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Why Min Jia Drink Can is Your Best Option

For more than 10 years of excellent product and services, MinJia trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. We have accumulated experience and history allows us to deliver the most satisfying drink can all over the world. MinJia has the best capacity to manufacture all your drink can needs, standard or full customization. Choose MinJia as your dependable manufacturer and supplier in China! We will never disappoint you!

Min Jia Drink Cans To Boost Your Business

16OZ standard drink can 1

Min Jia 16OZ standard drink can is manufactured safe and reliable. You can find a wide range of standard drinks can here in MinJia at an affordable rate.

Soda drink can

Soda Drink Can is lightweight, portable, and reduces the risk of breakage. Min Jia offers full customization of your drink can requirements to boom your brand.

Aluminium drink can

MinJia Aluminium drinks can are malleable and lightweight and perfect for any beverage. It does not rust or corrodes.

300ml Sprite Cold Drink Can

Min Jia can manufacture very attractive drink can at any size. It is available in various quantities to meet the multifarious demands of buyers worldwide.

Drink Can Printing

MinJia is an expert in drink can printing to advertise your content. Just send your idea and sample so that we can start the fascinating process.

Beer Drink Can

Min Jia is the expert manufacturer of this beer drink can in China. Whether you purchase a beer drink can in bulk, we can provide it.

Steel Beverage Drink Can 7

Steel Beverage Drink Can is made with corrosion-resistant and non-toxic characteristics. It is lightweight and durable.

Easy open end drink can 8

Min Jia is a professional supplier of an easy open-end drink can. It is perfect for any kind of drink. It has unique barrier properties that protect drinks from the air, water, light, etc.

Coffee drink can

You can find fascinating Coffee drink can, only at Min Jia. Our drink can protect the product integrity and meet the highest food safety certifications.

Energy drink can

Whether you need a standard drink can, stubby drink can, sleek drink can, or slim can it’s all available here in Min Jia. MinJia uses the finest kind of materials to produce a high-quality energy drink can.

Custom drink can

If you are looking for an affordable drink can, Min Jia is the ultimate choice. We offer full customization for your drink can requiremnets 

Disposable drink can

Min Jia can customize your Disposable drink can according to your own idea. Min Jia assures you of the safe and lasting quality of drink can to boom your business.

Min Jia Drink Cans

Looking for the best manufacturer of drink can in China? MinJia got you covered. When you choose MinJia as your reliable manufacturer and supplier of drink cans. you will gain great feedbacks and reputation to the market.

As a professional metal packaging provider, MinJia owns an advanced production line including printed and coated production lines and 20 LID making production lines, and many more. We use the superior types of machines to supply high-end drink cans. Min Jia drink cans are suitable for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Contact us today! 


tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing



When manufacturing, we use certified raw materials –  ” tinplate” complies with the JIS and ECHA standards and is authenticated with SVHC and RoHS by SGS.

In addition to that, MinJia customizes drink cans in various sizes and features based on your own specifications. Perfect your business wit MinJia!


Min Jia — Your Outstanding Drink Cans Supplier In China

MinJia is a certified drink can manufacturer and supplier in China. Since 2009, we engaged in the unique R&D, designs, production, and sales of high-quality drink cans. MinJia committed itself to produce lightweight and durable drink cans in China.

MinJia drink can is manufactured lightweight, easy to use, and portable allows you to easily carry anywhere outdoor events like travel, picnic, party, golf course, park, parties, camping, go fishing, swimming, football game, basketball game, night club, etc.

And of course, it is made from eco-friendly and food-grade neoprene material, fully and infinitely recyclable complies with the JIS and ECHA standards, and is authenticated with SVHC and RoHS by SGS. MinJia drink cans can maintain the freshness of your beverage products.

Min Jia offers different kinds of drink cans such as Soda Drink Can, Aluminium drink can, Beer drinks Can, Juice drinks Can, Easy open-end drinks can, Coffee drinks can, Energy drinks can, and many more. Plus, we provide full customization for your drink can requirements.

You can choose the sizes, designs, colors, and other properties. Just send your complete details or samples. Whether you need a standard drink can, stubby drink can, sleek drink can, or slim can it’s all available here in Min Jia.

Even if you need drink cans to pack your juices, coffees, beers, energy drinks, etc. Min Jia is willing to satisfy your needs. Since our establishment, we dedicated ourselves to producing the most promising quality drink cans. Even with your urgent orders, we are capable to provide any quantity for your drink can.

Min Jia is a well-equipped company that allows us to work efficiently. For you to check the quality, MinJia provides free samples with detailed videos and photos.

Aside from drink can, we also provide full solutions for metal caps, can ends, tin cans, metal containers for food packaging, and many more. We are your one-stop metal packaging in China with the highest quality and affordable products and dependable services.

MinJia’s company team of experts is highly trained and professional when it comes to your food and beverages packaging in China. Our team will give full efforts just to make your requirements and inquiries fulfill.

Don’t hesitate to message MinJia immediately. We have 24/7 online support to skyrocket your business.

Drink Can: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you don’t have the right information, selecting drink cans can be difficult.

This is one of the reasons why this article will answer all of your questions regarding drink cans.

Let’s get right to it.

What is a Drink Can?

It is a metal container for a specific amount of liquid.

It has a pull mechanism for opening. It has a dazzling finish and an eye-catching background to draw the consumer’s attention.


Drink CanDrink Can

What are Common Applications of Drink Can?

This drink can store and preserve beverages in their original or existing state, such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, and energy drinks.

What Materials Are Used to Make Drink Cans?

Although beverage cans are comprised of metal, they are not 100 percent aluminum.

Aluminum cans are comprised of aluminum, although they contain trace amounts of magnesium, iron, and manganese. 

Before it can be built, all necessary materials must be extracted.

Bauxite is one of the ore types employed; drink can refine this material into aluminum oxide or alumina.

Aluminum alloy (Al) 3004 is used to construct the body, while aluminum alloy (Al) 5182 is used to construct the cap.

The procedure for producing beverage cans varies depending on form and thickness.

How many Cans are Produced Annually?

It has approximately 475 billion for food, beverages, industrial items, and aerosols.


Drink Can

Drink Can

Is it Safe to Drink from a Can?

Although, it is not the most significant reason to avoid drinking from a can. 

But, there is compelling evidence that aluminum can have a negligible effect on the flavor of your beverage.

What are the Different Advantages of Utilizing Drink Can?

  • Convenience of drinking.

It’s simple to use, with an easy-to-open can; as a result, it saves time when it comes to opening.

Additionally, it is pretty simple to dispose of your can.

However, segregating your garbage would be preferable.

  • Cans are quite durable.

Durability is one of the biggest advantages of a beverage can.

Because cans are constructed of metal, they can withstand being broken. Due to the durability, no additional packaging is necessary during transit.

Cans are more robust than plastic and cartons, ensuring superior protection.

It benefits the individual who is clumsy, especially when handling delicate items.

  • Longevity.

It has a lengthy shelf life and is capable of retaining pressure, preserving the original flavor for an extended period of time.

It can extend the shelf life of food products, frequently up to three years.

It can safeguard the product against damage and contamination.

So that you can assure the food or beverage that you store in the beverage can.

As a result, you have more flexibility because you know you have food in case of an emergency.

  • Can’t break.

It won’t break, so you save time cleaning up.

It prevents you from incurring several charges.

Unlike glass or jars, they break when dropped.

  • Capable of shielding against the light.

Although sunlight is beneficial to living things, it may be detrimental to food by shortening its lifespan and destroying nutrients.

It protects food from the sun. It is preferable to utilize an item that can shade the sun.

  • Convenient for storing.

One of the advantages of cans is their portability.

When fresh foods are unavailable, canned foods can be a nutritional alternative.

They are a good source of critical nutrients and are extremely convenient.

You can keep canned food for an extended period of time; you can also store canned food for emergencies.

  • The can is quite light in weight.

Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it easier to carry a drink can. I deal with 

exercise, such as walking and running to carry.

Even though it is lightweight, no other packaging material can endure the heat processing required for preserved foods with such a low weight.

Because it is lightweight, it is easy to transport, even with canned food or beverages.

  • Cans cool more quickly

When hosting a party, it is recommended to utilize canned beverages because they chill more quickly.

Can operate without the use of cooling systems, thereby conserving energy.

  • Cans can help maintain high nutritional levels.

These cans can help maintain high nutritional levels because they can protect our food from air and excessive light exposure.

Cans made of aluminum, tin, or steel are recyclable to a limited extent.

Another benefit is that it can recycle some.

It may be recyclable if we correctly sort garbage.

  • Cans withstand heat well.

Food can be carried in summer. It can certainly withstand heat.

Unlike food that warps in plastic, it can contaminate when heated.

  • Materials that are recyclable.

It never deteriorates, regardless of how many times it is used, melted, and used again.

The can manufacturing process is recycled to create new aluminum sheets and subsequently additional cans.

When this material is recycled, it helps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by lowering energy usage.

Drink Can

Drink Can 

What are the Standards of Drink Cans?

Listed below are the drink can requirements for an extensive variety of types:

  • It is completely leak-proof, and it aids in the prevention of contamination.
  • It protects the contents from deterioration due to chemical reactions.
  • There are no traces of flavor from the surrounding environment.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and take preventative measures to be healthy.
  • When consuming carbonated beverages, make sure to drink them quickly to maintain the sparkle.
  • As a result of its affordability, it is simple to use and dump.
  • It possesses a distinctively appealing aesthetic quality.

What are the Advantages of Cans vs. Bottles?

While plastic has only 3% recyclable materials, aluminum cans contain an average of 68% recyclable materials.

These cans, when all metals are mixed, emit approximately twice the amount of greenhouse gases produced by plastic bottles.

Soda in Can Taste Better

Soda in Can Taste Better

Why is a Can More Flavorful than a Bottle?

Many people feel that canned soda tastes sweeter than bottled soda. It’s because the can is made from aluminum and has a polymer lining that may absorb some taste.

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