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Min Jia will be your perfect choice for your lug cap requirements. You can use our variety of lug caps for both industrial and food can projects.

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Why Min Jia Lug Cap is Your Perfect Choice

As an expert lug cap manufacturer in China, Min Jia offers different designs of lug caps that conform to the ECHA, EU, JIS, and FDA standards. They highly offer a complete variety of Min Jia lug cap at a very reasonable price. Contact our professional team today, so they can start the packaging productions in accordance with your detailed requirements.

Min Jia Lug Cap To Boosts Your Business

30mm Metal Lug Cap

You can use this lug cap for an exact 55mm water gallon. At Minjia, you can choose the design you want.

86mm Lug Cap

Our 86mm Lug Caps are used to seals the top opening of the jug or bottle. Custom-made for your business.

100mm Lug Cap

Most types of 100mm Lug Caps are cost-effective without comprising their quality. We produced based on your ideas.

Custom Size Lug Cap

Minjia has complete production lines in order to make a high-quality Custom Size Lug Cap with your ideal designs.

Gold Lug Cap

For your custom Gold Lug Cap, Minjia is the right provider you can fully trust. All our products are qualified by SGS.

Lug Cap for Glass Bottle

Our series of Lug Cap for Glass Bottle is better used to tightly seals the opening of the bottle or cans. We can make it with your logo on it.

Lug Cap with Logo Printing

Our Lug Cap with Logo Printing are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes depending on your applications.

Lug Twist off Cap

Minjia Lug Twist off Cap is strongly resistant to corrosion. There are a lot of options you will find at Minjia.

Metal Lug Cap

All products at Minjia including the Metal Lug Caps are produced according to high standards. It is safer to use.

Min Jia Lug Cap

Min Jia Lug Caps are carefully manufactured to meet your specific requirements. Our high-quality Lug Caps are designed under a food safety management system and well-founded quality system.

Min Jia obtained approval from all related certifications for our metal packaging, certificates includes SGS, FDA, and ISO. We are very glad to support your metal packaging projects or Lug Caps needs from China.

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MinJia is the best professional lug cap manufacturer in China. We have the ability to present ODM and OEM services to skyrocket your business.

Our professional quality control team concentrates on product details based on your request to ensure satisfying quality products and better services.


Min Jia — Best Lug Cap Manufacturer In China

If you`re looking for a high-quality lug caps manufacturer from China, MinJia is your excellent choice! MinJia is the most expert metal packaging provider and supplier with more than 10 years of rich experience in the industry.

All Min Jia lug cap products are highly offered at very affordable prices. These also passed the FDA and EU standards under the well-founded quality control system.

In Min Jia, we offer complete lines of lug caps including 30mm Metal Lug Cap, 86mm Lug Cap, 100mm Lug Cap, Non Spill Lug Cap, Reusable Lug Cap, Lug Cap for Glass Bottle, and many more. Plus, we have a professional design team to custom your ideal design of lug cap products.

When you prefer Min Jia`s efforts in making lug caps, they make sure you can experience higher convenience and great options.  They make lug cap products which suitable for sealing the top opening of bottles. Our team is well-trained enough to produce lug caps with your exact specifications.

Our lug caps also have safety features in order to make sure that no harm to human health could happen. With additional corrosion protection for safer use of consumers.

Whether you`re a lug cap retailer, distributor, or wholesaler, Min Jia is the best manufacturer you can trust to boom your business. We can even present OEM and ODM services for you and willing to assist you 24/7.

For more information about our products, contact us today! We have a customer-oriented staff that will guide you in choosing the right product for your applications.

Lug Cap: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In today’s article, I’ll address all of your lug cap-related questions.

Furthermore, you will learn about the specs, components, operation, pressure rating, and applications, to mention a few.

Therefore, continue reading for additional information.

What is Lug Cap?

Lug caps are a type of metal cap which is used to seal glass bottles and jars. 

These include a threading system that is unique to them.

Lug Caps

Lug Caps

How to Secure the Container?

Secure your container using this lug cap.

These caps have lugs.

And are angled metal tabs on the inside of the cap’s skirt.

That grabs the container’s threads as the cap is tightened into place.

Where Do These Lug Caps Often Use?

Lug caps are frequently used to seal hot foods like spaghetti sauces and salsa and cold drinks like bottled iced tea.

It’s used to seal glass bottles of food like fruit, jam, ketchup, and others.

What is the Best Way to Utilize a Lug Cap?

These lug caps are attached to the glass finish with adhesive. 

And you can open this lug cap by twisting them 90 degrees.

In most cases, it is preferable for the gasket to be softened by heat in the capper in order to make sealing more convenient. 

What Is Material Used to Make Lug Caps?

This lug cap is made of sheet steel.

What are the Different Advantages of Lug Cap?

Listed below are the different advantages of the lug cap.

  • It can tighten and be sealed.
  • It achieves the desired release.
  • It reduces suction, which allows for easier opening.
  • It used plastisol or rubber liners to prevent leakage.
  • It holds the thread or lug cap for safety.
  • It has a capping that is convenient.
  • It is ideally resealable.
  • The vacuum is produced by proper capping to maintain product freshness and shelf lifespan.
  • It has custom printing is available upon request.

What to Remember when Using Lug Cap?

While most lug caps are placed by machine, some can be applied by hand. But, take note of the following:

  • Be careful not to over twist.
  • Avoid cross-threading.
  • After filling, apply the cap immediately.
  • Remember not to over the bottle or jar.

What are the Different Sizes of Lug Caps?

These lug caps offer different sizes listed below.

  • 30mm
  • 38mm
  • 43mm
  • 48mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 63mm
  • 66mm
  • 70mm
  • 82mm
  • 86mm
  • 100mm

Different Sizes of Lug Cap

Different Sizes of Lug Cap

Its sizes also can be customized based on your specifications.

What are the Different Colors of Lug Caps?

This lug cap offers a lot of colors. It can be white, gold, black, silver, and they can also customize based on your needs.

Customizable Colors of Lug Cap

Customizable Colors of Lug Cap

What are the Different Types of Lug Caps?

Twist-Off Lug Cap

Twist-Off Lug Cap

  • Twist-Off Lug Cap

Fill your twist-open containers with appropriate lug caps. It has an innovative threading method that requires only a partial turn to open or close.

It has anti-corrosive coatings and a food-grade Plastisol liner inside to prevent leaks and extend shelf life.

You can use it widely in the food and dairy industries.

Twist-Off Lug Cap Details

Closure TypeTwist-Off/Lug Cap

Lug Cap Glass Bottle

Lug Cap Glass Bottle

  • Lug Cap Glass Bottle

It is a metal cap that is used to seal glass bottles and jars. 

These are commonly used to seal hot foods like spaghetti sauces and salsa, as well as cold drinks like bottled iced tea.

Lug Cap Glass Bottle Details


It offers a lot of sizes, such as 30mm, 38mm, 43mm, 53mm, 58mm, 63mm, 66mm, 82mm, and 102mm.

Twist Lug/Closure Cap

Twist/Lug Closure Cap

  • Twist/Lug Closure Cap

It is the most widely used metal closure for food and drinks closure. It has the best good barrier innovation for a longer shelf-life.

It can be used for both hot and cold filling and is pasteurized or sterilized.


Twist/Lug Closure Cap Details


Checkered Lug Cap

Checkered Lug Cap

  • Checkered Lug Cap

These checkered lug caps are suitable for gifting and jar. It is excellent for a wide range of glass jars airtight with liner.

Checkered Lug Cap Detail

Dimensions63mm, 82mm
Cap TypeMetal Cup with Lining

30mm Lug Cap

30mm Lug Cap

  • 30mm Metal Lug Cap

These 30mm metal lug caps are ideal for airtight glass bottles with the best fitting and best quality.

30mm Metal Lug Cap Detail

Closure TypeLug Type Cap

43mm Metal Lug Cap

43mm Metal Lug Cap

  • 43mm Metal Lug Cap

These 43mm metal lug caps include a plastisol liner that is acid-resistant.

43mm Metal Lug Cap Detail

MaterialTin Plate
DesignSeal Cap
Cap TypeLug Type Cap

How to Check Quality Control of Lug Cap?

  1. Cap seal – regularly check torque measurements as detailed.

    When exposed to shock, it will cause the cap to ring or come loose, leading to a loss of vacuum. 
  2. It has a tight seal and will leave a 360-degree impression of the glass rim in the cap sealing compound.

    A cross-threaded cap will lead to an uneven imprint, which will not result in a good seal.

    Using a pre-heated cap improves the compound impression and seal. 
  3. Visually inspect the depression in the cap’s center, which should be concave.

    When the seal is broken, a good vacuum pulls down the center of the cap.

    No vacuum will show up as convex in the cap’s center. If you use a cold fill, this is exactly what will happen. 
  4. Before packing, dry the jar, bottle, and cap, especially under the cap rim.

    It has an entrapped moisture between the cap and the glass rim that might cause corrosion.

Lug Caps

Lug Caps


Avoid condensation, store in a warm, dry, well-ventilated warehouse.


Allow for cooling to occur before stacking.


In case of a complaint, save the carton label as it provides quality and manufacturing data. If you need assistance, please contact us.

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