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Along with our innovative equipment and experienced engineers, Min Jia can assure you of the high-standard, high-precision, and excellent designs of our beverage packaging products.

  • In-house production machines guarantee high-precision
  • On-site technology support
  • All conform to EU and FDA standards
  • Competitive prices
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Why Min Jia Beverage Packaging is Your First Choice

In Min Jia, you can find satisfying quality beverage packaging for your business. We have over 10 years of beverage packaging industry experience, so you can absolutely rely on our team. In producing all your beverage packaging orders, we obtained with cooperation from the top manufacturer of metal packaging in China like Baosteel, Wisco-Nippon, CMPC, etc.

Grow Your Business with Min Jia Beverage Packaging

Can Beverage Packaging

For any particular needs, MinJia offers the highest quality can beverage packaging to support your business.

12 Oz Soda Packaging

12 Oz soda packaging is offered in MinJia at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of 12 Oz soda packaging available in many sizes.

250 ml Beverage Packaging

If you’re looking for beverage packaging to fulfill your business, MinJia got you covered. The beverage packaging from us is available in many sizes.

Beverage Packaging for Coffee

From energy drinks to coffee and teas, MinJia beverage packaging is always the best choice.

500 ml Beverage Beer Packaging

We have a complete range of beverage packaging in a wide range of sizes to complete your needs.

Beverage Beer Canning Packaging

Our beverage beer canning packaging is available in many printed design options for you to choose from. Select your bet now!

Beverage Juice Can Packaging

A wide range of beverage juice can packaging is offered in MinJia. Available in many sizes, designs, and shapes.

Energy Drink Can Packaging

MinJia is the best place when you’re looking for the best energy drink can packaging to support your business. And MinJia can help you boost your business.

Printing Beverage Beer Can

All Printing Beverage Beer Can from MinJia can be customized according to your specifications. Send us your requirements now!

Slim Beverage Packaging

A wide range of beverage packaging is available at MinJia in many sizes just like this slim beverage packaging.

500 ml Beverage Packaging

Send us your requirements for custom 500 ml beverage packaging now! Let MinJia help you skyrocket your business.

Fruit Juice Beverage Packaging

Fruit Juice Beverage Packaging is available in many sizes, shapes, and designs. We also manufacture custom-made fruit juice beverage packaging for you.

Min Jia Beverage Packaging

Min Jia integrates design and deep research for excellent beverage packaging to skyrocket your business. We have the most advanced production line including printed & coated production lines and 20 lid-making production lines.

Min Jia is the best beverage packaging manufacturer and supplier you’ve ever had! Get yours now to experience the improvement of your business!

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Whether you want something exceptional packaging for beverages, our range of beverage packaging is definitely what you`re looking for. Min Jia beverage packaging is a perfect solution for any beverage packaging applications.

All of our beverage packaging is manufactured in line with the applicable EU and FDA standards.

Min Jia Beverage Packaging Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for the best beverage packaging to fulfill your business needs? Here in MinJia, we own advanced can-lid production lines and have over 200 employees to manufacture your beverage packaging needs. MinJia is the most trusted beverage packaging manufacturer and supplier in China.

MinJia offers a wide range of trusted quality beverage packaging that will surely boost your business. Whether you’re an importer or a newbie in business that needs high-quality and exceptional beverage packaging designs, MinJia has to offer. From craft beers to soft drinks, energy drinks to coffee and teas, MinJia beverage packaging is always the best choice.

MinJia manufactures beverage packaging in a wide range of sizes, printable surface area, decorating options, and shapes. And of course, as a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, we do customize your ideal beverage packaging. We manufacture MinJia beverage packaging according to your ideal size, shape, and design. Send us your specifications.

As a leading provider of beverage packaging to brands around the world, MinJia keeps engaging in beverage packaging for you. MinJia manufactures a complete range of beverage packaging made from metal, tinplate, and aluminum cans to match various drinking occasions, distribution channels, and beverage applications.

All of MinJia beverage packaging we offer is conforms to EU and FDA standards under the excellent quality control system. To match your intended applications, MinJia offers not only beverage packaging but almost all metal packaging like metal cosmetic containers, metal can packaging, metal food packaging, etc. We also offer tin packaging for you. All products we offer can be customized.

MinJia is really your one-stop beverage packaging solutions operating for more than 10 years. Also, we provide free samples for MinJia beverage packaging to check the quality.

If you have a question about MinJia beverage packaging, you can call us. We will answer your questions within 8 working hours.

Beverage Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The process of selecting beverage packaging can be complicated if you do not have the necessary information.

This guide covers all you need to know about beverage packaging, from its advantages, benefits, and design to the types of materials used.

Continue reading to find out more.

Beverage Packaging

Beverage Packaging

How is Beverage Packaging Defined?

A beverage can or drink can is a metal container.

It is intended to hold a specified volume of liquid, such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices teas, herbal teas, and energy drinks.

Almost ready to drink Often referred to as RTD packaged beverages, these are beverages that have been prepared and are ready to drink.

Aluminum beverage cans 75% of global production or tin-plated steel 25% of global production

What are the Standards for Packaging All Types of Beverages?

The following are the packaging criteria for all different types of beverages:

  • Entirely leak-proof, and it helps to keep contaminants out.
  • It keeps the contents safe from chemical degradation.
  • No traces of flavor from the environment are detected.
  • Observe good hygiene and take precautions to be healthy.
  • When drinking carbonated beverages, make sure to keep the carbonation.
  • It is easy to use and dispose of since it is economical.
  • It has an exceptional aesthetic characteristic.

What are the Different Product Lines of Beverage Packaging?

Beverage Cans

Beverage Cans

Beverage Cans

Whether you sell beer, soda, energy drinks, or other functional beverages.

This requires packaging that will attract consumers at the point of sale.

We produce a wide assortment of aluminum and tinplate cans to suit various beverage applications, drinking circumstances, and distribution methods.

Unlike other container forms, beverage cans have a wide, printed surface area that can be used as a 360-degree billboard for businesses.

Also, high-resolution printing allows firms to print detailed graphics and vibrant colors right on aluminum cans.

It increases consumer connection while establishing a unique personality.

Portable and convenient, beverage cans are appreciated.

They are lightweight and resistant to breaking, making them suitable for active lifestyles.

These metal cans also block out light and air, which can influence a beverage’s flavor and freshness.

These cans freeze faster than other materials, allowing consumers to experience their drink faster.

Beverage Ends


Beverage Ends

Beverage Ends

By developing the pull-tab, the first easy-open beverage end, beer cans were much more approachable.

Additional innovations in edge technology have been developed to boost the convenience, ease of use, and drinking experiences.

There are different types of beverage ends such as standard ends, ring-pull ends, super ends, 360 ends, and global vent.

  • Standard Ends

Beverage Standard EndsBeverage Standard Ends

These standard ends come in silver or gold.

It has a large aperture ends include a normal stay-on tab end with a bigger opening for simpler drinking and spilling.

  • Ring-Pull Ends

Beverage Ring-Pull EndsBeverage Ring-Pull Ends

These ring-pull ends work well with promotional messages and instant win promotions on beverage cans.

  • Super End

Beverage Super End

Beverage Super End

A distinctive countersink wall angle and reinforcing bead save metal use.

It enhances end performance, increases brand exposure, and improve customer convenience.

These super end beverage end decreases material costs and makes beverage cans more eco-friendly.

It allows users to remove the entire cover, converting the can into a cup and removing the requirement for separate glassware.

  • Global Vent

Beverage Global VentBeverage Global Vent

It is an unusual beverage end technology with dual aperture openings for a smoother pouring and improved customer experience.

  • Colored Tabs

Beverage Colored Tabs

Beverage Colored Tabs

Colored tabs are highly noticeable and can be used to attract consumers.

We have a wide range of colors to match any brand’s palette and can customize.

The tabs give color to the beverage and enhance the luxury appearance of items.

  • Embossed Tabs

Beverage Embossed Tabs

Beverage Embossed Tabs

Tab embossing signifies quality and attention to detail.

To distinguish packaging and assure consumers of quality products.

It is customized tooling that provides a fine and sharp embossed shape or brand on the surface of the tab.

  • Laser-Etched Tabs

Beverage Laser-Etched Tabs

Beverage Laser-Etched Tabs

Laser-etched tabs are used to improve the design or message of plain or colorful filled-in tabs.

An advertising platform for beverages manufacturers is developed by hiding unique alpha-numeric codes behind the tab.

It is formed from colored or ordinary coils; they are marked with a high-precision laser at full line speed.

  • Cut-Out Tabs

Beverage Cut-Out Tabs

Beverage Cut-Out Tabs

During manufacture, bespoke shapes are cut into the tab.

We are producing a striking contrast of colors on the beverage can and increasing shelf appeal.

Cut-out tabs can also be used to show that quality and attention to detail are important brand characteristics.

These interesting tabs are made from a colored coil and then cut out. 

This also can be done at full line speed.

  • Recloseable End

Beverage Recloseable End

Beverage Recloseable End

This adds to customer satisfaction.

Easy to open and close with one hand, it enhances the customer experience.

Reclosing the tab carefully contains and preserves the beverage.

And also its carbonation for subsequent enjoying freshness.

Crowns Cap

Beverage Crowns Cap

Beverage Crowns Cap

It contains easy-open crowns, oxygen scavenger or oxygen barrier crowns, and crowns for hard-to-seal goods.

The crowns are excellent with beer, carbonated soft beverages, teas, wine, sparkling wine, and water.

The scavenging liner in the crowns captures oxygen molecules trapped in the headspace during bottling.

It is excellent in preserving flavors fresher and prolonging shelf life.

There are two types of crowns such as twist-off and pry-off crowns.

Crown provides a variety of metal weights and liner profiles to accommodate a variety of product applications.

Why is it Critical to Use the Proper Material for Beverage Packaging?

Numerous properties must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate packaging material for your beverage.

  • Weight 
  • Recyclability
  • Refillability
  • Transparency
  • Shelf Life
  • Frangibility
  • Shape Retention
  • Temperature Resistance

Why are Cans Excellent for Packaging?

Tin cans are an excellent choice for packing food items.

The food is preserved, has a long shelf life thanks to airtight packaging, and is fresh.

Tin cans are very lightweight and convenient to carry, even over great distances.

Our tin can packaging complies with food safety regulations.

And it is also particularly well suited for high-speed filling operations.

Why are Cans so Critical?

Beverage cans are prized for their portability and convenience.

They are lightweight and sturdy, cool quickly, and are an excellent fit for busy lifestyles.

Hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities are completely risk-free.

Is a Can Packaging be Advantageous?

One of the advantages of metal cans is their durability.

Due to the strength and rigidity of metal, it is feasible to fill cans more quickly and with less product loss.

Metal’s durability also aids in maximizing storage and transit space.

These cans stack safely on top of one another.

What Innovative Ideas Do We have for Beverage Packaging?

  • Cooling down quickly.
  • Promotional materials and customization that are optimized.
  • It should be convenient.
  • It has a low cost.
  • Unbreakable.
  • It is lightweight that makes it easy to carry, and robust.
  • Maintains the freshness of beverages
  • It is simple to transport and store.
  • It is 100% recyclable.

Are Cans Preferable to Bottles?

These cans contain an average of 68 percent recycled material, compared to only 3% for plastic.

However, when all metals are combined, these cans still emit around twice the amount of greenhouse gases as plastic bottles.

Why is Aluminum Preferable to Plastic?

Aluminum is a material that is far more durable than plastic.

It is durable and may be reused or repurposed for a more extended period of time, making it ideal for reuse or repurposing.

Indeed, approximately 75% of all aluminum produced is still in use today.

When seen through the prism of environmental effect, plastic is significantly more harmful than aluminum.

Which Style of Packaging is Optimal for Soft Drinks?

Metal cans are popular for carbonated soft drink packaging due to their lightweight and 100% recyclable nature.

Why are Cans an Excellent Choice for Beer Packaging?

Cans are immune to the corrosive effects of light.

Although brown glass bottles are preferable to green or clear glass bottles, light can still pass through brown glass.

Cans are hermetically sealed and airtight, preventing oxygen from causing damage to the beer.

Why are Beverage Cans Made of Aluminum?

Aluminum cans also provide packaging advantages.

They are easily made, corrosion-resistant, and do not rust.

Aluminum cans easily sustain the carbonation pressure required for soda packaging and can withstand pressures up to 90 pounds per square inch.

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Aluminum Beverage Cans

What Types of Beverages are Available?

Soft drinks are available in a variety of forms, including chilled, hot, bottled, tinned, and open liquids.

Can beverages, such as aerated waters, mineral water, juices, squashes, syrups, smoothies, and shakes, are packaged hygienically.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum cans are the most environmentally friendly beverage packaging option on practically every metric.

Aluminum cans have a better recycling rate and contain a greater percentage of recycled material than other package types.

They are compact, stackable, and robust, which enables brands to package and transport more beverages while using less material.

What Additional Benefits Can Metal Packing Provide?

  • Customer-Friendly

Numerous customers are seeking solutions to lower their carbon footprint and live more sustainably and environmentally friendly lives.

Because metal is well-known for its ease of recycling

Using it to package your items can help you connect with eco-conscious customers.

  • Product Safety

Some items require dark packing and protection from sunlight or other light sources.

Aluminum or steel containers are opaque, preventing sunlight from reaching the product.

Metal is durable and can preserve inside items.

  • Durability

Some packaging materials deteriorate.

Paper, for example, is quickly destroyed by moisture.

Plastics degrade and become sticky over time.

Aluminum and steel are far more resistant to tearing than paper.

  • Weighs Little

Certain metal packaging materials, particularly aluminum, are significantly lighter than other materials.

A six-pack of aluminum beer cans is significantly lighter than a six-pack of glass beer bottles.

Less weight means less shipping expenses for you and more convenient for your customers.

  • Sustainability

The majority of metals are easily recyclable.

Aluminum and steel are two of the world’s most recyclable commodities.

Rather than mining fresh metal from the earth, the majority of businesses that employ metal packaging utilize materials that are at least partially recycled.

Why is it Helpful to Recycle Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum recycling saves more than 90% of the energy required to produce an equivalent amount of metal from raw materials.

Throwing away an aluminum can consumes the same amount of energy as pouring out half of the contents of that can.

Almost 75% of all aluminum created remains in use today.

Recyclable Aluminum Beverage Cans

Recyclable Aluminum Beverage Cans

Why is it Necessary to Recycle Aluminum Cans?

Recycling aluminum and tin has numerous environmental, economic, and community benefits.

It enables the conservation of energy, time, money, and natural resources like beer cans.

Often, it produces jobs and contributes to the funding of community services that improve the lives of millions of people.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Aluminum Recycling?

Each year, recycling aluminum reduces the emission of more than 90 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Recycling a single aluminum can prevent the emission of carbon dioxide.

It emits the same amount of pollution as a one-mile automobile ride yet conserves enough energy to run a television for around three hours.

Are Aluminum Cans Coated?

As you discovered, aluminum cans are coated on the inside with a polymer.

After scraping away the polymer layer with the file, the aluminum metal is exposed.

Aluminum interacts with the copper chloride solution, resulting in an electron exchange.

What Substance is Used to Coat Beverage Cans to Boost their Corrosion Resistance?

Coatings such as epoxy-amino resin or epoxy-phenolic resin systems give resistance to corrosion by such materials.

What Material is Used to Line Beer Cans?

Beer cans, like the majority of commercially available cans, are lined with epoxy that contains bisphenol-A.

A substance that prevents food from interacting with aluminum.

It has also been linked to a variety of diseases, including cancer, reproductive problems, and abnormal brain development

What Substance is Used to Cover Beverage Cans?

Epoxy resin is a substance that is used in the vast majority of beverage can coatings.

Its plastic-based flexible material has been in use for over 40 years.

Due to their protective characteristics and technological properties, they are the most often utilized coating material.

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