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Whether you need an excellent beer can for your business, Min Jia will supply you with a high-quality and outstanding beer can.

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Why Min Jia Beer Can is Your Best Option

Min Jia is committed to supplying beer cans over 10 years. We have a rich experience in this industry and that experience allows us to supply the most reliable and excellent beer in the different markets nationwide. Min Jia has great capacity to support your beer needs for your business. Choose Min Jia as your prominent supplier of your beer cans.

Min Jia Beer Cans Boosters Your Business

Aluminum Beer Can

Min jia aluminum beer cans are safe packaging for beer products. We can offer an affordable beer can for you.

Easy to Open Beer Can

Easy to open beer can is very convenient and easy to use. It helps users to save more efforts since it is easy to open.

White Beer Can

The min Jia white beer cans are ideal for beers. The flavour and freshness of beers will remain with this kind of cans.

Colored Beer Can

The Min Jia colored beer cans are very attractive which makes them the famous beer cans in different markets nationwide.

Glossy Beer Can

Whether you are in need of a glossy beer can for your business or even at personal use, Min Jia will provide it for you intime.

Beer Can with Lid

Min Jia beer can with Lid are safe beer packaging. Min Jia is the expert manufacturer of this beer can in China.

Regular Beer Can

For the regular size beers, we have a regular beer can to offer. We are capable of manufacturing a high-end regular beer can.

Min Jia is a professional supplier of a 16 oz beer can in China. 6 oz beer cans in China are one of our remarkable products.

Full Aperture Beer Can

Min Jia full aperture beer can have an absolutely attractive and beautiful appearance. You can find it only ate Min Jia.

12 oz Beer Can

Min Jia can manufacture a reliable 1 oz beer can. We use the finest kind of materials to produce a high-quality 12 oz beer can.

Disposable Beer Can

If you are looking for an affordable beer can, the Min Jia disposable beer can is the ultimate solution for you.

Customized Beer Can

Min jia has the best capacity to provide a customized beer can. We can customize your beer can according to your own idea.

Min Jia Beer Cans

Choosing the best kind of beer cans will give you great feedback for your business. At Min Jia, we use the finest kind of machines to supply high-end beer cans.

Min Jia beer cans are perfect for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications especially in beer packaging and storing. Min Jia will supply trustworthy beer cans for your personal and business applications.


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tin can manufacturing



Min Jia also offers high-quality beer cans at a friendly price. We produce it by using high-quality and solid materials.

To suit your requirements, we customize beer cans in different sizes according to your own specifications.


Min Jia — Your Reliable Beer Cans Supplier In China

Min Jia is a recommended supplier in China that can absolutely supply durable and strong beer cans. Min Jia is the best option if you need quality beer cans for your business. We have been committed to supplying beer cans since 2009.

In business, choosing the best kind of packaging is a very important decision to make sure the business reputation. If you are handling a beer business-related, Min Jia will provide your beer can to make your beer’s product well packed.

Min Jia beer cans can maintain the freshness of your beer products. If you put a flavour on your beer it keeps tasty even if you store it for a long time. Min Jia beer cans are portable since they allow you to easily carry anywhere like a picnic, travel, and so on.

Min Jia beer can be one of the most eco-friendly packagings compared to bottles. Min Jia beer cans will never give a bad impact on your beer’s products. This is also a reliable and safe beer packaging since it will never rust.

Min Jia has different types of beer cans such us Aluminum Beer Can, Easy to Open Beer Can, Colored Beer Can, Glossy Beer Can, Beer Can with Lid, Regular Beer Can, 16 oz Beer Can, Full Aperture Beer Can, Disposable Beer Can, Customized Beer Can, and many more.

Whether you need beer cans to pack your beers, Min Jia will be happy to serve you heartedly. We are expert in manufacturing and supplying beer cans even with your urgent orders. Min Jia is a well-equipped company that enables us to work so fast.

Min Jia is the number 1 manufacturer of high-quality and safe beer cans in China. We can offer our beer cans at an affordable and friendly price. We will give our full efforts just to make your needs and inquiries satisfy.

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Beer Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide explores everything you need to know about beer cans.

So, before choosing any beer cans, read this guide.

What is Beer Can? 

Beer is made of lighter-weight metal. It sealed metal container that stores beer.

Beer Can

Beer Can

What are the Different Sizes of the Beer Can?

There are different sizes of a can listed below that keep the beer from light and oxidation better than glass, allowing it to mature more elegantly.

Different Sizes of Beer Can

Different Sizes of Beer Can

8.4 oz.

It is a “nip can” that is a more lightweight and portable variant. This container is excellent for tiny snifters on the beach or a little tipple when camping.

12 oz. 

This 12-ounce can of beer was considered a standard serving size. This size can be available in 6, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 pack sizes.

16 oz.

This craft beer has increased sales for pint cans. 

It allows a full pour of a pint glass, which is becoming more frequent.

These pint cans, usually seen in 4-packs.

It has increased in popularity as a method for brewers to exhibit their beers in different formats.

19.2 oz. 

This 19.2-ounce “stovepipe” can give craft brewers a foot in the door at gasoline stations and corner stores. 

19.2-ounce can have the highest increase in packaged sales.

Different Reasons Why are Beer Cans Better than Beer Bottles?

These cans aren’t only for the big pilsners. 

Several of the best craft and international beers are available in cans. 

Some breweries are transitioning to cans exclusively.

See why many brewers are rediscovering their passion for cans listed below.

  • Help to keep beer fresher for a more extended period of time.

Limiting light and oxygen exposure keeps the beer fresher and more delicious.

Long-term exposure to UV radiation causes oxidation and a “skunky” flavor in beer. 

Some light is blocked by glass bottles and seal better than beer bottles. 

Although brown or amber glass effectively blocks UV rays, green and clear bottles do not. 

But beer cans can lock out all light from the drink within.

It is completely sealed during the canning process, preventing further oxygen access until opened.

  • More convenient to carry around with you.

 Perfect in packing at cooler when traveling cause of its lightweight.

In comparison, a six-pack of bottles weighs nearly seven pounds, while canned beer weighs under two.

  • Preferable in terms of environmental impact.

Beer cans are eco-friendly for several reasons.

  1. Lighter-weight beer cans require less fuel to transport.
  2. Most cities have more extensive aluminum recycling and deposit systems than glass.
  3. Metal cans are more recyclable, which is perfect for the environment.
  • The flavor of the beer is not adversely affected by cans.

Beer can taste better than a bottle. 

It is not the can’s responsibility if a beer tastes tinny or metallic. 

Almost all beer cans have a protective covering on the inside. 

The trouble with water chemistry or component storage may be the cause of that metallic flavor in the beer.

What Types of Materials are Utilized for Manufacturing Beer Cans?

The main raw materials for cans are steel and aluminum, occasionally in combinations. 

In order to prevent corrosion, steel cans may be coated with a thin layer of tin or organic-based coatings.

Beer Can

Beer Cans

What are the Benefits of Beer Can?

This can beer is lighter and smaller in size than bottled beer.

It is more convenient to transport.

This also does not shatter if dropped, making them an excellent choice for individuals who are a little clumsy. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra beer opener.

You can easily pop open the can and enjoy!

What are the Different Types of Beer Can?

  • Standard Beverage Beer Can

This standard beverage beer can is a small package tank that is great for food usage. 

It is eco-friendly and made in aluminum material.

Standard Beverage Beer Can

Standard Beverage Beer Can

  • White Beer Can

It is a white can that contains beer. It has a white color that features freshness and simplicity.

White Beer Can

White Beer Can

  • Metal Beer Can

It is intended to hold a specific amount of liquid like beer or other alcoholic drinks.

Metal Beer Can

Metal Beer Can

  • Round Aluminum Beer Can

This round aluminum beer can completely shield beer from UV and other damaging light wavelengths.

Round Aluminum Can

Round Aluminum Can

  • Customized Beer Can

This customized beer can keeps beer fresher and forms a better seal, preventing oxidation.

Customized Beer Can

Customized Beer Can

Why Does Beer from a Can Taste Different from Beer from a Bottle?

It tastes different because beer cans are designed to prevent exposure to both oxygen and light.

That makes the beer inside remain fresh and tasty for a more extended period of time.

What is the Importance of Beer Can Ends?

A can is just a cup if it doesn’t have an end. 

Beer Cans

Beer Cans

What is the Beer Can Standard Requirements?

Since then, beer cans have been ideal for drinking uses; they must meet international requirements for quality and safety.

The following is a list of regulations for manufacturing beer cans.

  • Adhere to the JIS and ECHA safety standards.
  • SGS has acquired SVHC and ROHS certifications.
  • ASTM A 630-o3 weight standard for can coatings in 2008.
  • ISO 9001:2008 International Organization for Quality Standard.
  • ISO14001 Internation Organization for Environmental Management System Standard.

Is Beer Can Worth to Buy?

Yes. Aside from it taste better than a bottle. It is perfectly safe to use and eco-friendly.

It provides you with a low cost that is convenient to handle or carry and is lightweight and portable.

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