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Min Jia is a full-line distributor of empty food cans around the world. At MinJia, custom & standard shapes and expediting services are available for competitive rates.

  • All conform to EU and FDA standards
  • Offers a complete range of empty food cans
  • ISO9001 authorized company
  • Available in different shapes, sizes, types, prints, etc.
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Why Min Jia Empty Food Cans is Your First Choice

A variety of custom empty food can sizes can be manufactured with the help of MinJia. Our own version of empty food can is available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. We manufacture empty food can from exceptionally versatile material with the cooperation of China’s top manufacturers: Baosteel, TonYi, CMPC, Wisco-Nippon, etc.

Grow Your Business with Min Jia Empty Food Cans

Empty Food Tin Cans

For any particular needs, MinJia offers empty food tin cans. We can also customize your ideal empty food tin cans.

Aluminum Empty Food Can

If you want an aluminum empty food can, MinJia can always accommodate your needs. Inquire now!

Custom Color Empty Food Can

We have a wide range of custom color empty food can to offer. If you have custom design, please submit your requirements.

Empty Printed Cans for Coffee

Empty printed cans for coffee from us has outstanding designs. You can avail of this product at affordable rates.

Empty Tuna Cans

To satisfy your needs, MinJina offers a wide range of empty tuna cans for your business. Inquire us for more info.

Resealable Empty Food Cans

These resealable empty food cans really have outstanding features that give countless advantages to your applications.

Empty Food-Grade Tin Cans

We have a wide range of empty food-grade tin cans to support your business. Contact us for orders.

Custom Empty Food Cans

If you’re a distributor or supplier that needs custom empty food cans, you are in the right place. Call us now for queries.

Printed Color Empty Food Cans

If your application needs printed color empty food cans, Minjia has a lot to offer. Reach out to MinJia now to get a quote.

Empty 2-piece Food Can

We choose the best materials to manufacture empty 2-piece food can to ensure durability.

High-Grade Empty Aluminum Cans

Thousands of High-Grade Empty Aluminum Cans are in stock at MinJia. Contact us directly to get affordable empty aluminum cans.

Large Round Empty Food Cans

Large Round Empty Food Cans is accessible in MinJia. We can custom this kind of cans according to your specifications.

Min Jia Empty Food Can

MinJia has complete equipment, has the professionalism, and machinery including 16 can lid production lines needed to manufacture empty food cans in different sizes, designs, and shapes. We offer one-stop empty food cans solutions, all conform to EU and FDA standards.

MinJia will offer speedy, convenient, and hundred varieties of empty food cans you need. We will immediately prepare your empty food cans order and provide same-day service.

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Min Jia can be your problem solvers! MinJia can manufacture your empty food cans to your specifications. Multiple ways to purchase and source any hard-to-find products is what MinJia could offer!

Purchase whatever you need for your business, easily and quickly in MinJia!

Min Jia — The Best Empty Food Can Provider in China

MinJia is an ISO 9001 authorized manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality empty food cans. MinJia empty food cans are manufactured into different sizes to fit every packaging projects. We need your cooperation to make it happen.

Our company is operating for more than 10 years and providing high-quality empty food cans to many brand markets around the world. And we own advanced can lid production lines and over 200 skilled employees to produce empty food can you need. Yes, MinJia is absolutely your trusted and reliable empty food cans manufacturer that can skyrocket your business.

MinJia empty food cans provide reliable storage and packaging to your products. It is designed for use in food, dry products, and any liquid products. In fact, MinJia empty food cans are popular in the Chinese market for their simple and durable packaging. All guaranteed very easy and convenient to carry.

MinJia empty food cans really have outstanding features that bring countless advantages to your applications. The material we used for MinJia empty food cans is obtained from the top manufacturer in China such as Baosteel, TonYi, Wisco-Nippon, CMPC, etc.

Furthermore, the empty food cans in MinJia can be customized according to your detailed requirements. Because here in MinJia whatever you demand, we are ready to accommodate. Minjia is a team of dedicated engineers and staff. We will continue to develop an extensive product line of empty food cans to deliver across the world.

Also, we have skilful staff and engineers to ensure the durability and quality of our empty food cans. For more details about MinJia empty food can, don’t hesitate to make a call now!

Empty Food Cans

Empty Food Cans

What are Empty Food Cans?

Empty canned foods or sealed containers are used to store food fresh for a prolonged duration of time when traveling.

How are Empty Food Cans Manufactured?

Listed below is the manufacturing process of empty food cans.

Step 1

Some empty food cans are made of molten steel.

A blast furnace heats iron ore, coke, and limestone to an extremely high temperature.

The molten iron is then placed into a vessel containing oxygen and a fraction of recycled steel to make steel.

Step 2

Steel is rolled into massive coils and coated with tin or chromium oxide to prevent corrosion before being shipped to can makers worldwide.

Step 3

A small coat of lacquer is added before the can bodies are stamped out for acidic foods like tomatoes.

Step 4

Empty food cans can be constructed from two or three pieces.

Step 5

Welding rectangles make the three-piece in empty food cans of steel with each other to form a cylinder.

Then the bottom end is seamed on.

Step 6

In order to make two-piece empty food cans, a metal disc is reshaped into a cylinder with an integrated end.

Cans are beaded in concentric circles for added strength and longevity.

Step 7

Empty food cans are stockpiled and shipped to a canning factory.

What are the Two Types of Empty Food Cans?

Empty food cans have two types listed below, such as:

  • Two-Piece Empty Food Can

Two-Piece Empty Food CanTwo-Piece Empty Food Can

In two-piece empty food cans, the base and body wall are single pieces, whereas the top is separated.


Two-piece cans are extensively used in the food and beverages industry.

They are usually used for treats and have sliding steel or aluminum covers.

A two-piece empty food can is a packaging container consisting of a bottom end and a body formed from a single sheet of metal using deep drawing.

With a second end sewn to the can to complete the package.

 Due to the fact that the entire can is made up of two pieces, it is referred to as a two-piece can.

  • Three-Piece Empty Food Can

Three-Piece Empty Food CanThree-Piece Empty Food Can

Three-piece empty food cans are regular cans with three parts: lid, body, and bottom.

The can body formed from a flat rectangular blank.

Electric mechanical pressure is used to join the two edges of the produced blank.

The welding area of cylindrical can bodies will be lacquered both internally and outside.

In addition to food packaging, you could also utilize them for non-carbonated beverages like fruit juices.

What is the Manufacturing Process of Two-Piece and  3-Piece Empty Food Cans?

Listed below is the manufacturing process of two or three-piece empty food cans.

  • Two-Piece Can

It is a packaging container consisting of a bottom end and a body formed from a single sheet of metal using deep drawing.

With a second end sewn to the can to complete the package.

 Due to the fact that the entire can is made up of two pieces, it is referred to as a two-piece can.

  • 3-Piece Can

The 3-piece can is made up of a can body and a top and bottom end.

The can body formed from a flat rectangular blank.

Electric mechanical pressure is used to join the two edges of the produced blank.

The welding area of cylindrical can bodies will be lacquered both internally and outside.

What is the Composition of Empty Food Cans?

Empty food cans are mostly steel, while empty beverage cans are generally aluminum.

Chromium and nickel can leach from steel, however, the levels are minute to non-existent.

Tin-coated steel containers are composed of 98.5 percent sheet steel and are covered with a thin layer of tin.

Why is Empty Food Can the Optimal Food Packing Material?

Metals are found in empty food cans.

Metal packaging is the most adaptable of all packaging materials.

It combines superior physical protection.

Barrier capabilities with formability. 

Its decorative potential, as well as recycling and consumer acceptance.

Aluminum and steel are the two metals that are most frequently used in packaging.

What is the Purpose of the Coated Tin on the Empty Food Can?

Tin-coated steel is used to manufacture steel cans.

Tin is the preferred coating material for food cans due to its anti-corrosion qualities.

Unlike zinc and other reactive metals, tin does not react with the naturally occurring acids in food.

Additionally, it is bendable, light, and recyclable.

How Does Coating Assist in Empty Food Can?

During production, handling, and storage, it functions as a barrier for moisture and gases.

Edible Coatings prolong the shelf life of food, minimize water and moisture loss, and retard the ripening process.

Additionally, it inhibits microbial growth in fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is the Coating on the Interior of an Empty Food Can?

Empty food can use an epoxy coating on the interior.

It helps avoid such leaching, which is harmful to the food and diner and the can, as it can cause rust.

Nowadays, the inside of the majority of cans on supermarket shelves are coated with food-grade epoxy.

What Material is Used to Line Empty Food Cans?

Acrylic and polyester are currently commonly used in empty food cans.

And before they hit the market, all new materials are thoroughly evaluated and approved by regulatory organizations.

Linings keep cans from oxidising, keep bacteria out, and keep food fresh.

How Much Heat Can You Safely Store In An Empty Food Can?

The optimal temperature range for preserving canned foods is between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid keeping canned foods in a warm location near hot pipes, a range, or a furnace, as well as in direct sunlight.

When temperatures exceed 75°F, storage time falls substantially.

What Method is Used to Seal Empty Food Cans?

The end, or lid, seams are sealed using polymer sealing compounds, and the body seams can be soldered on the outside.

This continuous piece with a rounded bottom is then topped with a second piece that serves as the lid.

Aluminum is also utilized to make the tabs on pop-top cans.

What is the Purpose of Double Seam in Empty Food Cans?

A double seam is a canning technique for mechanically connecting the can body and the can end of an empty food can.

It was originally soldered or welded on after filling.

What is the Process of Preserving Food in Empty Food Cans?

In order to eliminate hazardous micro-organisms and bacteria in the empty food can, the empty food can should be sealed and heated.

The food is safe as long as the empty food can is sealed.

It is then commercially sterilized to eliminate spoilage and pathogenic bacteria while preserving the nutrition and quality of meals.

Why are Empty Food Cans Ribbed?

Ribs on empty food can reinforce the tin.

Cans’ ridges allow them to expand and compress.

Filled empty food cans are frequently heated during the canning process to cook and sterilize the contents.

Empty food can generate a significant amount of pressure, which the ridges allow them to withstand without separating.

What is the Top Part of an Empty Food Can Called?

Empty Food Can End

Empty Food Can End

The top part of an empty food can called can ends, also known as tops.

The can ends or tops were always constructed of aluminum.

Can ends are frequently made from a slightly harder and thicker aluminum alloy than the empty food can body.

Separately, the pull tabs on the can ends are pressed.

How Long Can Food Be Safely Stored in an Empty Food Can?

Foods with a high acid content, such as tomatoes and other fruits, retain their best quality for up to 18 months.

2 to 5 years, low acid diets such as meat and vegetables

Empty food cans can be stored indefinitely if they are in good shape with no dents, swelling, or corrosion.

Can Empty Food Cans Be Recycled?

Recyclable Empty Food Cans

Recyclable Empty Food Cans

The metal in these cans is infinitely recyclable, so conserve it rather than throwing it in the bin.

Particularly when each can may be recycled and resold as another can.

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