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Min Jia focuses on supplying metal packaging since 2009. We win a better contract with CPMC, ORG, Gulong, …etc.

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Why Min Jia Ghee Tins is Your Perfect Choice

Since 2009, Min Jia is involved in providing the best metal packaging. The offered ghee tins are fully certificated; they meet the quality standards required by the US and EU. Min Jia offers a complete solution for your product development, from material cutting, coating, welding, … etc.

Min Jia Ghee Tin to Rocket Your Business

Ghee tin 2 Litre

At Min Jia, we offer wide range of quality Ghee tin 2 Litre . The packaging has high nutrition value.

Vegetable Ghee tin

Min Jia vegetable Ghee tin is available in a variety of color options. It is a perfect storehouse for healthy fats and vitamins.

Pure Vegetable Ghee tin

Our pure vegetable Ghee tin comes in an assortment of sizes and capacities. Min Jia cans conform to the strict quality standards set by the EU and FDA.

Ghee 15 kg tin

Min Jia Ghee 15 kg tin is made of food-grade material, providing superior quality, excellent design, and reliability. We can provide cost-effective solutions.

Ghee tin 5 Litre

Ghee tin 5 Litre has higher shelf life. It preserve the content taste and aroma. It helps consumer daily health and well being stay healthy.

Ghee Creamy Packing Tin

Palm Oil Ghee Creamy Packing Tin from Min Jia is manufactured under strict quality control. All packaging meets the request standard.

Vegetable Ghee 6lt x 2 Tin

Min Jia vegetable Ghee 6lt x 2 Tin can be used for flavoring, frying, baking, cooking, …etc, suitable for both home cooking and professional kitchens.

Custom ghee tin

At Min Jia, we can custom ghee tin according to your business requirements. You can send your design and will make it for you.

Vegetable Ghee 20 liter in tin

Our vegetable Ghee 20L in tin can be custom print with your own brand. If you are having a business and looking for the perfect packing solution, we can help you.

Metal Ghee Food Tin

It is used to store beautiful and practical items; able to last quality. Min Jia offers durable and safe to use tin can to store ghee. Thus can be customized as per demand.

Ghee Tin 1000ml

This is FDA-approved and EU certified. 100% safety assurance. Min Jia technical team makes the best quality tin for storing cow Ghee.

5 Ltr Cow Ghee Tin

Min Jia is a professional manufacturer of cow Ghee tin. The 5 ltr Ghee tin can be wholesale at a very competitive factory price.

Min Jia Ghee Tin

Whether you are running a food business or having a beverage project and need to import ghee tin, Min Jia will be your good choice. We offer the best solution for your ghee tin orders.

Being one of the top-ranked manufacturers in China, the ghee tin we provide fully complies with the FDA and EU safety standards. Products are offered at a very competitive price.


tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

If you need ghee tin for a food project or any business need, rest-assured that Min Jia will 100% support you. Our expert technical team will give you the best ghee tin solutions.

Drop us an email with your detailed ghee tin requirement now!

Min Jia – Your Premier Ghee Tin Supplier

Min Jia is one of the top ghee tin manufacturers in China. Our ghee tin features leakproof, durable, corrosion-resistant, and awesome designs. We offer you ghee tin with satisfactory quality and performance.

Min Jia ghee tin is designed to using the latest technology machines to attract your customers and will help you increase your market.

Our ghee tin is available in all sizes, weights, and designs. It is perfect for all your products. It is manufactured using high-quality materials in order to preserve your products for a long period of time.

Min Jia packaging is widely used for retail, wholesale, commercial, and industrial sectors.

If you are looking for can packaging for beverages, household, and food, Min Jia is your perfect can packaging provider.

Our ghee tin can be used for vegetable oils, butter, milk, and other products. We can assure you that our ghee tin safe to use.

It is certified FDA-approved and passed the EU standards. Min Jia has won contracts from large manufacturers like CMPC, Wisco-Nippon, Baosteel, Tonyi, and other products.

For more than 10 years of manufacturing can packaging, Min Jia has gained enough experience that allows producing ghee tin with the newest designs and specifications.

For each ghee tin, we create, we always make sure that it is tested in quality and 100% reliable.

With an annual capacity of 50, 000 MTS of tinplate and 3.5 billion pieces of bottom lid, Min Jia shows its ability to produce your bulk orders in a short period of time.

Our products have reached different countries around the world like Middle East, East Euro and South East Asia.

We are one of the most reliable manufacturers and distributors of ghee tin that you can find in China.

You can call us anytime. We are available 24/7.

Ghee Tin

Ghee Tin

What is Ghee Tin?

Ghee tin is a container that stores highly-clarified butter.

Why are Tin Cans Great of Packing Ghee?

Tin cans are perfect for ghee packaging since they block lighting, air, water vapor, and metal contamination.

What Coating Used in Ghee Tin?

Lacquer coating is commonly used for ghee tins.

Why is Lacquer Coating Used in Ghee Tin?

Lacquer coating is used in ghee tin to prevent both corrosions produced by the contents and flavor concerns linked with the metal from occurring.

Ghee tin cans must be adequately coated since rusty cans promote lipid degradation.

What is a Drawback of Ghee Tin?

The only disadvantage of tin cans is the price.

The higher the cost, the less likely it is to be used.

And the more likely it is to be looked for more cost-effective packing material.

What is the Shape of Ghee Tin?

Round Ghee Tin

Round Ghee Tin

Ghee tin has similar and parallel round tops and bottoms.

Why is Tin Ideal for Ghee Packaging?

Tin is ideal for ghee packaging cause tins keep ghee fresh and pure while retaining its flavor and aroma.

They’re perfect for keeping and transporting ghee because they don’t contaminate it.

Ghee tins are made of food-grade metal alloy for maximum safety.

It is ideal for preserving the physical and chemical qualities of ghee and other dairy products.

This can have mechanically connected ends for increased strength.

Our Ghee tin is minimal in weight, reducing freight costs.

What are the Different Advantages of Using Tin for Ghee Packaging?

We all know that ghee should be kept clean and well preserved. 

So, listed below are the different advantages/benefits of using tin for ghee packaging.

  • Shelf Life

The main goal of production and packaging is to maximize shelf life.

Tin cans cannot affect the quality of ghee or other dairy products.

Metallic cans are the greatest packaging material for extending shelf life.

When discussing the benefits of metallic tin cans, we must evaluate the material’s barrier qualities.

The material’s composition prevents oxygen, microorganisms, UV rays, moisture, and even rodents from destroying it.

The container material’s durability increases significantly. This is why dairy producers look for ghee tin can manufacturers.

  • Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

As previously stated, the cans are 100% recyclable.

Almost every country today uses recyclable materials and offers them to customers.

They also let everyone join the movement to rescue our only environment.

Tin cans are eco-friendly since they don’t leave residues or leach pollutants into the environment.

It can be recycled to manufacture new cans.

That’s why ghee tin suppliers are marketing similar methods for all culinary goods.

  • Stackable and Convenient

No additional packing is required for perishable foods due to the sturdiness of tin cans.

They can withstand pressure and protect the food inside.

These cans are easy to keep and preserve all nutritional content.

As you can see, besides ghee and other liquids, you can also store and preserve food.

These cans also facilitate food exportation to other nations.

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