most customers’ choices when searching for durable and effective double-end metal screw caps.

Magnet Metal Screw Caps

There are magnetic metal screw caps attainable at your ideal amount. You can choose styles, uses, and prints.

Round Metal Screw Caps

Round metal screw caps are perfect for any type of caps application. Our metal screw caps have suitable sizes.

Self-Tapping Metal Screw Caps

Self-tapping metal screw caps have plenty of selections and easier to custom. We have ready to ship 100% caps support.

Threaded Metal Screw Caps

Metal screw caps are accessible in all sizes and styles. We can offer threaded metal screw caps for your business.

Universal Metal Screw Caps

Universal metal screw caps are perfect which helps you keep your wine clean and good even in many days and weeks at storage or refrigerator.

Min Jia Metal Screw Caps

Min Jia is a premier metal screw caps supplier in China providing advanced manufacturing with our great experience for many years. We are certified metal screw caps factory manufacturing with certified raw materials. Our metal screw caps passed the standards and certified with RoHS and SVHC.

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Min Jia is one metal screw caps supplier in China and supply worldwide. We can offer customizations and ensure to follow all your sent details.

Min Jia is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of metal screw caps provides one-stop solutions. We offered high-speed and accuracy production lines.

Min Jia- Your Reliable Metal Screw Caps Supplier in China

Are you looking for durable and effective metal screw caps for any applications you need? Min Jia manufactured a lot of selections and offers options perfect for running a business.

Min Jia metal screw caps are caps suitable for bottle applications. It has the capability to provide easier pouring and keep beverage and food good even in many days of storing. It is applicable for wine bottles and more to help user’s safety. You don’t need to worry about the dreaded cork taint. It is easier to pour, pick and close canning jars, and more suitable applications.

Min Jia metal screw caps have easy installation or easier to attach. It provides great sealing support for long-term and temporary use. You can choose many options offered with Min Jia.

Min Jia manufactured metal screw caps that offered a lot of benefits. We are one of the leading metal screw caps suppliers in China that offer to any customers a long-term relationship.

In this industry, Min Jia has 10 years of metal screw caps manufacturing experience. We have plenty of skilled employees who support excellent production and support different factory areas. Our over 10 years of service in the industry gained over 3.5 billion yearly outputs.

If you are searching for metal screw caps, Min Jia will meet your ideal quantity.

We develop more which makes us more trusted. Send you inquiries with Min Jia and enjoy quality metal screw caps. Expect to receive your orders ahead of time.

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Metal Screw Caps

Metal Screw Caps

What are Metal Screw Caps?

It is a metal cap that screws onto threads on the neck of a container such as a wine bottle or a jar.

How Does a Metal  Screw Cap Work?

Metal screw caps are used on wine bottles.

The cap secures the bottle by twisting into grooves in the bottleneck.

Additionally, the metal screw caps feature a liner that keeps air out of the bottle.

Metal screw caps are easy to open and do not require a wine key or corkscrew—which also simplifies the process of resealing wine bottles.

A screw closure is a mechanical mechanism that attaches and detaches from a container.

There are two types of threads used such as continuous threads and lugs.

What are the Advantages of Using a Metal Screw Cap?

Metal Screw caps have demonstrated their usefulness in water bottles and alcohol bottles.

Metal screw caps prevent wine from contamination and maintain its aromas, tastes, and freshness.

Are Metal Screw Caps Effective at Preserving the Freshness of Wine?


When properly sealed, either with a fully inserted cork or a tightly closed screw top, wine can last for decades.

What is the Manufacturing Process for Metal Screw Caps?

Listed below are the manufacturing process of metal screw caps.

  • The ink roller imprints the side of the caps while rotating in the steady stream.

  • Then, the cap is cut and formed.

    Cuts and releases 200 caps per minute on the profiling and joining machine.

    Machining the cap takes only a split second.

  • Check the water tightness of containers like wine bottles.

    Used a polypropylene liner to hermetically enclose the container.

  • The cut and ridges of caps are checked under a light to ensure they are correct.

  • Caps must be machined in phases using molds to ensure proper fit.

  • Color the aluminum sheet with varnish, lacquer, or ink.

  • Remove the colored sheets from the conveyor to dry.

  • Then designs are produced, the coloring is applied by this varnisher.

  • The suctioning caps grab the sheets and send them towards the transport system of the punch press.

    This press will the caps a required shape.

    But the caps have to be machined by successive steps by molds.

  • Then, the punches first cut the caps.

    The punches have carbide blades (a very hard metal that can cut tens of millions of caps).

    The caps are generated but not yet dimensioned at the punch press exit.

  • This stretching press completes the cold forming process and ensures the tube’s length.

    The second stretching gets the desired diameter.

    Then, the cap will finally have the desired dimension when it exits the press.

  • Following that, the caps must be customized to the needs of each customer.

  • The lateral impression is made with a silkscreen decorator that colors 100 caps each minute.

    The decorator uses ink, specially formulated to adhere to metal.

  • A heated air oven will dry the caps.

  • The dry caps fall into a container.

    This flexographic decorator can print 155 caps per minute.

  • At the final steps, this screw tightening machine hermetically sealed the caps onto bottles.

What is the Composition of Metal Screw Caps?

Aluminum Metal Screw Caps with Tiny Plastic Lining

Aluminum Metal Screw Caps with Tiny Plastic Lining

They are typically composed of aluminum with a tiny plastic lining inside.

A liner is a strip of material that is sandwiched between the cap and the bottle.

Its major duty is to provide good product sealing and typically dictates the closure’s fit and function.

What is the Term for the Grooves on a Metal Screw Cap?

These ridges are referred to as knurls.

A knurl is the indented or crimped section of the metal screw cap’s skirt at the top that is used to secure the liner in the cap.

Additionally, it serves as a grip for removing the cap.

How Do Metal Screw Cap Lids Work?

As the sealing compound in the lid warms and softens, it conforms to the shape of the jar.

As the food cools, the contents contract, sucking the lid down.

The rubber closure will produce a tight seal, preventing additional contamination of the food.

Why are Wineries Making the Switch to Metal Screw Caps?

The screw cap secures the bottle and prevents oxygen from entering.

That way, the wine will remain fresh and well-preserved.

The additional air oxidizes the tannins, making the wine even more approachable and drinkable for consumers.

Is a Metal Screw Cap a Bad Thing?

No, they are not inferior than corked wines. In certain cases, it may even help prevent spoilage.

While many bulk wines are sealed with screw caps.

A metal screw cap is in no way indicative of the wine’s quality.

Are Metal Screw Caps for Wines Inexpensive?

Metal screw caps vary in price according to their quality.

They are, nonetheless, less expensive than natural cork.

Does A Metal Screw Cap Deteriorate Over Time?


Metal screw caps deteriorate over time and have been demonstrated to age nicely.

Is it Possible to Store Wine with a Metal Screw Cap Upright?

Metal screw caps ensure that no air enters the bottle.

As a result, they can be stored horizontally or vertically.

Can Metal Screw Caps Be Recycled?

Screw caps are a relatively new and convenient kind of wine bottle closure.

When dropped in the bins and roll carts placed at the curb, they are recyclable.

Technically, the metal screw cap we use on bottles is 100 percent recyclable and extensively reprocessed.

They are constructed of high-density materials that have been chosen for their compatibility with the majority of recycling systems.

Why Should Metal Screw Caps Be Used?

Screw-caps keep oxygen out, which is good if your wine has tannins that need time to adjust. Oxygenation can harm the wine.

Screw-caps are simple to use.

It has no special equipment required, and you won’t have to struggle with a cork.

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