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MinJian manufactures a wide range of metal packaging to meet your business or project requirements.

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Why MinJia is a Trusted Manufacturer of Metal Packaging

For more than 10 years, we have been offering a cost-effective solution to all our customers’ metal packaging needs. Our expertise in this field makes us the top manufacturer in China. All our metal packaging is manufactured under FDA and EU quality and safety standards. We also produce metal packaging based on your specification and requirement. Contact us now!

Min Jia Metal Packaging to Skyrocket Your Brand

Metal Aluminum Lid in China

Our metal aluminum lids are best for beer, coffee, and more metal beverage packaging. It comes with customizable sizes according to your needs.

Wholesale Drinking Beer Cans

MinJia offers affordable solutions to your beer, juice, and other beverage metal packaging needs.

Cooking Oil Metal Packaging

MinJia offers high-quality, competitive price, and good services for every purchase of cooking oil metal packaging.

Customized Logo Beer Can

Our customized logo beer cans are available in different sizes. You can avail our blank or printed beer cans.

Metal Lid Ring Bottom Paint Can

MinJia supplies a high-quality lid ring bottom paint can with customizable color and size at a favorable price.

Round Screw Lid Metal Containers

MinJia manufactures round screw lid metal containers made from high-quality aluminum. It features high durability and lightweight.

Metal Food Packaging

At MinJia, you can find the broadest selection of metal food packaging with excellent quality at a competitive price.

Metal Cans Packaging For Paint (1)

MinJia manufactures metal cans packaging for paints that are durable, good quality, and processed under special technology. Sizes can be customized.

Cylinder Food Metal Packaging in China

For more than 10 years, we are a professional cylinder food metal packaging manufacturer in China.

Custom Metal Square Packaging

Our tea bags metal packaging has a square or rectangular shape. These are widely used for packaging food, biscuits, etc.

Round Metal Packaging in China

Here in MinJia, we offer a high-quality round metal packaging with customized logo and styles.

Aluminum Round Tin Jar

Our aluminum round tin jars are available in different designs, sizes, and colors. It can be used for as a cosmetic packaging.

MinJia Metal Packaging

When choosing the best supplier of metal packaging for your business, always rely on MinJia. We have an expert and skillful team to manufacture your orders. All your metal packaging production will be based on your specifications.

All our metal packaging comes with competitive prices. We manufacture products while adhering to international quality and safety standards. Our one-stop solution for your needs will meet your project or business requirements.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

Whether for your food can business or for your projects, MinJia offers you a wide range of metal packaging. As a professional manufacturer in China, we produce metal packaging while conforming to strict guidelines and standards. Our decade of experience makes us the leading manufacturer of metal packaging in China.

Aside from that, we have a complete manufacturing line that are integrated with automated production machines and more than 200 skillful employees. We also offer up to 5.5 million pieces of daily output to provide your metal packaging needs even in a peak season.

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MinJia – Your Premier Metal Packaging Supplier in China

At MinJia, we always strive to manufacture metal packaging to meet every industrial and commercial industry needs. MinJia is a large manufacturing company that consists of more than 200 professional employees and complete production lines.

MinJia also produces metal packaging that is specifically designed to suit modern lifestyles. These are available in different shapes, printing designs, and sizes. All our metal packaging are customizable according to your requirements.

Metal Packaging from MinJia is unbreakable. It helps in minimizing tearing or leaking during transportation. MinJia’s metal packaging is also space-saving. Its high-strength allows our metal packaging to be stackable, thus, maximizing the storage area.

Aside from that, our metal packaging features high pressure and temperature resistance. It also offers a total barrier to protect products from oxygen, gas, and light. Therefore, you can deliver and preserve your products securely and safely.

Whether you are a brand or filler owner, MinJia can provide you a smart solution. We can offer multitude designs of metal packaging with proven sustainability and safety records. We will provide you metal packaging with a wide range of options coupled with unparalleled performance.

Our metal packaging are mainly manufactured using steel or aluminum raw materials. These are widely used for industrial, commercial, wholesale, and retail sectors. All our metal packaging is perfect for food and beverage applications.

Aside from metal packaging, we also manufacture tin packaging, tinplate, tin cans, beverage packaging, pull tab cans, metal food cans, full aperture end, tin plate containers, round tin containers, ghee tin, metal cans for canning, etc. MinJia is surely your trusted metal packaging manufacturer!

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Metal Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today, I’ll address all of your inquiries about Metal Packaging.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about Metal Packaging, please read this guide.

What is Metal Packaging?

Most metal packaging is in the form of steel or aluminum cans.

Metal Packaging

Metal Packaging

What is the Used of Metal Packaging?

This metal packaging is usually used in food packaging that is available in a variety of containers. 

Some of which are entirely made of metal and others feature metallic components.

What are the Different Types of Metal Packaging?

There are different types of metal packaging listed below, such as:

  • Food Cans

It is canning that has a process of preserving foods in airtight vessels.

These food cans are convenient and affordable for fresh and frozen food choices.

This type of metal packaging is cheap and easy to prepare.

Food Cans Metal Packaging

Food Cans Metal Packaging

  • Beer Cans

It is a metal container with an airtight seal that contains beer in it.

It is a fantastic option for people who are clumsy in their movements.

It offers more accessibility to transport than other choices.

Beer Cans Metal Packaging

Beer Cans Metal Packaging

  • Drink Cans

These drink cans are metal containers that are meant to store a fixed amount of fluid.

These can be aluminum drink cans, and tin-plated steel drink cans are the most common types of beverage containers.

Drink Cans Metal Packaging

Drink Cans Metal Packaging

  • Drums and Pails

It is a cylindrical metal or fibreboard container.

They transport oil, fuel, chemicals, and dry commodities.

Cold-rolled steel sheets are forged into lengthy pipe-like sections, then stamped into drum bodies.

Drums and Pails Metal Packaging

Drums and Pails Metal Packaging

  • Aerosol Containers

It is a metal container designed to spray or foam its liquid contents.

In this case, one highly pressurized fluid pushes another out of the can.

These aerosol containers are ideal for household products. 

It includes air fresheners, cleaners, automobile cosmetics, paints, and varnishes.

Aerosol Containers Metal Packaging

Aerosol Containers Metal Packaging

  • Tubes

Creams, ointments, gels, and even thick liquids are commonly packaged in metal packaging tubes.

It’s also utilized for solids since it adds a layer of protection to the contents, keeping them from breaking.

Tubes Metal Packaging

Tubes Metal Packaging

  • Open Trays

It provides high-quality packaging for the foodservice industry.

For further stability, it is constructed with inverted corners.

For practically any application, we have food service containers and dinnerware available.

Open Trays Metal Packaging

Open Trays Metal Packaging

  • Caps and Closure

This caps and closure type of metal packaging adds visual attractiveness and ease of opening while improving shelf life.

It is used to close a container after it has been opened to keep the product fresh.

This also helps with product dispensing.

Caps and Closure Metal Packaging

Caps and Closure Metal Packaging

  • Lids

These lids metal packaging has chimes that are metal containers’ top or bottom lips.

The cover is a colloquial term for a lid.

It has ears are mechanisms that secure bails, or handles, to a can or pail.

Lids Metal Packaging

Lids Metal Packaging

Where Does Metal Packaging Commonly Use?

Metals have good barrier characteristics and are commonly utilized in food packaging.

And it is commonly used as packaging and closures for glass bottles and composite cans.

What are the Metal Packaging Materials Made Of?

The most widely used materials for metal food packaging applications include aluminum, tin plate, tin-free steel, and stainless steel.

As well as metal-based packaging materials in both rigid and semi-rigid varieties such as cans, foil wraps, and retort pouches.

What are the Different Advantages of Metal Packaging?

You can gain many advantages by using metal packaging for your items.These advantages are advantageous to you, your customers, and the product itself. 

Listed below are the different types of using metal packaging:

  • Secure Product

Some items require dark packing and protection from sunlight or other light sources.

It has an aluminum or steel container that is opaque, preventing sunlight from reaching the product.

Metal is also sturdy and may protect the contents from damage.

  • Durability

Some packaging materials corrode.
Paper, for example, is quickly destroyed by moisture. Plastics degrade and become sticky over time.
Aluminum and steel are far more resistant to tearing than paper. Metal is durable and may be reused.

  • Sustainability

Metals are easily recycled. Aluminum and steel are globally recyclable materials. 

As a result, most businesses using metal packaging employ materials that are at least partially recyclable. 

In fact, 80 percent of all metal ever created is still in use today.

  • Lightweight

Metal packaging, especially aluminum, is lighter than other materials.

In comparison to glass beer bottles, a six-pack of aluminum beer cans weighs substantially less.

Less weight means less shipping expenses for you and more convenient for your customers.

  • Attractive to Customers

Many people want to lower their carbon footprint and live more sustainably and environmentally.

Metal is easy to recycle and has fewer risks to people and the environment than plastic.

Utilizing it to package your items can help you connect with efficient and environmentally customers.

What are the Different Industrial Applications of Metal Packaging?

This metal packaging is ideal for different industrial applications such as health and beauty, beverage, food, household, and industrial design.

What are the Uses of Coatings for Metal Packaging?

Most metal packaging items, such as cans, caps, containers, and closures, are often coated on one or both sides with a protective coating.

The internal coating is lacquer or enamel, whereas the external coating is ink or varnish.

Can coatings, in contrast to many other applications, are typically thermally treated in a stove or oven.

What are the Advantages of Coatings in Metal Packaging?

Metal Packaging

Metal Packaging

Interior Coatings (Food Contact)

  • Offer protection for the contents from metal contact.
    Iron pick-up in beer or discoloration of some dark-colored fruits, such as plums and strawberries, caused by metal contact.
  • Protect the metal cans from acidic soft beverages that can corrode bare metal or sulfur-containing seafood, meats, and soups that can discolor the metal.

Exterior Coatings (Non-Food Contact)

  • Protect the metal against corrosion caused by the environment.
  • Support the use of decorative items, labeling, and consumer information.
  • An exterior decoration on a beverage can provide the necessary friction for the filling head to pass through the can.
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