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Why Min Jia Metal Caps is Your First Choice

MinJia has more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage packaging industry. You can definitely assure the best product at the best price here at MinJia. You can find and get the most promising quality products perfect for your business especially metal caps. Rely on our team with a strong workforce, professional skills, and advanced machinery line used in fabrication. Be one of our satisfied customers now!

Grow Your Business with Min Jia Metal Caps

twist-off metal caps

For any particular needs, MinJia provides the perfect finishing touch for your product. You can find the convenient twist-off metal caps to indicate the freshness and durability of the seal.

Lug metal caps

Lug metal caps are used to seal jars, glass bottles utilizing a distinctive threading system. It is also used to seal beverages such as bottled iced tea or hot-filled food products such as pasta sauces and salsa, etc.

Metal bottle caps

If you’re looking for metal bottle caps to fulfill your business, MinJia got you covered. Metal bottle caps come in standard sizes and linings ensure to fit and seal all your containers, jars, or any bottle.

Metal screw caps

Metal screw caps are easy to apply by a broad variety of automated equipment. MinJia can colorfully decorate your metal screw caps with the logo of your brand.


28mm metal caps

We have a complete range of metal caps sizes to complete your needs including 28mm metal caps for beer or sparkling water.

Beer metal caps

All beer metal caps undergo excellent surface handling including silkscreen printing, spray printing, decoration firing, silver or gold plating, and so on.

Custom metal caps

All metal caps from MinJia can be customized according to your specifications. Send us your requirements now!

Gold metal caps

MinJia is the perfect provider when you`re in need of gold metal caps. In any quantity, MinJia provides the best to support your business. Boost your business with our optimum quality products.

Metal Continues Thread Caps 9

A wide range of Metal Continues Thread Caps is offered in MinJia at a very competitive price. It is available in many sizes, designs, color, and shapes.

Min Jia Metal Caps

Min Jia is a professional metal cap manufacturer in China. We integrate unique and elegant design and deep research for excellent metal cap production to skyrocket your business. Our factory has the most advanced production line including printed & coated production lines and 20 lid-making production lines.

Min Jia can custom any type of metal caps and export them to various countries worldwide. Just send your requirements and receive an instant quote.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing



Min Jia is your trusted food and beverage packaging partner in China. We ensure high-standard products and reliable service. Min Jia metal caps are a perfect solution for any beverage and food packaging applications you require.

All of our products are manufactured under the EU and FDA standards. Guarantee safe and durability! Save time and reduce your cost here in MinJia – Best Metal Cap Supplier in China!

Best Metal Caps Manufacturer in China – Min Jia

Min Jia is a trusted metal cap manufacturer and supplier in China. You can find a wide range of metal caps available at a very competitive price. Ensure the freshness and quality of the seal using MinJia metal caps.

MinJia Metal Caps deliver an eye-catching appearance and easy-open benefit with a long-lasting shelf life of food or beverage packaging. As a leading manufacturer, we upgrade our excellent experience to supply metal caps with unique packaging designs.

For the finish option, we offer the best quality twist-off metal caps, lug metal caps, metal bottle caps, metal screw caps, and so on. Choose from a range of metal cap liner options, in bright, stylish colors to match any containers.

Aside from that, we provide custom metal caps manufacturing based on your requirements to meet your needs and demands. You can avail metal caps at any diameter such as 38mm metal caps, 43mm metal caps, 48mm metal caps, 53mm metal caps, and so on. Send us your specifications.

These high-quality metal cans are used for a wide range of applications. For instance, our Minjia lug metal caps are used to seal food jars and glass bottles. It is also used to seal hot-filled food products such as salsa, pasta sauces, etc., or beverages such as bottled iced tea, etc. It comes in standard sizes guaranteed to fit and seal all of our available bottles, jars, and containers.

In addition to that, all product we provide is compliant with EU and FDA standards and BPA-free under the excellent strict quality control system. Guaranteed safe to use and no harm to human health.

Using the latest technology, MinJia is able to produce MinJia metal cans in any quantity. The raw material we used in manufacturing complies with the JIS and ECHA standards and is certified with SVHC and RoHS by SGS. That’s why we are trusted by top global brands worldwide.

Min Jia provides one-stop metal can packaging solutions. Our company is supported by highly-trained workers that dedicated themselves to producing the best metal cans. We also provide a comprehensive solutions for metal containers for food packaging, tin plate food packaging, coffee tin packaging, and so on.

We can also manufacture food and beverages packaging solutions made from metal, tinplate, and aluminum cans suitable for different drinking and food occasions, food packaging, distribution channels, and beverage applications.

If you`re interested in our MinJia metal cans, don’t hesitate to message us. Contact MinJia immediately! We are happy to serve you.

Metal Caps: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you have any questions regarding metal caps, you will be able to find the answer on this page.

This article will provide you with all of the information you need to know about metal caps.

In order to know more about metal caps, you should read this guide first.

What is Metal Cap?

A metal cap is a bottle cover closure and opening that is designed to fit over the top of the bottle’s head.

Metal Caps

Metal Caps

What are the Different Types of Metal Cap?

  • Glass Jar Metal Cap

It is ideal for glass bottles, jugs, and jars applications that come in tin-coated steel.

Glass Jar Metal Cap

Glass Jar Metal Cap

  • Steel Metal Cap

This steel metal cap is perfect for basic closure options for tin cans. It has a different style, dimensions, and various liners.

Steel Metal CapSteel Metal Cap

  • Metal Lug Cap

A metal lug cap is a famous cap when it refers to beverage containers. This comes in a variety of dimensions and colors without or with a button.

Metal Lug Cap

Metal Lug Cap

  • Beer Bottle Metal Cap

It reduces the oxidation of your beer by sealing bottle heads by using this beer bottle metal cap. It also preserves your handmade brewed drink fresher longer.

Beer Bottle Metal Cap

Beer Bottle Metal Cap

  • Red Metal Spout Cap

A red metal spout cap is commonly used on metal screw-top containers.It allows for easy pouring and minimal mess; simply remove the spout end to enable liquids to flow.Red Metal Spout Cap

Red Metal Spout Cap

  • Metal Cap with Pulp and Silite Liner

It is made for metal screw cap cans like cone top cans. Liquids, alcohols, mild acids/alkalis, and organic solvents work well in its Silite liner.

Metal Cap with Pulp and Silite Liner

Metal Cap with Pulp and Silite Liner

  • White Button Metal Lug Cap with Plastisol Liner

A white button metal lug cap with plastisol liner offers an oxygen barrier, extending a good’s shelf life. It has a safety button in the cap’s center guarantees freshness.

White Button Metal Lug Cap with Plastisol LinerWhite Button Metal Lug Cap with Plastisol Liner

  • Alpha Metal Cap with Pulp and Foil Liner

An alpha metal cap with pulp and foil liner is suitable for packaging hydrocarbons but not in acid or alkali.

Its foil liner features a taste and odor resistance that makes this cap ideal for food usage.

Alpha Metal Cap with Pulp & Foil Liner

Alpha Metal Cap with Pulp & Foil Liner

Is It Possible to Recycle Metal Caps?

Even though metal caps from beer and soft drink bottles can be reprocessed.

In spite of their small size, they get lost in the sorting process in recycling plants, where they get jammed in the machinery.

Is It Okay to Reuse Metal Caps?

Yes, it is okay to reused metal caps.

When a metal cap has been thoroughly sanitized and has not been damaged as a result of its removal, you can reuse it.

How To Sterilize Properly Metal Caps?

Always remember to clean your metal caps before each use to minimize the spread of bacteria. The procedure outlined below is simple and does not require much time.

  • Utilize Cleaning Solution.

Utilize cleaning solution and water. Maintain cleaning solution to the water that is not more than one cleaning solution to twenty parts water. Metal caps should be clean.

  • Rinse the Metal Caps.

Rinse the metal caps in the solution in less than 5 minutes. 

Make sure that it is completely saturated.

Avoid leaving it for any longer to avoid rusting.

  • Strain and Dry the Metal Caps.

Remove the caps from the water and place these caps on a towel to dry. 

You can use them again or preserve them in a cleaned spot when they are dry. 

If you want to avoid wasting time, I recommend finishing the procedure as soon as you are fully prepared to secure your bottles.

What is Metal Caps Material Made From?

Metal bottle caps are manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel that has a polyethylene lining to inhibit metal contamination of the liquid.

Where Do You Usually Found Metal Caps?

Metal caps are frequently seen on beer bottles or any bottles.
And it should be removed from the bottle prior to recycling.

What are the Purposes of Metal Caps?

It secures a bottle’s top. 

Some of the beverage’s branding is usually painted on the cap. 

Glass bottles have metal caps with plastic backing, and some of them come with a pour spout.

What Could You Do in Metal Caps?

Here are some metal cap arts and craft ideas to get you started listed below.

  • Metal Cap Ladybugs

It is a cute and simple method to recycle used bottle metal caps, and it’s a fantastic craft for the whole family to get involved in. 

Metal Cap Ladybugs

Metal Cap Ladybugs

  • Magnet

It can be turned into magnets in a variety of ways, the most common of which are described below. 

This can be painted and then magnetized on the bottom.

Painted Magnetized Metal Caps Craft

Painted Magnetized Metal Caps Craft

Or it can be printed with a picture on the bottom and attached to the top using a magnet.

Printed Magnetized Metal Caps DIY

Printed Magnetized Metal Caps DIY

  • Metal Cap Necklaces

This metal cap offers countless design options of necklaces, just like magnets. 

It depends on your skill level; you can create a different design and insert various images to place inside.

Metal Cap NecklacesMetal Cap Necklaces

  • Ornaments

This metal cap is ideal for creating a variety of attractive ornaments.

There are different ideas samples below.

Snowman Ornaments Using Metal Caps

Snowman Ornaments Using Metal Caps

This metal cap is perfectly ideal for snowman ornament.

Macaroons Ornaments Using Metal Caps

Macaroons Ornaments Using Metal Caps

Macaroons ornament is one of the best inventive ornaments invented using metal caps.

  • Mini Pincushion

It is a creative pincushion using metal caps that features lightweight and portable.

Mini Pincushion

Mini Pincushion

  • Bottle Metal Cap Spiders

This bottle metal cap spider is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to decorate for Halloween. 

Pipe ties and wiggly eyes are all you’ll need for this project.

Bottle Metal Cap Spiders

Bottle Metal Cap Spiders

  • Earrings

It is unique earrings that give you a trendy method to express your love of soda. Perfect for selling online.

Earrings Using Metal Caps

Earrings Using Metal Caps

  • Wind Chime

Makes super easy wind chimes from bottle metal caps. The maker describes the sound as “jingling vehicle keys.”

Wind Chime Using Metal Caps

Wind Chime Using Metal Caps

What are the Metal Cap Characteristics?

A 0.045” molded inner flange normally seals against the bottle lip and compresses to nearly half its thickness when correctly applied with normal force.

Why is Metal Caps Important?

It is simple to use that enables secure access to the liquid in the bottle. These metal caps are meant to keep liquids clean and healthy.

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