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Min Jia is your good choice! If you are looking for a reliable aluminum caps supplier and manufacturer, Min Jia is a Certified product manufacturer since 2010.

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Why Min Jia Aluminum Caps is Your Trusted Option

Choose Min Jia to get superior quality aluminum caps. We are a fully certified manufacturer from China for more than 1o years. At Min Jia, we offer customized aluminum caps that will match your business applications. If you determine to avail of our product, contact us today. Min Jia is always here to support your aluminum caps business.

Min Jia Aluminum Caps to Skyrocket Your Business

Aluminium Beverage Caps

Min Jia can custom Aluminum Beverage Caps according to your specifications. We can also customize Aluminum Beverage Caps with different sizes and shapes. You can assure the reliability of every product at Min Jia.

aluminium olive oil bottle caps

If you are looking for a custom Aluminum Olive Oil Bottle Caps, Min Jia is your number 1 choice for manufacturing. You may contact us directly to get an affordable product price.

Aluminium screw caps

Min Jia chooses the best materials of Aluminum Screw Caps to manufacture the best looking and good quality of each product. At Min Jia all of our products are reliable and very affordable cost.

Aluminium Tube Caps

Min Jia focuses on producing Aluminum Tube Caps with reliability and safety. Besides, we produce complete selections for your Aluminum Tube Caps that suit your needs.

Aluminum Caps Battle Packaging

We are producing Aluminum Caps Battle Packaging with outstanding designs to meet your product requirements. You may send your inquiries to Us.

Aluminum Screw Bottle Cap

Min Jia commits to provide good-quality Aluminum Screw Bottle Cap and OEM service for your satisfaction. We have a wide range of Aluminum Screw Bottle Cap to support your business.

Aluminum Screw Cap,Metal Packing Cap

All our Aluminum Screw Cap Metal Packing Cap is made with high-quality materials and at cost-effective prices. Contact us for your orders.

Aluminum Tubing End Caps

Min Jia manufactured Aluminum Tubing End Caps with outstanding features. That you can assure the best advantages that suit for your applications.

Brushed Silver Aluminum Caps

Min Jia has the capability to design and create custom Brushed Silver Aluminum Caps at reasonable costs. Min Jia can satisfy your Brushed Silver Aluminum Caps needs.

Metal Aluminum Caps

At Min Jia, we produce Metal Aluminum Caps that are highly secured for your safety. You can avail of our Metal Aluminum Caps with the best quality for an affordable cost.

PE foam liner Silver Aluminum Screw Caps

Min Jia can custom your PE Foam liner Silver Aluminum Screw Caps design that suits your requirements. And also we have a wide range of PE Foam liner Silver Aluminum Screw Caps that can give you more advantages.

Round Aluminium Bottle Cap

If you are looking for Round Aluminum Bottle Cap, MinJia can always be provided your needs. Inquire now. We can also customize your ideal Round Aluminum Bottle Cap.

Min Jia Aluminum Caps

Min Jia manufactures aluminum caps in different sizes, designs, and shapes. We supply and manufactured aluminum caps for all customers worldwide, all conform to EU and FDA standards. We can assure the safety and security of the aluminum caps and also for every client and customer. Our Products are certified and 100% tested.

Choosing the best manufacturer for your aluminum caps orders, here at Min Jia we will surely level up your business. Min Jia is always ready to support your aluminum caps business. Be one of our clients and customers who are 100% satisfied, contact us now.

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Min Jia will be your excellent option for your aluminum caps orders. We can manufacture your aluminum caps base on your specifications.

We can support your business by providing the best quality aluminum caps. Be connected with us to get the best aluminum caps products of superior quality from China. Min Jia is always welcoming to you.


Min Jia – Your Trusted Superior Quality Supplier in China

Min Jia is a professional and trusted aluminum caps manufacturer from China with over 10-years. If you’re searching for reliable and good quality aluminum caps for your projects or business, Min Jia has a lot of advantages to suggest for you.

We are to work 10 years to provide high-quality aluminum caps to many brand markets nationwide. Our aluminum caps are manufactured into different sizes, shapes to fit every packaging projects that suit clients and customer’s needed.

Min Jia aluminum caps have outstanding features that bring countless advantages to your applications. Besides, the aluminum caps in Min Jia can be customized according to your detailed requirements. At Min Jia we have skillful engineers and staff to produce the best quality and durability of each product.

Furthermore, we offered standard quality packaging aluminum caps and also the capability. You can trust our products since they conform to the FDA and EU standards.

Do you want a trusted, professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier from China for your aluminum caps orders, project, or business? You can highly choose Min Jia. Get the best and high-quality aluminum caps from us, for an affordable cost.

If you want to be your partner, you can feel free to visit at Min Jia. You can avail of our extraordinary aluminum caps. Min Jia can be, your best business partner from China.

You may contact Us, for any Inquiries!

Aluminum Cap: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will learn more about aluminum caps, their advantages, their purposes, and more.

Continue reading for more information!

Aluminum Cap

Aluminum Cap

What Exactly is an Aluminum Cap?

It is a cap for the bottle’s top opening.

Aluminum caps are used on wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, and cans. 

It has good sealing properties and a nice look.

Occasionally, a cap is brightly embellished with the emblem of the content’s brand.

What is the Term for the Object Found Beneath a Bottle Cap?

A liner is a strip of material that is sandwiched between the cap and the bottle.

Its major role is to ensure that the product is properly sealed.

Frequently, it dictates the closure’s fit and function.

What is the Purpose of an Aluminum Screw Cap?

Aluminum Screw Cap

Aluminum Screw Cap

Aluminum screw caps are used on wine bottles.

The cap secures the bottle by twisting into grooves in the bottleneck.

Additionally, the screw caps feature a liner that keeps air out of the bottle.

Screw caps are straightforward to open and do not require a wine key or corkscrew. It makes resealing wine bottles simple as well.

What are the Different Purposes of a Pulp Liner in Aluminum Cap?

Listed below are the different purposes of an aluminum cap pulp liner.

  • Pulp & Foil

The cap is made of pulp, a cardboard-like material, while the product is made of polyvinyl chloride.

This lining is frequently used in metal CT caps.

It is typically used for solid or liquid food products such as jams and jellies.

  • Plastisol

This liner is identical to pulp and poly; however, the product facing layer is made of foil rather than PVC.

This liner is frequently used for solid or powdered products.

What are the Purposes of a Heat Induction Liner of Aluminum Caps?

Aluminum Cap Heat Induction Liner

Aluminum Cap Heat Induction Liner

The heat induction liner of aluminum caps have purposes listed below:

  • Avoid leakage. 
  • Conserve perishable items. 
  • Act as an Evidence Tamper

Is It Possible to Recycle Aluminum Caps?

Given that both are composed of recyclable materials, you may believe you can simply toss them in your recycling cart.

Bottle caps are classified into two categories.

Steel and aluminum.

Due to their small size, these small, loose bottle caps pass through screeners and are therefore not recovered.

Is an Aluminum Cap More Environmentally Friendly to Use than a Plastic One?

Unlike plastic, aluminum is significantly more valuable.

It allows municipal recycling programs to be financially feasible.

Aluminum caps are more recyclable than other cap packaging materials.

What are the Benefits of Aluminum Cap?

This aluminum Cap is similar to an aluminum sheet; hence the benefits of aluminum apply to an aluminum cap.

Aluminum is a highly versatile metal that offers a lot of advantages; it is well-known for its lightweight and flexibility.

It can be cast, melted, molded, machined, and extruded into various shapes and then built to suit multiple needs.

Aluminum is growing more popular due to its many benefits.

Aluminum extrusion allows for ever more sophisticated designs.

This extrusion can be anodized, milled, or painted, and then machined or constructed.

What Makes Aluminum Caps Unique?

These aluminum caps are unique because they do not rust since it is iron-free.

Rust occurs only in iron-containing metals, including steel.

As a result, aluminum caps are an attractive material choice for outdoor applications where moisture is a concern.

And these aluminum caps are impervious to rain, sleet, snow, and humidity.

What Advantages Do Aluminum Caps Have?

The different advantages of these aluminum caps are listed below, such as:

  • Light Weight

It is a well-known light metal with a specific gravity of around 2.71 g/cm3.

It weighs about a third as much as steel, making it easier and less expensive to transport than most other metals.

You can enhance aluminum’s strength by altering the alloying elements to achieve desired properties such as increased strength or improved formability.

  • Recyclability

Contrary to popular belief, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and retains all of its original qualities during the recycling process.

Recycled metal is cheaper than mined metal, and manufacturers employ as much recycled metal as feasible during production.

  • Odorless and Impermeable

Aluminum foil is impermeable even at 0.007 mm thickness and has no taste or odor.

Non-toxic and used for packing sensitive things like drugs and food.

  • Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal that forms a protective covering on its own.

The coating is incredibly thin and forms when aluminum is exposed to an oxidizing atmosphere.

This aluminum cap has a protective aluminum oxide layer aids in the protection of the metal’s surface against corrosion.

Additionally, applying a surface treatment to the metal, such as painting or anodizing, can enhance the metal’s overall corrosion resistance.

  • Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

It is an excellent heat and electrical conductor.

This aluminum is less conductive than copper but is lighter than copper, so a wire half the weight of a copper wire would have the same electrical resistance.

As a result, it has been selected as the preferred material for power transmission lines.

It is also utilized as a heatsink in LED lights, electrical devices, and computer motherboards.

  • Reflectivity and Ductility

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is an excellent reflector.

Due to its capacity to reflect both light and heat is utilized in rescue blankets and light fittings.

What is the Manufacturing Process for Aluminum Caps?

Aluminum bottle cap material can be manufactured via hot rolling, continuous casting, rolling, or cold rolling.

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