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Min Jia has full capabilities to supply you with wide options of custom highest quality metal closures. You can rely on the outstanding quality of our products, including Metal Closures.

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Why Min Jia Metal Closures is Your Best Choice

Min Jia has accumulated more than 10 years of professional experience in making designs and manufacturing your ideal metal closures. We hold wide expertise in supplying and developing metal closures all over the world. And because of our product`s quality, safety features, and compliance with FDA and EU standards, our products including metal closures are highly appreciated by customers from both international and domestic markets.


Min Jia Metal Closures to Boom Your Business

Metal Beverage Closures

All of the metal beverage closures that Minjia manufactures are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Metal Bottle Closures

Minjia always makes sure to supply its customers with high-quality and best-designed metal bottle closures.

Twist-off Metal Closures

Minjia twist-off metal closures are made with non-toxic and strong corrosion-resistant properties.

Continuous Thread Metal Closures

Most continuous thread metal closures are durable and super lightweight. We can make it according to your plans.

Customized Metal Closures

Minjia produced large quantities of customized metal closures to provide enough for your business. We make designs with your ideas.

Edge Metal Closures

Minjia edge metal closures are suitable for beverage cans, food cans, or anything that requires tight seals.

Lug Metal Closures

Lug metal closures are ideal for your beverage, food packaging projects, and so on. You will find the best options here.

Metal Can Closures

Our professional team assures you the lasting quality and safer metal can closures to boom your business.

Metal Closures with Plastisol Liner

According to your detailed requirements, Min Jia is ready to handle your orders. All types of metal closures are available for lower rates.

Metal Food Closures

MinJia offers metal food closures with your specific sizes, colors, and shapes. It is used perfectly for bottles and jars.

Metal Screw Closures

This kind of metal closure is widely used for tightly sealing jars and bottles. Min Jia provides the exact product you want.

Shiny Metal Closures

Min Jia is a reliable manufacturer of shiny metal closures. It is safe to use and able to protect you from different health issues.

Min Jia Metal Closures

Min Jia manufactures metal closures that already undergone such strict and excellent testing processes. We can be your best partner by providing you high-quality metal closures that can contribute to the success of your business. In the company, there are professional employees that can manage your large quantity orders.

With our better services and superior quality products, we now become one of the most reliable metal closures manufacturers in China. We can offer one-stop-solution for your business needs.

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Whether you require a metal closure to promote your brand or grow your business, Min Jia is your best metal closures manufacturer you can rely on.

Min Jia is a group of manufacturing professionals committed to supplying you with the best quality metal closures. Ask us or directly contact us freely if you want more information about Min Jia metal closures.


Min Jia-Your Excellent Metal Closures Manufacturer in China

Whether you are a metal closures retailer, wholesaler, or distributor, MinJia is the best manufacturer for your business to boom!

MinJia provides a wide selection of metal closures for packaging or sealing applications. Our in-house engineering team can produce ideal packaging for your demands. MinJia metal closures are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. And cost-effective custom-made designs for metal closures are also found in MinJia. Just contact our professional team.

MinJia Metal Closures have complete safety features including leakage resistance and durable sealing effect. It is also guaranteed leak-free and airtight. These metal enclosures are designed to keep food safe, seal food, prevent leakage and keep food fresh for a long period of time. We offer a wide option of metal closures for you to choose from.

These metal closures are perfect for aseptic, cold, and hot filling of various beverages and food. It can be print matter to improve the visual appeal of the closures or be printed with very attractive designs with your logo on it. Our main goal is to skyrocket your business!

Our range of metal enclosures has proven good sealing performances, make it totally perfect to add for your business. This is overall suitable for keeping seasonings, grains, food, and beverages without worrying about possible leakages.

All our products are precisely manufactured and completely customizable to complete your projects. Minjia is willing to help you boom your business to the highest level. For more info regarding MinJia Metal Closures, you are free to contact us anytime.

Metal Closures: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you want to know about these metal closures.

Or you want to buy quality Metal Closures.

That’s why this guide will explain all you need to know.

Let’s start now.

What Exactly Are Metal Closures?

Metal Closures

Metal Closures

Closures are devices and methods for closing or sealing containers such as bottles, jugs, jars, tubes, and cans.

Packaging closures are a critical component of a complete packaging solution.

Typically, a closure is used to seal a container after it has been opened in order to preserve the goods for later use.

What Types of Closures Are There?

  • Screw Top

A screw closure is a mechanical device that is screwed onto and off of a container’s threaded “finish.”

There are two types of threads used: continuous threads and lugs.

Metal caps can be prefabricated or rolled on after application in some situations.

Screw Top

Screw Top

  • Crown Cap

Crown beverage caps are widely used to shut beverage bottles.

These are shallow metal caps that are tightly crimped onto the bottle’s head.

Crown Cap

Crown Cap

  • Child-Resistant

Packaging that is child-resistant, or C-R packaging

Special closures have been developed to minimize the possibility of children eating potentially harmful materials.

Often, this is accomplished through the use of a specialized safety cap.

It is mandatory for prescription prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, insecticides, and home chemicals under control.



  • Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are frequently used to distribute cold cleansers, cosmetics, and chemical specialty products.

A spray bottle is a container for dispensing, squirting, spraying, or misting fluids.

Spray Bottle Closure

Spray Bottle Closure

  • Snap-On

In order to open, the top is meant to pry off or break off or to have a dispenser built-in.

Certain closures are snap-on.



  • Dispensing

Closures can incorporate a range of convenient dispensing features.

Common caps include pouring spouts, triggers, sprayer caps, measuring attachments, and sifting devices.

Spray bottles and cans equipped with aerosol spray valves and actuators require a unique closure.

Dispensing Closure

Dispensing Closure

  • Friction Fit

Certain containers are closed with a loose lid.

Laboratory glassware frequently features ground glass connections that facilitate assembly.

Friction Fit

Friction Fit

  • Tamper-Evident

Certain sorts of items must be resistant to tampering.

Container closures can be one of several layers of packaging used to resist tampering and document tampering attempts.

Occasionally, tamper resistance is achieved through the use of a tamper-evident band.

distinct from or incorporated into the closing



What Are Metal Closures Used For?

It may be a separate device or seal or included within the latch or lock.

Numerous containers and packages require a way to close them.

Closures serve a variety of purposes, depending on the contents and container:

  • Assist with product dispensing and use
  • Allow the intended user to open the container with sufficient ease.
  • Keep the container closed and the contents confined for the duration of the designated shelf life.
  • Prevent the product from being opened prematurely.
  • Create a barrier against dirt, oxygen, and moisture.
  • Permeation control is crucial for a wide variety of products: meals, chemicals, etc.
  • Provide a mechanism for reusing or reclosing the container.

What Is The Importance Of Closures In The Food Industry?

Keep the container closed and the contents confined until the expiration date.

These variables are shared between sister functions inside the same enclosing scope; hence closures are vital.

What Is A Food Seal?

A closure can be described as any means of securely sealing a package in order to keep the product contained and protected.

A closure is a device that secures a product inside a pack but can be removed to provide access to the goods.

What Type Of Material Is Utilized To Made Closures?

Certain closures are constructed from flexible materials such as cork, rubber, or polyurethane foam.

Frequently, an o-ring or a closing liner is utilized.

In order to maintain the seal on linerless closures, a malleable plastic rim or structure is frequently used.

Why Are Bottle Closures Subjected To Analysis?

All bottles, jars, and even some flexible packaging must have a closing to protect the contents.

Typically, a closure is used to seal a container after it has been opened in order to preserve the goods for later use.

Additionally, closures aid in the dispensing of the substance.

How Are Lined And Unlined Caps Distinguished?

Unlined caps, not to be confused with linerless caps, are simply standard continuous thread caps without a liner.

The seal on these caps is unique and not always suited for liquids.

However, for many goods, such as powders or tablets, an unlined cap may be sufficient.

How Are Bottle Caps Securely Fastened?

It has a styrene foam material with a torque-activated adhesive on the down-facing side.

With normal application torque, pressure-sensitive inner seals adhere to plastic or glass bottles.

And pressed into closures, pressure-sensitive liners stick to the bottle finish when the closure is applied.

Why Is It Necessary To Seal Bottles?

A bottle seal contributes to the bottle’s security by rendering it tamper-proof.

When the seal is unbroken, you can be certain that the medicinal content of the bottle is safe.

The bottle seal secures the cap to the bottle, preventing spilling or leaking of the container’s contents.

Why Do Pharmaceuticals Use Metals?

Primarily tin, aluminum, and lead

Tin is preferred for food, pharmaceuticals, and any product that requires purity.

Tin is the most chemically inert metal tube.

What Is The Metal Closure’s Liner?

Between the cap and the jar/container is a spherical piece of material called a liner.

Its major duty is to ensure that the product is sealed correctly, which it frequently does.

Dictates the Metal Closure’s proper operation and stability

What Is A Plastisol-Lined Container?

Plastisol is a popular liner material used in various applications, including food canning and vacuum packaging.

It creates a hermetic or airtight seal that is tampered apparent.

When you open a metal closure and hear the “POP” sound, you have opened a closure lined with plastisol.

What Is The Composition Of The Plastisol Liner?

This liner is frequently used for solid or powdered products.

The Pulp & Foil liner seems metallic and gleaming.

Plastisol is a PVC component with a frothy consistency that is sprayed over the metal cap.

This liner performs best when applied at 140 degrees since the liner softens and forms a hermetic seal with the bottle’s lip.

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