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Min Jia is China`s leading craft beer cans factory. We, along with our team can help you custom different kinds of craft beer cans and deliver them across the countries in the world.

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Why Min Jia Craft Beer Cans Your Best Choice

Min Jia is one of the top craft beer cans manufacturers with the main manufacturing base in China. Along with our over 10 years of production experience, we can make custom craft beer cans with your logo on them. We are a well-known one-stop craft beer cans solution provider for customers all over the world. We fully support your product development, from raw material to finished product. Min Jia will provide you an outstanding craft beer cans solution as per customer specifications. Inquire us now freely!

Min Jia Craft Beer Cans to Rocket your Revenue

IPA Craft Beer Cans

We offer a wide option of IPA craft beer cans that will surely meet your requirements. MinJia is a professional manufacturer that will help you.

Pilsner Craft Beer Cans

MinJia specializes in the manufacturing process of pilsner craft beer cans. These are available in a wide range of prints and sizes.

Rebrand Craft beer cans

We are a famous rebrand craft beer cans supplier and manufacturer operating mainly in China. Get the best product from us for your business.

Customize Craft Beer Cans

You can avail of our original and the best quality customizes craft beer cans here at MinJia. We made sure we produce products from the highest quality materials.

Low-carb Craft Beer Cans

We can custom your low-carb craft beer cans orders with your detailed specifications. Different prints for low-carb craft beer cans are available at MinJia.

National Craft Beer Cans

If you want a professional and the best manufacturer of national craft beer cans, MinJia is your great choice. We will also help your business have a successful future.

Minimalist Craft Beer Cans

Trust MinJia for your business needs regarding minimalist craft beer cans and other craft beer cans. We supply enough products for customers worldwide.

Premium Quality Craft Beer Cans

MinJia guaranteed premium quality craft beer cans that are made with only pure materials. We supply our products to nationwide customers.

Wheat Craft Beer Cans

MinJia is your professional manufacturing partner and supplier for your wheat craft beer cans orders. You can get products here at very affordable rates.

Min Jia Craft Beer Cans

Min Jia Craft Beer Cans are EU-approved and FDA-compliant. We offer wide selections so you can choose the excellent type of craft beer cans to grow your business faster.

Throughout the 10 years of development efforts and experience, we have a complete line of craft beer cans to support you. We can custom different kinds of craft beer cans with your preferred designs.

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tin can manufacturing



Min Jia offers a complete variety of craft beer cans at very affordable prices. We manufactured craft beer cans using 100% pure materials.

In order to exceed your expectation, we customize craft beer cans in different styles, sizes, and prints.

Min Jia – Your Best Craft Beer Cans Manufacturer in China

As China`s reliable manufacturer of craft beer cans, we have gained more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We are capable enough to offer a complete variety of craft beer cans for you to choose from.

If you need them for the beer canning and packaging business, Min Jia is the best manufacturing corporation you can fully rely upon.

We only offer the highest quality, BPA-free, and FDA-compliant craft beer cans that make sure the safety and health of consumers. If you are searching for specific craft beer cans that fit your budget, look no more, Min Jia is the right place you`re looking for.

At Min Jia, you will find high-quality craft beer cans that are also available in different sizes and designs. All the designs you desire for craft beer cans, you will find it all here at Min Jia. Not only applicable for beer packaging, but these are also good to preserve the flavor and freshness of any food product. This is one effective and safest way to preserve the foods and flavor of drinking beers.

Our craft beer cans have very eye-catching and stylish designs. Available in different models, shapes, colors, and prints. We can also print your brand logo in order to promote your business. All are available at reasonable prices and wholesale prices on both bulk and individual orders.

We, Min Jia has a team of expert designers to supply custom craft beer cans to match your packaging applications. We also have state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, and strong technical force for a fast production process.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us.

What Are Craft Beer Cans?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

Craft beer cans are an excellent packaging option for alcoholic products.

Why are Craft Beer Cans Good to Used for Storing Beers?

Craft beer cans provide significant solutions and capabilities, allowing for project quantity adaptability and connecting new retailers with portable cans and co-packers.

Personalization on a grand scale, including both terms of corporate identification and market presence, became the norm in the artisan industry.

Craft beer cans are more durable, stackable, and recyclable than glass drinks.

What Are The Benefits Of Craft Beer Can?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

Craft beer cans have different benefits listed below, such as:

  • Convenience

Craft beer cans are preferred for their flexibility and practicality.

These are lightweight and sturdy and are great for healthy lifestyles such as climbing, traveling, as well as other outdoor experiences without the chance of unintentional shattering.

Cans are ideal for outdoor events where glass containers are prohibited, enabling clients to consume their preferred beer anytime and anywhere they like.

  • Product Confidentiality

Craft beer can rely heavily on flavor and individuality, so protecting those characteristics is crucial.

The material provides strong barriers to lighting and air, which are two major opponents of craft brews and several other drinks since they can impair taste and quality.

Craft beer cans may assist craft beer standing out on the shelves.

Cans, for instance, have a massive surface coverage, which allows you to advertise your company with sighting images, capturing consumers’ interest in the market.

  • Sustainability

Craft beer cans were not simply attractive; they’re also products clients can feel better about purchasing.

The metals package is 100% and indefinitely reusable, which means it may be repurposed indefinitely with no drop in functionality or structure.

In fact, cans that are repurposed now can be restocked for as soon as sixty days.

Is Craft Beer Can More Stronger Than Regular Beer Can?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

When consuming beer with a strong taste, it is often a craft brew.

The regular beer can is mass-produced and is often a bright yellowish color. It is normally served ice cold in huge quantities.

While the craft beer can is always more focused on tastes and complexities than conventional beers and frequently contains a greater alcoholic concentration.

What Are The Features Of Craft Beer Can?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

Listed below are the different features of craft beer cans.

  • Brites
  • Ends
  • Sleeve Labeled Cans
  • Pak-Tech Carriers

What Are The Capabilities Of Craft Beer Can?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

Here are some capabilities of craft beer cans:

  • Matte Polishing
  • Balanced, Flexo, and Electronic Printed
  • Finishes Surface
  • Metallic Elements That Stand Out
  • Pack-Out and After-Fill Labelling

What Are The Possible Craft Beer Can Sizes?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

The possible sizes of craft beer cans are listed below, such as:

  • 375ml
  • 250ml
  • 200ml
  • 19.2oz
  • 16oz
  • 12oz

Why Should I Choose Craft Beer Can?

Craft Beer Cans

Craft Beer Cans

Craft beer allows customers to explore a wide range of beer varieties and taste preferences.

And the older the customer, the further prefer to enjoy craft beer away from residence, in a bar or restaurants.

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