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Min Jia is your best Craft Beer Can manufacturer to depend on, whether you need Craft Beer Cans for your brand or expand your business. Your Craft Beer Cans one-stop solution – MinJia!

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  • Custom craft beer can be based on your requirements
  • Strict quality control system
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Why Min Jia Craft Beer Can is Your Trusty Selection

MinJia holds expertise in designing, developing, producing, and sales of a craft beer can. We possess advanced production lines in fabricating craft beer can, a strong workforce, and strict quality control. You can find and get outstanding quality craft beer cans in MinJia with EU and FDA standards. As a professional provider, we are trusted by many top-global brands worldwide, be one of our satisfied clients!

Min Jia Craft Beer Cans to Rocket Your Business

250ml round beverage cans

At Min Jai, you can find the widest range of 250ml round beverage cans with long-lasting durability and made from aluminum.

500ml beverage can

Min Jai offers a 500ml beverage can that is environmentally friendly and ensures the safety of your goods. It is efficient to use and quality is guaranteed.

beverage can with easy open cap

Min Jai can produce beverage can with an easy-open cap with your own brand and details. We can customize products to your specifications.

beverage can 350ml

Min Jai is a professional manufacturer of beverage cans. We manufacture beverage can 350ml that meets the commercial sterility and passed the safety standards.

beverage beer can

We manufacture beverage beer cans with designs that offer benefits to customers. It is available at the most reasonable cost.

color customize beverage can

Product designs and customization attracts more customers. Min Jai produce color customize beverage can with tangible texture surface using latest coating technology.

beverage can for soda

Min Jai develops beverage can for soda with rust and corrosion resistance. We can produce these can in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs.

12oz aluminum sleek beverage cans

Our 12oz aluminum sleek beverage can is manufactured using high-quality and light materials for convenient use. It will give your customers a convenient feel.

blank beverage aluminum juice cans

Our blank beverage aluminum juice cans are available from 250mL to 500mL. It is equipped with the latest innovations to improve its durability and storage capacity.

custom 350ml beverage can

In searching for a custom 350mL beverage can, Min Jia offers a custom 350mL beverage can that is FDA-approved and BPA-free. It can also be custom with your own brand logo.

empty aluminum cans for beverage

We can customize empty aluminum cans for beverages with the designs and styles you want. Just send us your ideal designs and we will make them for you.

Sleek blank printed can

Min Jia offers a sleek blank printed can that is environmentally friendly and is the perfect packaging for your products. We are your trustworthy manufacturer of beverage products.

Min Jia Craft Beer Cans

MinJia is already trusted, proven, and tested reliably by different customers in countries around the world. Due to craft beer cans safe and high-quality features, strength, and compliance with EU and FDA standards, our products are suitable for industrial and commercial applications and widely appreciated.

We offer you the finest craft beer cans products and services. Min Jia’s professional team and staff are dedicated to producing the most promising quality craft beer cans. Don’t hesitate to beep us, and ask us for more details about the craft beer cans.



tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

Min Jia is a leading craft beer can manufacturer in China. We provide you the best products and reliable services that will definitely reduce your cost and increase your sales.

MinJia only focused on developing products that our customers require. Just let us know your requirements anytime and we will surely provide all your needs to satisfy you.

Min Jia – Your Best Craft Beer Can Supplier in China

Min Jia is a professional beverage can manufacturer with over 10 years of experience. If you’re having a hard time searching for the best supplier, we are your best choice for a beverage can.

We have the widest range of these products and are available at affordable prices. It is perfect for all types of goods and canned products.

Min Jia designed beverage cans perfect for single-serving purposes. Our can is perfect for your soda, beer, juice, and other beverages products. It is made from high-quality materials like aluminum.

Min Jia also produces your beverage cans with easy open cap with designs and prints.

Min Jia holds outstanding expertise in manufacturing beverage cans. All our products are BPA-free and passed all the quality certifications like EU and FDA.

Min Jia has been providing beverage cans for top manufacturers in China. We can guarantee that our beverage cans are safe to use and no harm will occur to human health.

These beverage cans are used for a wide range of applications. Using the latest technology, we are able to produce 50, 000 MTS of coated and printed tinplate. Min Jia also has the full capacity of providing 3.5 billion pieces of the bottom lid.

Our products already reach countries like the Middle East, East Euro, Southeast Asia, and other large countries. Min Jia beverage can is pack perfectly for sea transportation.

Min Jia provides one-stop metal packaging solutions in this industry. Our company is composed of highly-skilled workers that devoted themselves to producing the best beverage cans.

Min Jia win contracts from top manufacturers in China like Wisco-Nippon, Tonyi, Baosteel, CMPC and etc.

If you are looking for the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of beverage cans, Min Jia is the perfect place for you.

In Min jia, you can have beverage cans that offer profits and benefits to your business.


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