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Min Jia can custom your Aluminum Beverage Cans based on your applications. Min Jia has a trusted manufacturer for more than 10 years. Choose Min Jia to provide your original Aluminum Beverage Cans.

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Why Min Jia Aluminum Beverage Cans is Your Trusted Selection

We are guaranteed to produce the highest quality products at an affordable price to meet every customer’s requirements. We offer conforms to EU and FDA standards. Min Jia is a trusted manufacturer of Aluminum Beverage Cans in China for more than 10 years in service.

Min Jia Aluminum Beverage Cans Boosters Your Business

16oz Standard Brite Can

We offer a wide range of customizable products to meet your demands. Min Jia is an expert manufacturer of 16oz Standard Brite Can that suits your needs.

330ml Standard Beverage Blank Aluminum

We specialize in the production of 330ml Standard Beverage Blank Aluminum in a wide range of sizes. We will help you find to find the right 330ml Standard Beverage Blank Aluminum that perfect for your business.

355ml 12oz Aluminum Beer Can

We are known as a reliable 355ml 12oz Aluminum Beer Can manufacturer and supplier from China. We have been trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. Get the best from Us.

500mL Can Fresh Aluminum Beer Cans

Get the best and original 500mL Can Fresh Aluminum Beer Cans at Min Jia. We manufacture 500mL Can Fresh Aluminum Beer Cans with high-quality materials.

500ml Slim Aluminum Beverage Can

We can custom-make 500ml Slim Aluminum Beverage Can according to your requirements and specifications. 500ml Slim Aluminum Beverage Can is available at Min Jia.

Aluminium Soft Drink Cans

If you are looking for the best and professional supplier of Aluminium Soft Drink Cans, Min Jia is your best partner. Be connected with us to level up your Aluminium Soft Drink Cans business.

Aluminum Beverage Cans Empty Slim

You can trust Min Jia for all products including Aluminum Beverage Cans Empty Slim. Every day we supply a lot of Aluminum Beverage Cans Empty Slim for all customers and clients.

aluminum soda beverage can

You can surely assure that our Aluminum Soda Beverage Can is made with the best solid materials. For more than 10 years Min Jia can provide the highest quality of Aluminum Soda Beverage Can nationwide.

Customized 330ml Standard Beverage Cans

At Min Jia, you can assure the best and professional supplier for your customized 330ml Standard Beverage Cans. Get the best customized 330ml Standard Beverage Cans at Min Jia.

Empty Aluminum Beverage Cans

We are your trusted supplier for your Empty Aluminum Beverage Cans. Another We, Min Jia can give you the best Empty Aluminum Beverage at for affordable price.

Global Aluminum Beverage Can

Min Jia has a professional manufacturer of Global Aluminum Beverage Can with a wide range of specifications. This product is commonly used at every drink or etc.

slim sleek Aluminum Beverage Cans

Min Jia offers high-quality and customizable Slim Sleek Aluminum Beverage Cans at an affordable price. Get yours Now.

Min Jia Aluminum Beverage Cans

If you want Aluminum Beverage Cans Min Jia is your good choice, which suits your needs project, or business, We will be your best choice for your Aluminum Beverage Cans orders.

We can provide the best solution for your project or business. You are welcome to visit our factory for Aluminum Beverage Cans manufacturing and supplying from China.

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Min Jia also offers high-quality Aluminum Beverage Cans at a reasonable cost. We produce it using high-quality and 100% solid materials.

To suit your requirements, we customize Aluminum Beverage Cans at different sizes and configurations.

Min Jia – Your Full-Time Aluminum Beverage Cans Manufacturer In China

Min Jia is a professional Aluminum Beverage Cans manufacturer from China with over 10-years of experience. Choose Min Jia to get superior quality, Aluminum Beverage Cans. We are a fully certified manufacturer from China for more than 1o years.

To get the best quality of Aluminum Beverage Cans, Min Jia is your great choice! We supply and manufactured Aluminum Beverage Cans for all customers worldwide. Our Aluminum Beverage Cans are certified and 100% tested before the delivery.

Choosing the best manufacturer for your Aluminum Beverage Cans orders we will surely level up your business! We can guarantee a real-promising quality of Aluminum Beverage Cans and excellent services. We are always to support your business through our high-quality Aluminum Beverage Cans.

For a one-stop Aluminum Beverage Cans solution, allow Min Jia to provide it for you! This will be offered based on your detailed requirements. No worries about our products since they conform to the FDA and EU standards.

If you want a trusted manufacturer for your Aluminum Beverage Cans orders, always choose Min Jia! If you want to be your partner, you can feel free to contact Us. You can avail of our extraordinary Aluminum Beverage Cans and other beverage cans.

Min Jia can be, your best business partner from China. You can trust Us! When it comes in production and services.

Contact us we will accommodate it right away.

Aluminum Beverage Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Aluminum Beverage Cans

What is an Aluminum Beverage Can?

Beverage cans are made of aluminum.

It is a metal container that is designed to store a specific amount of liquid.

Carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, teas, herbal teas, and energy drinks are just a few examples.

What Type of Metal is Used to Manufacture Beverage Cans?

Aluminum is a type of metal used to manufacture beverage cans.

Always very reactive, it forms an ionic connection with oxygen to generate a non-toxic aluminum oxide layer. And used to make beverage cans

Why are Beverage Cans Made of Aluminum?

Aluminum cans easily sustain the carbonation pressure required for soda packaging and can withstand pressures up to 90 pounds per square inch.

Aluminum cans also provide packaging advantages. They are easily made, corrosion-resistant, and do not rust.

Is Aluminum a Good Material for Beverage Containers?

Yes, because aluminum contains three times the amount of recycled material as any other beverage container.

Choosing metal bottles is one of the simplest and most environmentally beneficial ways to contribute to environmental preservation.

How can you Determine Whether Beverage Cans can be Made of Tin or Aluminum?

Take hold of the beverage can and feel its weight and durability.

Aluminum beverage cans are more lightweight and crush easily than steel and other metal cans.

A half-ounce empty can weigh approximately half that amount.

If the can crushes readily without exerting much force, it is most likely made of aluminum.

What Makes Aluminum Beverage Cans Superior to Plastic Bottles?

Aluminum cans are lightweight and maximize space utilization.

Generally, less travel is required than for plastics or glass.

Significantly less power is also required to chill beverages in cans, which is especially beneficial in tropical climates.

Are Aluminum Beverage Cans More Environmentally Friendly Than Glass Bottles?

Glass bottles consume more natural gas and diesel than aluminum cans.

Aluminum beverage containers contain the highest percentage of recycled material of any beverage container type, at 68 percent.

This figure is higher than that for glass bottles, which typically contain between 20% and 30% recycled material.

What is the Coating on Aluminum Beverage Cans?

Epoxy resin is a substance that is used in the vast majority of beverage can coatings.

For nearly 40 years, flexible plastic-based material has been in use.

Are Aluminum Beverage Cans Coated?

Inside aluminum cans is a polymer covering.

When the polymer coating is scraped away with the file, the aluminum metal is exposed.

An electron exchange occurs when the aluminum reacts with the copper II chloride solution.

It serves as a barrier between the beverage and the can.

Are Aluminum Beverage Cans Plastic-Coated?

In order to avoid mishaps, the inside of the soda can is coated with a protective coating.

This layer, which is often a polymer resin, protects the aluminum from the soda and prevents them from interacting.

The majority of carbonated beverages contain phosphoric and citric acids, giving them an average pH of 2.5.

Aluminum beverage cans manufactured nowadays have a plastic coating applied chemically.

A plastic coating protects the aluminum material of the metal container from the potentially corrosive soda drink contained therein.

What are the Benefits of Recycling Aluminum Beverage Cans?

Recycling aluminum utilizes 95 percent less energy than manufacturing aluminum from raw materials.

Additionally, it eliminates 97 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions generated during the basic production process.

Recycling 1 tonne of aluminum prevents the emission of 9 tonnes of CO2 and 4 tonnes of bauxite – the raw material used to make aluminum.

Aluminum Beverage Cans is Recyclable

Aluminum Beverage Cans is Recyclable

How Many Times Can Aluminum Cans Be Recycled?

You can recycle aluminum cans indefinitely without diminishing their quality.

Aluminum cans are the most frequently recycled item, accounting for more than 60% of the projected recycling rate.

All canned food and soda sold result in the disposal of perfectly usable metal.

While you can recycle cans, you can also use them for basic domestic crafts.

Aluminum beverage cans can be used by disassembling them to create candle holders, coasters, jewelry, and belts.

Why is it Helpful to Recycle Aluminum Beverage Cans?

Aluminum recycling saves more than 90% of the energy required to produce an equivalent amount of metal from raw materials.

Throwing away an aluminum can consumes the same amount of energy as pouring out half of the contents of that can.

Almost 75% of all aluminum created remains in use today.

Is Recycling Aluminum Beverage Cans Worthwhile?

Recycling conserves 92 percent of the energy required to manufacture new aluminum cans.

Participating in aluminum Recycling beverage cans benefits both the environment and environmentally conscious consumers.

After all, recycling beverage cans earn you money while you do a good deed.

Is Aluminum Beverage Recycling Worthwhile?

Aluminum cans are the most environmentally friendly beverage packaging option on practically every metric.

Additionally, aluminum beverage cans are significantly more valuable than glass or plastic beverage cans.

They are contributing to the financial viability of recycling operations by effectively subsidizing the recycling of less valuable materials in the bin.

What Qualities Does Aluminum Have In A Can?

Aluminum’s physical attributes refer to its unaltered state of form and structure listed below.

  • Color and State

These aluminum beverage cans have silvery-white with a little bluish hue, solid, nonmagnetic, non-lustrous.

  • Structure

Aluminum has a stable face-centered cubic structure up to the point of melting.

  • Surface

Aluminum surfaces have a high degree of reflectivity.

  • Temperatures of Melting and Boiling

Aluminum that is commercially pure melts at roughly 1220°F and boils at approximately 4,478°F.

These characteristics alter when aluminum is alloyed.

  • Density

Aluminum has a low density of 2.70 when compared to water when measured by gravity. Contrast this to the density of iron/steel, which is 7.87.

  • Hardness

Aluminum that is sold commercially pure is pliable. When alloyed and tempered, it gains strength.

  • Corrosion

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion due to the presence of a self-protecting oxide layer.

  • Conductivity

An excellent conductor of electricity and heat.

  • Ductility

It has extreme ductility. Aluminum may be pounded to an excellent powder.

  • Malleability

This aluminum can has extreme malleability. This aluminum is extremely malleable and may be molded or bent.

  • Expansion of the Thermal Zone

Aluminum has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 23.2.

This is in comparison to zinc, which expands more, and steel, which develops just half as much as aluminum.

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