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The Min Jia can provide you a wide selection of types of 2 piece can. We certify labs for testing the packaging and even canned foods. You can trust the excellent quality of our products, especially of 2 piece cans.

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Why Min Jia 2 Piece Can is Your Trusty Selection

You better prefer 2 piece cans from Min Jia for the productivity of sales of your business. We manufacture 2 piece can with high-quality compositions. Because of the range of its quality, we assure you its reliability and perfectness in any applications.The 2 piece can is widely and commonly being used in different kinds of canning foods and others.

Min Jia 2 Piece Can to Heighten Your Business

Round 2 Piece Can

This 2 piece rounded cans by Min Jia is commonly being used in beverages and dry goods. We have available various sizes of round 2 piece cans which are capable of your desired application.  

Small Coffee 2 Piece Can

The 2 piece small can for coffee is being used by most of the people. Min Jia makes sure that we can provide you with the best designs and its quality.

Waterproof 2 Piece Can

The 2 piece waterproof can is widely used for business trips or vacations. Because it is waterproof, you can store herbs, daily pills and many others.

Customized 2 Piece Can

The Min Jia offers customized 2 piece cans. You can tell us your desired designs and we have professional designers with high-quality materials that will take care of it.

2 Piece Candle Can

The 2 piece candle can is made up of secure from danger quality materials. The Min Jia manufactures large quantities of 2 piece candle can for continuous supply for your business.

2 Piece Aluminum Can

This 2 piece aluminum Can manufactured by Min Jia is advantageous and beneficial on different types of canned foods and other elements.

2 Piece Cleared Top Can

Min Jia designed a 2 piece cleared top can with great durability. It is being used for storing first-aids, cosmetics, gift cards and many others.

2 Piece Cream Candy Can

The 2 piece cream candy can are useful and easy to bring items. Min Jia assures you of the safe and lasting quality of such product especially when it is supplied for your business.

2 Piece Soda Can

This 2 piece soda can is so effective and mostly being used to secure the soda liquids. Min Jia makes sure that it is highly protected from rusts. 

2 Piece Can for Seafood

The Min Jia can supply you your wanted 2 piece cans for seafood. We have an easy open 2 piece can for your selections. This type of can is one of the bestselling 2 piece can worldwide.

2 Piece Square Covered Can

The 2 piece square covered can consist of a container and a cover. We mostly designed it without sharp edges. Min Jia made it with resistance from rust.

2 Piece Can for Packaging

The 2 piece cans are widely used for packaging a lot of types of canned foods, beverages and even chemicals. Considering that it is 2 pieces it is more durable than the others.

Min Jia 2 Piece Can

Min Jia 2 piece can is beneficial in any parts of business related to canning. Our 2 piece can is a type of packaging container with a ground edge. It is called a 2 piece can for it is composed of second end fasten to close the can. We made this perfect 2 piece can for every suitable application.

The 2 piece can from Min Jia is being checked before it is imported worldwide. We make sure the secure packaging for your satisfying purchased 2 piece can. Min Jia 2 pieces  can have the body without side, between and even bottom seams. You can easily customize your desired label you wanted to be in your 2 piece can for your business.

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If you are looking for a 2 piece can that is sufficient for your business, you can look for the Min Jia can products. We provide free sampling for you to prove how much it is best for your business. 

We have hardworking workers who fully give their ideas and efforts to produce you high-quality 2 piece can. You are free to contact and ask us for more information specifically about Min Jia 2 piece cans. 

Min Jia-Your Popular 2 Piece Can Supplier in China

Min Jia is your popular supplier of 2 piece cans worldwide for almost 10 years. Manufacturing such high-quality products for a long time is our profession. You can always account for our company when it comes to manufacturing and supplying you best features of 2 piece cans.

We are known in China, a manufacturer that gives full range and outstanding services for our customers. A lot of large businesses rely on the reliability of our products and services. You can also be our partners in business related to can packaging.

We assure your satisfying kind of 2 piece cans, be so valuable for your business. In Min Jia, expect that your ordered products, especially 2 piece cans, are brand new, not damaged and in best quality when you receive it. 

We conduct 2 piece cans inspections before releasing it to our clients. Our metal packaging meets the standards of EU and FDA for the best established 2 piece cans. Min Jia 2 piece can is available in shallow and deep drawn capacity cans. 

It is usually made up of two pieces of steel cans and aluminum. We have round and other shapes of 2 piece cans that you can select for your sufficient applications. We have teams who are ready to respond for assistance in purchasing your desired  products.

Send us your inquiries, and we will give you immediate and satisfying feedback!

2 Piece Can: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All of your questions about 2 Piece Can be answered today, so stay connected.

So, if you want to become an expert in these 2 Piece Cans, be sure to read through this guide.

What is a 2 Piece Can?

It is a packaging container made from one sheet of metal, with a second end seamed to the can to close it.

It is named a two-piece can because it is made up of only two components across the entire can.


2 Piece Cans

2 Piece Cans

What are the Different Advantages of 2 Piece Can?

These 2 piece cans have different advantages listed below:

  • It has no side seam on the can body and no seam between the body and bottom end.
  • The can is tightly sealed, resulting in less waste and the use of raw materials.
  • The body of the cans can be completely customized and printed.
  • The procedure of manufacturing these cans is simple and effective.
  • It also ensures the quality of products.

What are the Different Types of 2 Piece Can?

  • 2 Piece Aluminum Round Can

These 2 piece aluminum round can are ideal for beverage drinks and has an easy-open style.

2 Piece Aluminum Round Can

2 Piece Aluminum Round Can

  • 2 Piece Gold Aluminum Canned Food

2 piece gold aluminum canned food is usually used for storing food. It is made of aluminum material and has a round shape.

2 Piece Gold Aluminum Canned Food

2 Piece Gold Aluminum Canned Food

  • 2 Piece Empty Sardine Fish Can

These 2 piece empty sardine fish cans have a rectangle shape that is ideal for industrial food usage.

2 Piece Empty Sardine Fish Can

2 Piece Empty Sardine Fish Can

  • 2 Piece Recyclable Soda Can

These 2 piece recyclable soda can is ideal for food packaging and should not significantly increase the expense of the contents.

2 Piece Recyclable Soda Can

2 Piece Recyclable Soda Can

What is Mainly Used of 2 Piece Can?

These two-piece cans are the most common type of metal cans that are commonly used for packaging.

What Material Used in Manufacturing 2 Piece Can?

An aluminum alloy thin plate is used to construct the two-piece aluminum can.

These metal aspects also allow fast filling of these cans using the time-consuming isobaric filling procedure.

How are 2 Piece Cans Made?

Listed below is the process of manufacturing 2 piece cans.

Step 1: Drawing and Blanking Cups

Depending on the model, the press can punch out hundreds of cups every minute from large coils of aluminum or steel.

Step 2: Doming and Ironing

Cup is pushed through a series of rings to extend cans and form the bottom dome fully.

Step 3: Trimming

Cans are spun as a cutting tool that trims them to the proper size length.

Step 4: Cleaning

Every minute, the washer passes through hundreds of cans through a variety of cleaning stations.

Step 5: Varnishing and Printing

At the printing station, cans are rolled up against a cylinder.

By this, it is allowing for the printing of up to four colors at the same time.

Step 6: Varnishing at the Bottom

Cans are transported past an applicator that varnishes the bottom of the container.

Step 7: Baking

Cans are conveyed via a conveying system in an oven to dry and set the lithography.

Step 8: Spraying on the Inside

The interior of cans is coated with a protective coating that has been precisely formulated.

Step 9: Baking Again

The trip through the funnel oven bakes and cures the coatings on the inside.

Step 10: Neck In

These cans’ neck are narrowed at the top in order to suit the specified end size.

Step 11: Flanging and Testing

The rims of the cans are flanged to allow for future double seaming of the ends.

Then, each can is submitted to a mechanical inspection for leakage.

Finally, cans are mechanically packed in boxes or on pallets in preparation for shipping and distribution.

2 Piece Cans

2 Piece Cans

What Method is Used In 2 Piece Production?

When it comes to the production process, a thin stretching method is used.

In this case, the thickness of the can wall is clearly thinner than the thickness of the can bottom.

What is the Common Application of 2 Piece Can?

These 2 piece cans are commonly used for beer packaging. 

In beer packaging, a robust internal pressure compensates for the thin can wall’s stiffness.

However, the metal’s excellent gas barrier qualities, opacity, and sealing capabilities can help to maintain the quality of the beer in the tank.

What are the Different Physical Properties of 2 Piece Can?

These 2 piece cans have different physical properties listed below, such as:

  • High melting points.
  • Excellent conductors of electricity.
  • Great conductors of heat.
  • High density.
  • Malleable.
  • Ductile.

2 Piece Cans

2 Piece Cans

What are the Different Shapes of 2 Piece Can?

We design, manufacture, and install full manufacturing lines for 2 piece can cylindrical, circular, rectangular, and irregular in shape can bodies.

Is 2 Piece Can Worth to Buy?

Yes, it is.

First, Each of this 2 piece of aluminum and steel cans has a single seam around the top of the container.

In particular, it is remarkable that two-piece cans would eliminate both a long seam and a double seam.

They are making it possible to avoid leak possibilities.

Lastly, it has up to 15% less material is required for a two-piece design.

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