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As one of the professional aluminum can manufacturer in China, Min Jia provides all types of aluminum cans to clients from East Euro, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, etc.

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Why Min Jai Aluminum Cans is Your Best Choice

Min Jia manufactures and produces the best quality aluminum cans for a reasonable cost. We offer the most outstanding products and services in this industry. With the help of our professionals, Min Jia can help you find your ideal aluminum cans with the latest innovations. Message us today and let’s start our brighter business future.

Min Jia Beverage Can Boost Your Business

Sleek 12oz aluminum beverage can

Min Jia sleek 12oz aluminum beverage can are ideal for canned wine, craft beer, cold brew coffee, … etc. We offer innovative and sustainable packaging.

Aluminum metal aerosol spray cans

Aluminum metal aerosol spray cans contain excellent barrier properties and high-quality standards. Min Jia has a vast selection of this type of cans for you.

Round printed empty aluminum can

Our round printed empty aluminum can available in a variety of sizes and capacities, suitable for different storage needs.

Aluminum sleek cans for soda

This aluminum sleek cans for soda comes in comprehensive range of colors and sizes. Free sample of your purchase.

Customize drink printing aluminum cans

If you are looking for the best way to promote your brand, we offer to customize drink printing aluminum cans with endless options.

Empty black aluminum beer cans

Min Jia empty black aluminum beer cans offer 100% protection from UV and other harmful elements. We have a comprehensive range of beer cans to match various needs.

330ml aluminum cans for beverage

These 330ml aluminum cans for beverage comes in a variety of design and sizes. Whether need for business or personal use, you can find the perfect fit for you.

Aluminum juice cans

Aluminum juice cans are strong and durable. It has high corrosion-resistant, and resistant to all forms of degradation. The cans come with packaging options.

Aluminum energy drink can

Min Jia offer high-quality aluminum energy drink can guaranteed by EU and FDA standards. It provide a long shelf-life.

Aluminum can 250ml

Our aluminum can 250ml deliver 100% protection against moisture, oxygen, light, and other elements. We offer products at a more competitive price.

500ml Aluminum beverage can

Min Jia supplies the best services for a most storage solution. This 500ml aluminum beverage can meet the approved standards required by the EU and the FDA.

Soda drink aluminum can

This soda drink aluminum is available line of design, sizes, and capacities to match various soda drinks. We can provide perfect cans for your product.

Min Jai Aluminum Cans

Choosing Min Jia to be your aluminum cans is your perfect choice. Our products are guaranteed high quality and passed the EU and FDA standards. We always keep on searching for new ideas to develop products with designs that will surely skyrocket your business.

Let Min Jia be your best partner in an aluminum can packaging.

tinplate factory in CHina

tin can manufacturing

Our wide range of aluminum cans is definitely your ideal packaging solution. We produce aluminum cans that are perfect for any beverage packaging applications. Min Jia offers you ODM and OEM services that will increase your market.

Contact us today and let us help you find products for affordable prices.

Min Jai – Your Reliable Aluminum Cans Supplier in China

Get your ideal aluminum cans with outstanding designs and made from high-quality materials. Our aluminum cans are available in many sizes and shapes and can pack any beverages and products you want.

Min Jia aluminum cans are perfect for commercial and industrial applications. Our aluminum can is perfect for all sorts of packaging all sort of beverages and other canned products.

Our aluminum cans are 100% guaranteed safe and efficient to use. It is built from durable and light materials to ensure its long-lasting performance.

Min Jia holds a large product line of aluminum cans that are manufactured with your specific requirements.

If you want some upgrades or enhancements on your aluminum cans, just send us your requirements and Min Jia will equip all the details in your product.

Min Jia manufactures aluminum cans that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and damage. Your products are safe in our aluminum cans.

Our company is composed of skilled workers that focused on developing packaging solutions that provide profit for both suppliers and customers.

Min Jia’s main goal is to provide products that satisfy your taste and meet your expectations.

We always push the limits of our expertise in order to develop new products with the latest innovations. Min Jia is an expert in all the packaging needs of our customers around the world.

Our company can produce your aluminum cans with precise designs and products from different can packaging necessities.

For over 10 years, Min Jia has been manufacturing all can packaging solutions. We can guarantee you that our aluminum can will showcase your company name and business.

We are eager to help you find the best solutions for can packaging for your products.

Contact us today and let’s build a business with a better future together.

Aluminum Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Cans

What is Aluminum Can?

These aluminum cans are single-use containers that are great for storing foods and beverages, sometimes called tin cans.

What are the Common Applications of Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum cans are ideal for foods and beverages like milk and soup but also for commodities like oils, chemicals, and other substances.

Why are Aluminum Cans Good to Used for Storing Food?

Aluminum Food Cans

Aluminum Food Cans

Aluminum cans are useful for food storage for many reasons.

It protects food from light and air and maintains food quality.

Aluminum cans can be reused and customized to meet customer needs.

It comes in various shapes and sizes.

Aluminum is also a light material, which reduces the cost of production.

Why are Aluminum Cans Ideal for Beverages?

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Aluminum Beverage Cans

It provides more light-shielding that helps preserve the taste of the contents. 

Aluminum cans are the most eco-friendly and indefinitely recyclable beverage packaging.

And, perhaps most significantly, they preserve the flavor and purity of our favorite beverages.

What Type of Aluminum Used in Aluminum Beverage Cans?

An aluminum beverage can body built of Al 3004 with Al 5182 ends, which makes the industry’s greatest volume alloy combination.

Does the Taste of the Contents in Aluminum Can Change?

These aluminum cans provide more light-shielding than a bottle.

Exposure to light is one factor that has the most significant impact on the taste of the content, but aluminum does not affect the taste in any way.

Aluminum cans preserve the taste of the contents while shielding them from the weather.

The can itself does not corrode or lose its characteristics.

Some people believe that beer tastes metallic because it is served in an aluminum can; however, this is not true.

What are the Different Advantages of Aluminum Can?

Listed below are the different advantages of aluminum cans.

  • Sustainable

Aluminum cans are the most recyclable beverage container and are the most valued product in the bin. And has a 70% cans average recycled metal.

  • Lightweight

Aluminum cans are lighter and stackable. It offers storage and delivery cost while reducing total carbon emission transportation.

  • Recyclable

Aluminum cans are repurposed in a “closed-loop” system.

In most cases, “down-cycling” glass and plastic usually results in carpet fibers or landfill liners.

In addition, aluminum cans help preserve the quality of food.

Aluminum cans completely block out air, light, moisture, and other pollutants.

They don’t rust, are highly resistant to corrosion, and have one of the most extended shelf life of any package.

Aluminum food canning is the safest option available.

It has tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging that assures customers that their goods have been securely packaged and transported.

What are the Differences Between Aluminum Cans and Tin Cans?

Aluminum Cans vs. Tin Cans

Aluminum Cans vs. Tin Cans

A tin can is a non-moldable crystalline metallic element.

This tin can is usually derived from cassiterite, a tin-oxygen combination.

Simple refining makes tin attractive for production.

The tin used in cans also resists corrosion.

Modern tin cans are made of steel covered with a thin layer of tin to resist corrosion.

While on the other hand, aluminum is also a metallic element.

Unlike tin cans, which compose 0.001% of the Earth’s crust, aluminum is abundant at 8.2%.

However, in nature, aluminum occurs in compounds, mainly potassium aluminum sulfate or aluminum oxide.

Aluminum refining processes have evolved through time and becoming more economical.

Aluminum alloys used in cans are robust and lightweight.

So, therefore, tin cans are heavier and more robust than aluminum.

Tin cans also withstand the corrosive effects of acidic foods.

But tin cans are less recyclable than aluminum.

Enough money is saved by recycling aluminum cans.

In order to help cover the costs of recycling more difficult-to-process items like plastic and glass.

Do Aluminum Cans Rust?

 Rusting is a type of corrosion found in iron and steel. 

When iron or steel binds with oxygen and oxidizes, rust occurs. So, aluminum can doesn’t rust. 

What is the Best Way to Identify if a Can is Made of Aluminum?

Listed below are various easy ways to tell if a can is an aluminum or not.

Step 1

Attach a magnet to a can. It is not aluminum if the magnet attaches to the metal. A magnet will not cling to aluminum since it is non-ferrous.

Step 2

Feel the can’s weight and sturdiness in your hands.

These aluminum cans have lightweight and easy-to-smash over other metal cans.

Cans are half an ounce when empty.

Generally, aluminum cans are easy to smash without much force.

Step 3

Examine the can’s bottom because a can without a rim is an aluminum can. Aluminum cans also have no seams.

Step 4

Examine the can’s body because aluminum cans are gleaming.

The labels are generally affixed to steel cans, while aluminum can labels usually sprayed on.

What are the Different Properties of Aluminum Cans?

Aluminum cans have different properties listed below, such as:

  • Recyclable

Aluminum cans are extremely recyclable.

Almost all aluminum used in cans can be melted down and reused.

Recycling is very speedy, with most recycled cans returning to the store within 90 days.

  • Strength

This can aluminum is frequently stretched less than a tenth of an inch wide.

Due to their small size, cans are tough and difficult to pierce, especially under pressure.

  • Lightweight

Aluminum cans are light due to the tiny quantity of metal required to produce them.

So, consumers will benefit since shops and manufacturers pay less to ship goods in aluminum cans than in glass bottles.

  • Rustproof

In contrast to other types of metal, aluminum cans are resistant to rust.

As a result, they are an excellent choice for holding and storing liquid beverages.

Do Aluminum Cans Have A Coating?

Aluminum cans have a polymer coating inside.

The aluminum metal is revealed when the polymer coating is scraped off with a file.

An electron exchange occurs when the aluminum interacts with the copper chloride solution.

What Are Aluminium Cans Lined With?

To keep aluminum from corroding in acidic liquids like beverages and give them a metallic taste.

Inside of the can is lined with an epoxy lacquer or polymer, which is applied by spray coating and present Bisphenol A in the epoxy.

Is Aluminum Can Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, these aluminum cans are the world’s most eco-friendly and recyclable containers.

More than half of today’s aluminum cans are recyclable.

Is Aluminum Can Worth to Buy?

Yes, an aluminum can is worth buying. 

Producing aluminum can cost more than producing a glass container, but utilizing aluminum can save 3.5 percent.

These aluminum cans are far cheaper than bottles due to their unbreakable characteristics when transported long distances.

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