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Min Jia is your reliable food can supplier in China. We can supply high-durable food can for your business. Choose Min Jia as your supplier to get a stable food can.

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Why Min Jia Food Can is Your Best Option

Min Jia is a recommended supplier in China that can supply durable and strong food can. Min Jia is the best option if you need quality food can for your business. We have been committed to supplying food cans since 2009. Min Jia is an expert supplier that can fulfil your needs. We have a great ability to gratify your food needs. 

Min Jia Food Can Boosters Your Business

Customized Food Can

Only at Min Jia, you can find a reliable customized food can for your business. It is an advanced food packaging for different fields of foods.

Colored Food Can

Min Jia coloured food can is absolutely attractive which is perfect as a food container. Min Jia is the right supplier that can support your business.

Easy Open Food Can

Min Jia easy-open food can is very convenient to use for everyone. It helps to save effort and also time. Min Jia offers affordable easy-open food can.

Food Can for Snacks

Food can for snacks is easy to carry especially when travel time. Min Jia can for snacks will be perfect to add as food packaging.

Food Tin Can

Min Jia food tin can offer additional protection for food products that’s why it is the most preferred packaging for different types of food.

Pets Food Can

Min Jia pets food can is an ideal container for pet’s food. It is a high-durable food container compared to other kinds of containers.

Food Can with Lid

Min Jia food can with Lid is excellent for a wide range of processed foods. Min Jia can be your trusted supplier for food cans with a lid.

Tuna Food Can

If your business is all about canning tuna products, Min Jia tuna food can is one of the most recommended to can for your tuna product.

Aluminum Food Can

If you are looking for reliable food packaging the Min Jia aluminium food offers an unmatched strength which means that it cannot be easily damaged.

With Min Jia round food, our products will remain fresh and healthy. We also make sure the cleanliness of these food cans.

Min Jia clear food can is a kind of food container that enables your product to be visible. You can choose Min Jia as your supplier.

The Min Jia food can is a food packaging that is suitable for a wide variety of food products and you can ensure that your products are secured.

Min Jia Food Can

Choosing the best kind of food for your business is the best idea to have safety products. Min Jia food can is a perfect food can, it has the best capacity to protect the foods inside this can. It offers a high-protection to avoid any possible damages to your processed foods.

This is an ideal food container especially if your business is all about transporting food products. The Min Jia food can keep the freshness of your food. Min Jia food can is truly clean and neat which is best in storing of foods.

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Min Jia is the number 1 provider and supplier of a quality food can that can gratify your food can needs. We can help you to boost your business by supplying high-grade food can.

You may visit our food can factory in China!

Min Jia — Your Reliable Food Can Supplier In China

Min Jia is a trustworthy food can supplier in the place of China. Our food can and other food containers can be distributed nationwide. Since 2009 we have been started in supplying food can and the different types of food container. All of our products obtain the best reputation due to their unique quality and their best appearance.

With Min Jia food can your food products will maintain freshness like fresh and frozen foods. The nutritious and the healthiness of your food will remain. One of the best things about the min Jia food is that it enables you to preserve food for a long time. You will be happy with the benefits of using a Min Jia food can for your business.

 Min Jia food can is an advanced packaging that improves the production of food crops. Min Jia food can is a reliable food container and it is suitable for different kinds of processed food. Min Jia food can offer food security for your products. Using Min Jia food can make your products have a long life span.

Min Jia is perfect for tuna products, pet’s food, snacks, and so on. Some of our food can be easy to open which is allowing clients to save their efforts. If you want to make sure to get clean, neat and quality food cans for your business Min Jia is your ultimate solution. We can supply perfect food cans that you can use as a food container.

As an expert supplier, we have different kinds of available such as Customized Food Can, Colored Food Can, Easy Open Food Can, Food Can for Snacks, Food Tin Can, Pets Food Can, Food Can with Lid, Tuna Food Can, Aluminum Food Can, Round Food Can, Clear Food Can, Hinged Food Can, and so on.

You can send us your inquiry if you need food can for your business!

Food Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you need a food can for your business? No idea where to go.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This guide article will lead you through this food can.

What is Food Can?

Canned foods are foods that have been packed in airtight containers to be kept fresh for a long period of time.

Food Cans

Food Cans

What Kind of Food Would you Find in a Food Can?

Canning is the process of preserving food in sealed containers. 

Typical canned foods include fruits, beans, veggies, fish, sardines, and vegetables.

There are different types of canned foods listed below:

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Cans of fruits and vegetables are available in every size and shape.

Popular canned fruits include peaches, pears, cherries, and berries for baking, and fruit cocktails.

Most canned fruits now come in single-serving quantities that can be carried in a lunch box for a nutritious snack.

Some of the most frequent canned veggies are peas, corn, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus.

Fruits and Vegetables Canned Food

Fruits and Vegetables Canned Food

  • Milk and Sauces

In addition to baking, canned evaporated milk is a good emergency food option.

Canning mayonnaise or tomato sauce for special breakfast fried eggs are examples of products in this category.

Milk and Sauces Canned Food

Milk and Sauces Canned Food

  • Beans and Legumes

These white, pinto, black, and kidney beans are common pantry staples.

Add them to any meal for extra protein or combine them for a quick dinner salad or potluck dish.

Others are chickpeas and lentils, along with cooked beans like baked beans and chili.

Beans and Legumes Canned Food

Beans and Legumes Canned Food

  • Meat and Fish

Cans of tuna, chicken, sardines and potted meats like liverwurst and Vienna sausages have long been used for traveling and quick meals.

Single serving tuna and chicken cans are available for topping salads or as a post-workout protein boost.

Meat and Fish Canned Food

Meat and Fish Canned Food

  • Soups and Other Prepared Items

In most kitchens, at least one can of soup is stored. Vegetables, beef barley, or basic broths are commonly seen in soup.

Especially on cold days or when your stomach is sick, these are quick and easy meals.

There’s also tuna salad mix and pasta noodles made ahead of time.

Soups and Other Prepared Items Canned Food

Soups and Other Prepared Items Canned Food

What are the Three ain Steps in the Canning Process?

The canning process has three primary processes that vary depending on the product. These are:

  • Processing.

Food is prepared by boning, peeling, slicing, chopping, pitting, shelling, or cooking.

  • Sealing.

Cans of processed food are used to store the food and seal the can.

  • Heating.

To kill hazardous microorganisms and avoid spoiling, cans are heated to a high temperature.

What are the Benefits of Food Can?

Canned foods are an effective and convenient approach to increasing your dietary quality.

Many sections of the world lack access to safe, nutritious foods. It helps ensure year-round access to a diverse range of foods.

Canning foods are also quite convenient, as they can be stored safely for years and require little maintenance.

They are also less expensive than fresh items.

Convenient and inexpensive, canned foods provide essential nutrients.

What are the Different Advantages of Food Can?

Food cans are becoming the most popular supermarket goods globally. It is easier to transport and store canned meals than frozen ones.

It commonly contains preservatives and other chemicals to extend the shelf life of foods.

These food cans are very affordable, easy to eat, and have a longer life.

What are the Different Product Lines of Food Can?

These food cans have different product lines listed below such as:

  • Round Food Cans

Our two- and three-piece steel and aluminum cans are examples of round cans.

These are compatible with both conventional and easy-open ends.

 It is also the most popular format and is widely used as the industry standard for packaging materials around the world.

Whether for snacks or single-serve meals, round cans are suitable for packing a broad range of food items for large households, institutions, and the foodservice industry.

Round Food Cans

Round Food Cans

  • Bowl Food Cans

Consumed for its vitamin and protein content and contribution to a balanced diet, canned fish, most notably salmon.

This has seen significant increases in consumer demands for the last several years.

These items are packed in cans to retain the nutritional benefits of fresh fish while preventing light and oxygen invasion.

Metal’s lightweight and durability make it a convenient solution for busy customers and product line distribution.

Our bowl-shaped food cans are easy to handle and allow consumers to eat directly from the box.

It makes them suitable for single-serve and on-the-go usage.

Bowl Food Can

Bowl Food Can

  • Food Can Ends

Metal ends are common in food packaging. They also allow a consumer to interact with the package.

Food Can Ends

Food Can Ends

Consumers’ interactions with imaginative food packaging are being enhanced by convenient new technology. These food can ends includes:

Easy-Open Food Can Ends – Consumers all across the world appreciate the increased convenience of rigid easy-open ends that don’t need a can opener.

These easy-open ends have benefits such as :

  1. Provide consistent performance in terms of pop, pull rip, and peel opening.
  2. Suitable for use with all major diameters of food cans.
  3. Decoration can be used to enhance the appearance of food packaging on a partial or all-over basis.

Easy-Open Food Can Ends

Easy-Open Food Can Ends

Standard Food Can Ends – We provide a comprehensive selection of standard and hygienic ends for all food can sizes. 

Options provide a lever cover and ends that are specifically designed for newborn milk powder and other food products.

Standard Food Can Ends

Standard Food Can Ends

What are the Types of Food Packaging?

Metal packaging is important in food preservation. This is called “canning”. Two-piece and three-piece cans are commonly used in food canning.

Two-Piece Cans

In two-piece cans, the bottom and wall of the body are made from a single piece, while the top is formed from a separate piece.

Two-piece cans, also known as drawn cans, are commonly used in the food and beverage industries.

They are typically used for sweets with sliding lids and are also made of steel or aluminum.

Two-Piece Food Cans

Two-Piece Food Cans

How to Produce Two-Piece Can?

  • Two-piece cans are made by unwinding metal coils or by stamping discs from metal panels.
  • Normally, both sides of the metallic substrate are covered.
  • The metal is deformed by cupping the discs with a press to make a short beaker-shaped metal.

Three-Piece Cans

Three-piece cans are conventional cans that are made up of three parts: the lid, the body, and the bottom.

They have usually used it for food packaging, but they can also be used mostly for a non-carbonated beverage like fruit juices.

Three-Piece Food Cans

Three-Piece Food Cans

How to Produce Three-Piece Can?

The three-piece cans are composed of tinplate steel to ease welding.

Both tinplate and tin-free steel are acceptable materials for the bottom and top sections.

They can also employ aluminum to create lids that are easy to open.

The procedure of producing three cans is shown below.

  1. The steel is coated first, then the can components are cut from it.
  2. The can is then rolled into a cylinder and the seams are welded.
  3. After that, the can’s seam is protected with lacquer. Lacquer comes in two forms: liquid and powder.
  4. The bottom of the container is attached to the body. Before putting on the lid, the can should be filled with the product first.


Cans’ preservation qualities have made it a popular way to package food and beverages.

While two-piece cans can package food and beverages, three-piece cans are more frequent.

It’s always good to know the basics in the packaging sector.

We have a full array of customizable packaging machines for a high-efficiency production line.

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